ORB Partner Pack (Protects 6 Devices)

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The ORB protects you from 5G Radiation fields with excellent effectiveness. 

Every wireless device you own emits Microwave Radiation Fields that can be harmonized by simply applying an ORB Sticker to each device.

The ORB is designed to create resonance between the Microwave Radiation Field and the energy field of the Human Body. 

There is now 1 quintillion times more radiation in our lives than there was before the days of mobile phones. Soon 5G towers will be all around us, and the intensity of the waves could increase by up to 9 times. 

Every movement in the body is the result of an electrical current in motion around our cells. The body is a big electrical antenna - we respond electrically to everything we connect with (like sunshine, good music.. and wireless radiation). 

Stick an ORB on your cellphone, laptop, Wi-Fi router, smartwatch, microwave oven, fridge, in your car, or on your smart meter. 
The energy in the ORB Sticker changes the state of the radiation field so that it is now in the same vibrational rhythm as the human cell. 

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