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  • Why is this so Important?
  • What is the Omnia Radiation Balancer?
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If you want to bring balance back to your body while you touch your wireless devices all day, we have a great product for you.

Why is this so important? Omnia knows through our tests that there are things happening in the body as a result of using wireless devices that hardly anyone is aware of. We show that it can affect the blood, the heart, your electrical balance, strength and even the water in the body.

Consider this: do you notice how your stomach digests your food? Do you feel your fingernails growing? There are many things that are going on in the body that we are blissfully unaware of.

When you see our test results you will see the benefits of taking corrective action against the effects of EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) Radiation.

What is the Omnia Radiation Balancer?


ORB Single Pack (Protects 3 Devices)

Sold out

ORB Partner Pack (Protects 6 Devices)

Sold out

ORB Family Pack (Protects 12 Devices)

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Omnia's 5 Test Results

We have tested the ORB Sticker on the blood, on the heart, on water, on muscle strength and on range of body motion.

Omnia has been awarded a certificate of 99% shielding efficacy by the IGEF (the International Association for Electrosmog Research), who performed our Heart Rate Variability tests:  

HRV Test Results

And the rest of our test results can be seen if you click the image below:

Omnia Testimonials

"This is quite odd. No doubt about it I've had more energy and a bit more zip. Difficult to explain but for example, I was out shopping with my kids and found myself running up the steps and just messing about more. Loads more energy when out jogging as well. Interesting!
Mojo has definitely seen an up-tick. "

Giles S.

23 DEC 2021

"My husband and I did the balance and muscle testing as seen in your videos. We were happy to be able to have proof of the difference immediately. We have been using our Omnia ORBs with great satisfaction. It's a relief knowing that it is protecting us all day every day from our own devices. Thank you for all you do!"


15 APR 2022

"I prescribe PEMF and Frequency Specific Microcurrent devices to my patients, and many of them are highly sensitive to EMFs. We can demonstrate their EMF sensitivity clinically. In my personal experience and in the experiences of my patients, the Omnia Radiation Balancer stickers out-perform any of the other stickers we have tested."


11 NOV 2021

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Discount Code: YES12  

ORB Single Pack (Protects 3 Devices)

Sold out

ORB Partner Pack (Protects 6 Devices)

Sold out

ORB Family Pack (Protects 12 Devices)

Sold out


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