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Full Product Specification of the ORB

Before you buy, here is everything you need to know about  the ORB in these sections: 

  1. The Aim of the ORB 
  2. Omnia Performance Tests on the human body
  3. Social Proof - Testimonials from Happy Customers 
  4. The Correct Scientific Explanations - everything you didn't know about Microwave Wireless Radiation (MWR) and why we react to it. 
  5. Unique Functional Specification - the ORB uses Deca Energy, the energy of the Future, to balance the radiation field. 

1. The Aim of the ORB

The aim of the Omnia Radiation Balancer is to bring the effect of vibrational resonance between any microwave radiation field (including 5G) and the human body. 

Once the state of the microwave radiation field has been changed, we observe how the body responds in our Performance Tests. 

2. Omnia Performance Tests 

Omnia Disclaimer

We are obliged to tell you that you must judge for yourself: 

(a) Whether microwave radiation from your devices is a threat to your health. We have listed the most significant Peer-reviewed, 3rd Party scientific studies undertaken on rats here. 

(b) Whether the Omnia Performance Tests, which are not peer-reviewed nor 'official' represent valid protection against any perceived threat.

Omnia's approach is to change the state of the MWR field so that it is in the same vibrational rhythm as the electrical current in the human body. 
Once this is achieved, the best way to test performance is to see how the human body reacts to the newly transformed field. 
These are the tests that we have done which we have found to be the most valid response indicators: 

Click on each heading to see details of the Performance Test. You must judge for yourself whether this is sufficient evidence to show that the human body, or water, responds in resonance with the newly 'centred' and balanced MW radiation field. 

Please note that we do not reduce the strength of the MW Field on a radiating device. Imagine that the radiation is like an orchestra where all the instruments are playing 'out of tune'. What we do is we 'tune up' the orchestra so it's playing a tune that your body likes, but we do not reduce the 'volume' of the orchestra. Hence if you are measuring the strength of the RF Field transmitting to the radiating device, the reading will not change.  

3. Omnia Testimonials 

Many of our customers have experienced great benefits from using the ORB.

Some can feel the energy in the patch as soon as they open the envelope. You can hear their Testimonials here.

4. The Correct Scientific Explanation 

Thanks to Dr Ilija Lakicevic, the inventor of the Omnia Radiation Balancer, we have the correctly measured scientific explanations for: 

  • How every Atom behaves (in terms of its energy, frequency,¬†vibration and the 'centredness' of¬†its wave field);¬†¬†
  • What Radiation truly is (what makes phone radiation different to.. the Sun's radiation?);¬†
  • The importance of Consciousness and the¬†Zero Point in Physics and how it applies¬†in this debate;¬†
  • The difference in Spin, Motion and Centredness of each¬†Wave Field: the electrical current in a microwave radiation field spins and moves¬†in a different way to¬†how the electrical current¬†spins and moves in the human cell.¬†
  • 'Resonance'¬†- the crucial factor which determines harmonization:¬†does the MWR field 'resonate', or 'dissonate' with the human body? And how can we ensure that resonance is achieved?¬†


So.. What really happens when the human body touches the Microwave Radiation Field? Here is a summary of our unique explanation: 

Every cell in the body is vibrating with electrical potential. So each human body is like a big electrical antenna. Therefore we respond to everything we encounter: whether it's good (like a hug, our favourite music or smelling nice flowers); or not so good (like inhaling car fumes or eating something toxic).

In fact, the human body 'radiates' too! So.. not all radiation is 'bad'. And as we will show, imbalanced radiation can be restored to balanced, positive energy. 

Just like the human cell, each wireless radiation field that hits the phone, the laptop or comes through the WiFi router is also a vibrating, magneto-electric field (and it is invisible to us). 

So when these two energy fields meet, if they are not vibrating in the same rhythm and with the same centredness, then effects of 'dissonance' can occur.

Dissonance signifies 'vibrational disharmony'. It's basically an electrical challenge to the circuitry of the human body, which we demonstrate in our kinesiology muscle tests. 

And the effect we want to create is resonance. 

5. Unique Functional Specification of the ORB 

We need to create a 'match' between the vibrational pattern of the MWR field and that of the human body.

Omnia has made a unique discovery about how this can be achieved.  

The only way to do this.. is to move the zero point of the microwave radiation field back to its geometric centre.

When this happens, we have balance in the radiation field. This results in the formation of a perfect Torus field of light. If we could draw it it would look like this: 

This shape denotes balance in the radiation field. The magnetic zero point in the centre of the empty space at the centre of the field will now be holding the electrical current that spins around it in place.

Now the radiation field is in a sacred geometric shape and has an electrical balance that our cells agree with.


Our cells also have a Torus shape. As you can see from this picture of blood cells taken from inside the human body. 

Torus-shaped blood cells

Remember that the human body is an electrical antenna. The magnetic point inside the torus field of the blood cells will now be picking up the new vibration of the MWR field, which is now centred and balanced. The cell will vibrate in 'sympathietc resonance' with the radiation field and consequenctly, the zero point of the cell moves to the centre.  

In fact, when the zero point is in the geometric centre of any wave field, this represents perfect harmony in nature.

It is the energetic signature of LOVE. 

So that is how the 'match' is achieved between the two energy fields. 

Harmony in any radiating wave field (whether it is the body or the microwave radiation field) is achieved when the zero point of the electrical wave field is at the geometric centre. 

Omnia's New Technology 

Omnia uses a new type of technology to move the zero point of the radiation field back to its geometric centre. 

We do this using what we call 'Deca Energy'.

Dr Ilija Lakicevic, (aka 'Laki'), is the pioneer of using this newly-discovered unit of energy to develop new solutions to the world's energy problems. 

Deca energy is already perfectly balanced so it has the capability to override the imbalance in the MWR field and return its zero point to the centre. 

This is brand new science and you can find a full explanation of Deca energy here if you wish to deep-dive into this interesting topic. 

To put it simply, there is an energy imprint in the ORB sticker and it carries a programme.  It has instructions to move the zero point of the MW radiation field back to its centre.

And now that the radiation field is in the same vibrational rhythm and pattern as the human cell, we bring resonance back between these two electrical fields.

This is what brings balance back to the body.

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