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Why 528 Hz Is The Frequency of Love: 5 Science-Backed Reasons

Why 528 Hz Is The Frequency of Love: 5 Science-Backed Reasons

“Music can heal the wounds that medicine cannot touch”

-Dr. Debashish Mridha

Why 528 Hz is the Frequency of Love


In her heyday, Madrid-born Marta Cinta Gonzalez Saldana was an accomplished ballerina. 

But in her later years, Gonzalez was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It was devastating. This ugly disease affected her behavior and ability to access memories.

Then one day, something magical happened! While sitting in her hospital room, her son put on the music of Swan Lake - a ballet she had performed in decades ago. Even though the disease compromised her memory, the music brought it all back to her. She began dancing elegantly from her wheelchair! 

That, my friends, is just a glimpse of the healing power of music

While the almost miraculous emotional effects of music are undeniable, modern science now reveals that certain sound frequencies like 528 Hz can literally heal our physical and mental health from within. That’s why today we are going to talk about the 5 reasons why 528 Hz is the frequency of love!

The History of Sound Healing Frequency & 528 Hz

Sound healing is not a new phenomenon - it was widely used in ancient Indian, Egyptian, and Greek civilizations to heal and manage a variety of physical and mental conditions. Traditional mystics, healers, and even modern-day scientists agree that all matter in the universe is in a constant state of vibration. As a result, exposing ourselves to certain sound vibrations can bring peace, joy, and a state of balance to our being.

This practice of sound therapy has been so beneficial across various cultures that it is thriving up until the present day. And amongst the various frequencies used in sound healing therapy, 528 Hz stands out for its many powerful benefits.

According to ancient wisdom, 528 Hz is said to be the frequency of love, miracles, DNA repair, and healing. This sound frequency falls on the Solfeggio frequency scale, and has been noted for its ability to help our body heal itself quicker, clear deep-rooted energy blockages, and promote feelings of love and peace, both towards ourselves and others. 528 Hz sound waves are also known to promote mental clarity, creativity, and an enhanced sense of awareness. 

Here’s a lovely listen for you, let us know how it made you feel:

5 Proven Benefits of 528 Hz Music On Human Health

A series of research studies conducted on the health effects of 528 Hz music has confirmed what traditional cultures have known all along. Here are the 5 scientifically proven benefits of 528 Hz frequency:

1 - Reduces Oxidative Stress

A study conducted in 2019 exposed rats to 528 Hz sound frequencies at 100 dB to check for changes in their brain chemistry and behavior. The results were amazing: exposure to even 5 minutes of 528 Hz music was found to reduce the total concentration of reactive oxidative species (ROS) in the brain tissue. High levels of ROS create oxidative stress on our cells and organs, which increases the risk of DNA damage and cancer. 

By reducing the oxidative stress on our body, 528 Hz frequency can indirectly promote the healing and repair of our DNA, while also boosting our immunity levels. 

2 - Decreases Stress & Anxiety Levels

A research study performed at Juntendo University, Japan in 2018 studied the effects of listening to 528 Hz and 440 Hz music on the biological markers of stress on our body.

While listening to 440 Hz music was found to not affect the levels of stress hormones on the body, 528 Hz was found to significantly reduce the levels of cortisol and chromogranin hormones in the listeners - both of which are indicators of stress and anxiety levels in the body. 

3 - Stimulates Release of the Love Hormone

Listening to 528 Hz for only 5 minutes has been found to increase the levels of oxytocin hormone in our body - which is literally nicknamed the ‘love drug’! Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter and hormone which is linked to empathy, love, trust, and relationship-building. It has the power to regulate our emotional responses, promotes positive communication, and positive memories. 

4 - Reduces Negative Emotions 

When comparing the effects of 440 Hz and 528 Hz music on our mood states, a study found that 528 Hz music led to a significant decrease in negative mood scores for emotions such as confusion, fatigue, depression, mood disturbance, and anger.

Meanwhile, all positive mood scores tended to increase after exposure to 528 Hz frequency. In contrast, listening to 440 Hz music led to a minor decrease in negative mood scores, but this change was not statistically significant. Interestingly, listening to 440 Hz music (which is currently the universal standard for music) led to higher anger-hostility scores. 

4 - Enhances Cell Health & DNA Repair

A study conducted in 2017 on human cells treated with alcohol revealed that exposure to 528 Hz sound waves can change the physical interaction of water molecules in a manner that enhances DNA repair. Moreover, 528 Hz sound at 80 dB intensity decreased the damaging effects of ethanol on cell health by about 20%.

Final Thoughts

From the scientific results shared above, one thing is crystal clear: the healing effects of 528 Hz music are not merely skin deep.

Such sound frequencies have the time-tested ability to heal us from within and motivate us to grow into the most balanced versions of ourselves. We hope this little introduction to 528 Hz frequency unlocks a musical journey that leads you to growth, love, success, and balance. 

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Patte Purcell calendar_today

I am doing a new online show called The Next Dimension broadcast in 528 hz. I’d like to speak with you
Patte 1-702-219-6777
This is for the site owner and also John Tyra in the comment above. Thanks

John Tyra calendar_today

I built a device that puts out ELF radio frequency over about 9 miles and the results have been amazing at 528 hz my Mama dogs tumors are disappearing. The weather is returning to normal. My body has kicked out more toxins then ever before and I feel wonderful. All this in a week. There is something to this. God bless.

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