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Bring Balance Back to Your Body

Create a positive resonance between your body’s energy field and the radiation fields coming from all the wireless devices you use every day.

Omnia has two products which can help you live a life of harmony with all the EMF Radiation in your life:
The Omnia Radiation Balancer (ORB) is a small sticker you attach to any radiating device.
The Omnia Pendant is a wooden pendant you can wear which will bring balance to your body no matter what EMF fields you are exposed to.
Omnia’s technology consists of an energy imprinted into the sticker and pendant which meets any radiation field, including 5G, and restores its vibration to what we call ‘balance and centredness'.
Once this is done we have a ‘match’, an energetic harmony between your body and the radiation field. Our tests on the body show that the body responds excellently once you have made this change in your life.

Customer Reviews

Barbara W.

"Since using the Omnia balance stickers on my IT equipment and around the house I feel more energetic and the energy in my place has become noticeably lighter. I very much appreciate this product, it seem to be the answer to all harmful radiation."


"I can feel the difference it's huge.
Review by Simona on 7 Oct 2020review stating I can feel the difference it's huge.
Thank you so much for creating this powerful and safe technology to keep our bodies and energy strong and healthy. I can feel the difference it's huge."

Anna M.

"I have used this product for about two weeks now and have noticed a change in my hands when I hold my iPhone. I used to get pain as soon as I held it but now, and I really hope this continues, there is no pain! I am amazed and really happy. Thank you for this wonderful product."


Review by Sheryl on 20 Mar 2021review stating Great!
I notice that I have been sleeping so much better since I applied the stickers on computer, TV and cell phone...very interesting!"

Fits Any Device

Place the ORB sticker on your phone, your laptop, or any other radiating device.

Everlasting Love

The energy in the sticker is always active and will never run out.

Balances Energy

The energy field in the patch changes the rhythm and vibration of the radiation field.

Credible Results

Once the microwave radiation fields are harmonized, our tests show the body responds excellently.

Choose the Pack that Fits Your Lifestyle

ORB Single Pack (Protects 3 Devices)

ORB Partner Pack (Protects 6 Devices)

ORB Family Pack (Protects 12 Devices)

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Our Outstanding Test Results

We put the ORB sticker on a radiating device (e.g. a mobile phone) and this balances the radiation field.

Then we expose either the body or water to this balanced field and we observe whether we measure a positive response: does the body (or water) give us a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’?  

A ‘Yes’ means the body is strong and balanced when we are touching our wireless devices. That is the effect we want to see.

Water Crystal Photography: hexagonal crystals emerge in frozen water.

Applied Kinesiology: the body’s strength improves dramatically.

Live Blood Analysis: blood cells returns to their optimal shape and vitality

Range of Motion: the body returns to its full flexibility and extension.

Why You Should Care

There is now 1 quintillion times more wireless radiation passing through our bodies than in the days before wireless radiation.

Everything in the human body runs on electrical current. Your heart is a big electrical pump. Your brainwaves are invisible electrical fields. Every human cell is a spinning ring of electrical current which wants to be in the state of balance and centredness.

Your body is a big electrical antenna, a big ‘cell tower’ and just as you broadcast your energy out to the world, you also respond electrically to all the things you encounter – whether the energy field is ‘balanced’ or ‘imbalanced’.

We are conditioned to react to everything we're exposed to, including microwave radiation from wireless devices.

Over 6000 peer-reviewed studies on rats show evidence of biological effects caused by EMFs, including mental effects, cancers and DNA strand breaks [see the BioInitiative Report here].

Here are the top 3 factors which determine our level of risk:

The closer you are to the radiation, the more impact it will have – and we touch our keyboards all day.

We use our devices all day long. We are exposed to 1 quintillion times more microwave radiation than we were 30 years ago.

Field Strength
Radiation reaches extremely high levels when our devices connect to a signal to download data.

How the ORB Products Work

The ORB sticker is made of three simple layers - paper, glue and dye. The sticker is a structure which can be infused with what we call 'Deca' energy. Deca energy is an organic, boundless, and programmable nano-energy source, which instructs the radiation field to return to what we call 'balance and centredness'.

In terms of quantum physics, this means moving the zero point of the radiation wave field to its geometric centre.

By bringing centeredness to the radiating wave field, the ORB creates a vibrational 'match' between the balance energy in the radiation field and the natural spin of energy in the human body.

This is how we create 'resonance' between these two fields. Then we test its effectiveness on the body.

About Omnia

Omnia is all about achieving balance and centeredness within the human body, despite the toxins that modern life exposes us to.  
We aim to help you maintain a healthy balance throughout your life and to gain new scientific knowledge about what radiation is and how to restore any energy field back to balance.
We have a new perspective on what radiation is and how it affects us.
In summary, an ‘imbalanced’ radiation field causes imbalanced effects in the body. However, all imbalanced radiation fields can be restored to balance and centredness.
Once you know the true concept of the atom, and once you know the crucial relationship between the magnetic zero point, the spinning torus field of light and the influence that consciousness can have on the magneto-electric balance of in any vibrating wave field in an atom, you have the foundational knowledge of what needs to be fixed:
The zero point of the wireless radiation field must be moved back to its absolute geometric centre. When this happens the body will resonate with the balanced field and it will breathe a big sigh of relief.

Choose the Pack that Fits Your Lifestyle

ORB Single Pack (Protects 3 Devices)

ORB Partner Pack (Protects 6 Devices)

ORB Family Pack (Protects 12 Devices)

Browse Omnia Pendants

Deca ORB ebony pendant

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