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I Listened To Nothing But Solfeggio Healing Frequency Music For A Week

I Listened To Nothing But Solfeggio Healing Frequency Music For A Week

This article was written by Lauren Sakosky from Dandelion Branding

I Listened to Nothing But Solfeggio Healing Frequency Music for a Week

As a music lover, I am no stranger to the conversation around the effects of certain sound frequencies on our bodies.

Over the years, I’ve come across several people who have claimed to benefit from the healing power of Solfeggio frequency music. These range from lower stress and reduced anxiety to improved sleep or gaining the ability to manifest dreams into reality.  

Then I found out that there have been scientific studies that show how sound frequencies can impact our brain activity and its functions. In fact, research has also directly linked the use of music in biological signaling and healing

But there are still those who believe that listening to such frequencies is nothing more than a placebo effect, or that the Solfeggio frequencies have no significant effects at all. 

Well, I wanted to find out the truth for myself - so I decided to do my own week-long sonic experiment! Over the last 7 days, I listened to only Solfeggio healing frequency music and recorded my daily experiences. Each day, I picked a different frequency from the Solfeggio scale and played it in the background as I went about my daily activities.

Here’s what happened. 

My Typical Experience with Music (the Baseline)

One of my favorite things about music is the emotions it evokes and the way that it can completely change our mood. I also love how the experience of listening to music is a subjective one - the same song often affects different people in different ways. 

As for my go-to music, it’s usually rap & hip-hop with some R&B and alternative music. I find these genres to be incredibly motivating. I appreciate the beats, poetic storytelling, and cultural history tied to them. There are entire communities built around them, coming together to support one another and finding common ground to get through the harsh realities of life. 

Given how wildly different Solfeggio healing music is to the genres I listen to on a daily basis, I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t like it. But, I found that I was naturally curious to find out how (and if) it would affect my physical, emotional, and mental well-being. 

Why I Wanted To Do This 

As somebody who spends a lot of time on social media, specifically in music-centered online communities, sound healing frequencies are a topic that is not talked about as often as one might think. 

Being a (former) neuroscience major, I have a keen interest in the power of the unconscious mind. Between this and my love of music, I’ve always been open to the idea that frequencies can help to align one’s chakras and manifest the things that one may want in life. As humans, we can hear a slight change in another person’s tone, and our unconscious high-order processes begin to work to identify and react to the potential situation. 

I can draw some equivalencies from this to that of music as the unconscious processes the “vibes” of the music that we listen to. This can consequently block or open passages to our higher thinking processes.  As you may already know from Omnia's science, everything, every single atom is a wave field of electrical current or light which is vibrating with a specific frequency, so what we choose to surround ourselves with and listen to ultimately affects our spirit and the way that it moves through the world.

While there are many parts of frequency healing that I found plausible, there were also some elements that I was slightly unsure of. While researching online on other’s experiences with healing music, I learned that many believe it to be a placebo effect and that it was more of a tool to step into a healing mindset rather than being directly effective. However, many more believe that these healing frequencies can have profound effects on our well-being.

While I could have gone on and on reading blogs about others’ personal accounts, I figured that the best way to find the truth would be to conduct an experiment myself.

7 Days, 7 Frequencies, 7 Chakras

My process for this experiment went like this: I would set out a full week and listen only to frequency healing for the entire duration. This included isolating myself from other types of music to prevent my experiment from being diluted. I would turn on my frequency healing playlist for the day while I was cleaning, working, and even driving.

Deciding on this process took some time, and I was in a dilemma whether to focus on a single chakra that I felt needed healing or listening to a new frequency each day that targeted a different chakra for a full-body alignment. 

I finally chose 7 days to align to the 7 chakras that are present in the human body, starting with the crown chakra and ending with the root chakra. This way, I could measure how my entire being felt by the end of my experiment. It would be easier to feel whether my body was aligned rather than, say, my heart chakra because it is crucial to human function that our bodies are aligned.

My Day-Wise Experience

Day 1: The Crown Chakra (963 Hz)


One of the most difficult things for me to do is clear my headspace, especially because I find myself constantly thinking about everything under the sun. But when I turned the 963 Hz music targeting the Crown Chakra on Day 1, I could feel a difference. It started with a slight pressure around my head, and gradually my thoughts began to calm down. 

I also believed that I felt a sense of connectedness with myself and my environment, which is something that I sorely needed. Over the past couple of weeks, I had a lot going on and couldn’t make time for self-reflection and self-care. But after a whole day of listening to 963 Hz music, I felt like I had a little bit more clarity around events that I had going on as well as my environment in general.  

Day 2: The Third Eye Chakra (852 Hz)  

Listening to 852 Hz music that focuses on the third-eye chakra gave me very similar feelings to Day 1, and I felt a growing sense of clarity by the end of the day. I also felt slightly airy (almost light-headed, but not in a bad way). I did notice that I was more aware of how I felt and was able to discern the slight changes in my emotions and mood.

Day 3: The Throat Chakra (741 Hz)

To preface, I am the most aware of what the throat chakra is and does out of all seven of them. It has been one that I have been focusing on for a while, especially relating to communication and self-expression. With that said, while I did feel the 741 Hz music vibrating throughout my neck and throat region, I did not really feel much of a blockage needed to be cleared to begin with.  

Day 4: The Heart Chakra (639 Hz) 


By the time day 4 came around, I was listening to the 639 Hz heart chakra frequency and felt that my spirits had been lifted. I felt an overall sense of balance as well as a feeling of vulnerability.

By the end of day 4, I also felt the urge to actively be more emotionally available for people that are close to me.  

Day 5: The Solar Plexus Chakra (528 Hz) 


At first, I was not sure of the specific location of the solar plexus chakra. However, when I listened to the 528 Hz music, I recalled feeling a slight pressure-like sensitivity around my sternum area which radiated through my ribcage and spine. I’m not sure what specific emotions I experienced after listening to 528 Hz music, but with each passing day, I was progressively feeling more balanced and self-aware. 

Day 6: The Sacral Chakra (417 Hz) 


I was nearing the end of the experiment, and day 6 was all about listening to 417 Hz music that targets the sacral chakra. This was definitely the most notable experience that I had during the entire week!

From the moment I turned the music on, I instantly felt a huge weight off my shoulders and the frequency working its magic on my sacral chakra. I had listened to the playlist for a few hours while packing some of my things, and by the time I was done, I genuinely felt so much better. The next morning, I did not feel the same negative energy and thoughts that I was struggling with the day before. This was one of the most unbelievable experiences, and really a turning point for my beliefs about the effectiveness of this music!

Day 7: The Root Chakra (396 Hz) 


On the final day of my experiment, my entire being was awash with a very deep sense of peace. The 396 Hz music I listened to infused a feeling of calm, and I am sure that the days of balancing my other chakras helped with this. I could feel my entire body being in sync with my mind.

How I Felt By The End Of The Week

By the time that I was done with all seven frequencies and seven days, my body felt more balanced, my spirit felt more aligned, and many of my doubts were lifted. Using this music to meditate, or even in the background while doing daily activities, seemed to have had a deeply positive effect on my mood.

I also discovered that 417 Hz, which targets the sacral chakra, was my favorite healing frequency. It felt natural entering my body, and I believe that it was the most effective in alignment based on my results.

Final Thoughts

Based on my week-long experience with this music, I wholeheartedly believe that these frequencies work. While more scientific research will help conclusively prove the benefits of these frequencies, I can safely say that I have felt a difference in one way or another within my body and mind after listening to these sounds. 

I would recommend this music to anybody, whether they feel aligned or not.

You could listen to Solfeggio healing music to manifest what you want, to meditate, or even as background music to self-soothe. It doesn’t need to take a significant portion of time out of your day.

I would not, however, call it a quick fix. I believe that like everything natural, listening to healing sound frequencies is something that must be done consistently to enjoy its full benefits. In the long term, I can see it has many positive effects on my life as I continue listening to it.

I believe that everyone should try to listen to these at least once, even if it is just the frequency that corresponds to a chakra that you may feel is currently blocked or needs repair. The only way to determine personal efficacy with anything is to try it yourself, and I’m glad that I did!

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Faye calendar_today

I tried to listen to the recordings, but they cut off. How can I listen to the entire set you listened to? Thank you for this valuable understanding and I’m eager to do the same!

Glenn calendar_today

Thanks for sharing your experience and it seems that these frequencies can be of benefit, especially as a part of a continual “practice” that we use. I will give them a go. Love and light.

Sabreena calendar_today

Where can we find the music to download and test for ourselves? Thank you.

Yvonne calendar_today

a number of years ago i acquired “Wholetones – the sound of healing” produced by Micheal S. Tyrrell (WHOLETONES.com) Seven discs plus a booklet. His chapter 10 is entitled: The Six Solveggio Tones. He goes from 396 to 852, but does not have the highest one that you have.
Interesting to encounter this again. Many thanks. Yvonne P.

Maire Mayne calendar_today

I would love to buy this music but dont have spotify. Is there anywhere else I can buy it. Thank you

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