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Sounds That Heal: Powerful Benefits Of Sound Frequencies For Wellbeing

Sounds That Heal: Powerful Benefits Of Sound Frequencies For Wellbeing

“Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.”

                                                                              - Albert Einstein

Sounds That Heal

Sometime in mid-2020, the Golden Gate Bridge began to sing.

Residents in the San Francisco Bay area were both curious and confused as to how the iconic landmark suddenly made deep, hypnotic howling sounds that could be heard for miles around.

Even more mysterious? The frequency of this sound was exactly 440 Hz, the universally agreed-upon standard used for tuning western music instruments across the world!

Turns out, the Golden Gate engineers had installed new wind resistance railings across the bridge and when the slats interacted with the flowing winds, they naturally produced this magical sound.

It made us wonder: what effect could a single frequency on a scale like this have on the Bay Area population?

It turns out, while this incident may have been a cosmic coincidence, the effects of healing sound frequencies on us are not. In fact, different Hz frequencies have been proven to have profound effects on us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Let’s explore how we can tap into the powerful healing properties of certain sound frequencies. 

Sound Frequencies & The Human Connection

It’s not often that science and ancient wisdom agree wholeheartedly on… well… anything. But surprisingly, both agree that everything we see (and don’t see) is made up of frequencies.

Zoom into any matter that appears to be still, and you’ll find billions of atoms vibrating together with different energies, as if in a cosmic trance.

Scientific research has shown that every cell in our body depends on a symphony of resonating frequencies to signal, coordinate and function with other cells and organs. When these cells resonate harmoniously with each other, they promote healing, calm, and overall balance in our body and mind.

However, disruption to this resonance can cause a wide range of physical and psychological disorders.

So it makes perfect sense that some sound frequencies resonate better with our body and mind than others. And that some sound frequencies have unique healing properties for us. 

The Magic of Solfeggio Frequencies 

Let’s start all the way back in ancient times with the Solfeggio Frequencies.

The Solfeggio Frequencies are a set of tones that were used to recite the Gregorian chants by the early Roman Christians. According to them, these notes could raise the vibrational level of the listener and promote healing, positive thoughts, and an overall sense of harmony and connection with the universe. 

In 1974, American herbalist Dr. Joseph Puleo deeply studied the Solfeggio sounds and found different Hz frequencies that corresponded to each of the notes of the Solfeggio scale. On the other side of the world, the ancient Indian meditative chant of ‘Om’ has been found to vibrate at 432 Hz - one of the notes on the Solfeggio scale! 

As you can see, ancient cultures around the world were aware of the transformative powers of certain special sound frequencies - something that modern science is now slowly becoming aware of.

Guide To Healing Sound Frequencies For The Human Body

Extensive research over the years has found that exposing ourselves to each of the Hz frequencies, both from the Solfeggio Scale and outside of it, has a unique benefit on our well-being. Let’s take a quick look at what these frequencies are and how listening to them can impact our wellness: 

  • 174 Hz | Nature’s Anaesthetic: 174 hertz is one of the Solfeggio frequencies and it has been widely used in sacred music because it’s believed to have a positive impact on human health. Listening to 174 Hz has been linked to reduced levels of stress and pain.
  • 285 Hz | Heals Injuries: Exposing ourselves to 285 Hz frequency is believed to help with the healing of wounds, burns, and cuts. This sound frequency supposedly stimulates the cellular regeneration abilities in our bodies, thereby speeding up physical recovery.
  • 396 Hz | Removes Guilt & Fear: If you find yourself trapped in a vicious cycle of subconscious anxieties and fear about the future, then listening to 396 Hz can help you break free from the cage. This frequency is known to balance the root chakra and promote positive thoughts.
  •  417hz | Winds of Change: Sound therapy that uses 417 Hz is known to release past emotional blockages and trauma. This, in turn, helps the listeners change situations in their life that they no longer resonate with.
  • 432 Hz | The Universe’s Frequency: 432 Hz is a very special Solfeggio frequency! Several ancient musical instruments are tuned to this frequency, and it resonates with the heart chakra - promoting a state of relaxedness and calm in the human body. A study revealed that listening to music that is tuned to 432 Hz slows down our heartbeat and reduces blood pressure. 
  • 528 Hz | Reduces Stress: 528 Hz is also known as the ‘miracle tone’ that enhances feelings of love and is believed to repair damaged DNA. A 2018 study showed that exposure of only 5 minutes to 528Hz music reduced anxiety, cortisol (stress hormone) levels, and improved mood in the participants!
  • 639 Hz | Improves Relationships: Exposure to 639 Hz music has been seen to restore emotional balance and improve our mood. It promotes deeper understanding, better communication, and more harmony in interpersonal relationships. 
  • 741 Hz | Clarity and Self-Expression: If you’d like to awaken your inner intuition and speak your truth, then sound healing with 741 Hz can have profound benefits in that regard. It can be especially helpful to those struggling to adopt healthy habits and routines into their lives.
  • 852 Hz | Spiritual Clarity: The 852 Hz frequency transforms negative thoughts into positive feelings by helping you discover your inner strength. Its soothing effects can help you be the most productive version of yourself.
  • 963 Hz | Oneness With The Source: Known as the frequency of the gods, the 963 Hz frequency is known to activate our pineal gland, which is also called the seat of our soul. 963 Hz can help us connect to higher consciousness and bring our souls into harmony with the source of all creation.
  • Why is 440 Hz The Universal Standard Of Music?

    If we know that there are frequencies that can heal, why is 440Hz the universal standard?

    Almost all modern music produced today is recorded in 440 Hz audio frequency. This means that all the instruments used are tuned according to A440 Hz. (Or to the Golden Gate Bridge if you happen to be in the Bay Area on a windy day.)

    But this was not always the case - most ancient cultures tuned their instruments to a variety of frequencies, with many choosing 432 Hz. Instinctively, they knew that listening to music at 432 Hz was more natural, soothing, and in tune with the human body than 440 Hz. 

    This changed in 1936 when the American Standards Association recommended that 440 Hz be used as the universal standard pitch, which was accepted by the International Standard Organization (ISO). 

    We looked into that too - listening to music recorded at 440 Hz is not inherently bad and it doesn’t terribly disrupt the human body’s natural rhythms. It does, however, miss out on the relaxing properties that could be unlocked by tuning to the healing frequencies.

    This has been demonstrated in a 2019 study where participant’s heart rate and breathing rate reduced when listening to 432 Hz music in comparison to 440 Hz music.

    Here is our Founder, Tim Sandars, back in 2018 laying down some tunes in 440Hz and 432Hz. You tell us which you find more comforting: 

    Final Thoughts on Healing Sound Frequencies

    Music heals. This is something we can feel instinctively, something we have always known. But recent studies on the significant healing benefits of certain sound frequencies have given this phrase a whole new meaning!

    We hope this snapshot of the transformational power of sound encourages you to embark upon your own sonic exploration. Who knows what beautiful secrets these sounds will unlock within you?


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      comment 3 comments

      Barbara Wolf calendar_today
      I love your articles and interviews. Thank you
      poke calendar_today

      I call it GOD incidence rather than coincidence but I have recently been studying the effects of tones on the body. I was in chronic pain and had tried everything to get it under control which meant strong pain relief. A tuning fork in “C” “4096” came to into my experience and I treated myself with what I like to call GODs healing tones. Within 24 hrs I was free from pain and it has never returned.
      I no longer need meds which has changed my life dramatically.
      I know this works because I have experienced it. I am now studying to be a sound healer so that I might help others. Great post today

      Altazar calendar_today

      432Hz was not one of Dr Jo Puleo’s frequencies. It’s a modern uptake on aligning concert pitch with a 3-6-9 numerology. It has value, but it’s not one of the basic Solfeggio frequencies.

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