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Welcome to Omnia!

It is great to see you here!

We want to ensure you have the best experience possible with your ORB so we made you this page to get you started on the path towards balancing your body in today's world of ever-increasingly wireless radiation.

Jessie - Omnia Customer

"I prescribe PEMF and Frequency Specific Microcurrent devices to my patients, and many of them are highly sensitive to EMFs due to the high levels of toxicity they present with.

We can demonstrate their EMF sensitivity clinically, and the majority of my particular patient population tends toward being highly sensitive. Many are using a device I prescribe that works off their cellphone: since they have to be in close proximity to the phone for many hours of the day I want to make sure they are protected.

In my personal experience and in the experiences of my patients, the Omnia Radiation Balancer stickers out-perform any of the other stickers we have tested."

Where to Place your ORB

Always stick the ORB directly onto the radiating device.
The energy in the patch must connect with the EMF Field, so for example don’t stick it on your phone case, stick it on the phone.

Place the ORB near to where the radiation meets the device.
For the best results, find out where the data enters your device and place it there.

Watch the video here for more detailed placement information for each device type.  

How to Protect your ORB

The ORB comprises of three simple ‘nano-layers’: paper, glue and dye.

Into this structure we infuse and permanently preserve what we call ‘Deca’ energy. The ORB is ultimately just a sticker and it is prone to wear and tear however, as long as there is one bit of dye on the sticker, the ORB will be working fine. We provide ways to keep testing its effectiveness further down the page.

For devices that may get more active wear and tear or are exposed to the elements (wind, rain etc.), we recommend covering the ORB.

You can do this by putting a phone case over the ORB or, on other devices, by sticking a small piece of tape over the ORB to cover and protect it from wear and tear. It is not a good idea to clean the ORB or rub it with water.

For static objects like the Wi-Fi router, where there is very little wear and tear, a covering isn’t necessary.

How to Test the Effectiveness of the ORB

Our technology changes the state of the radiating wave field (bringing it to ‘balance and centredness’) but it does not reduce the strength, or volume of the field.

So we don’t suggest measuring the level of RF Radiation in your tests – the levels will remain the same. Instead, we suggest using your body as the barometer – to give you a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ when you apply the ORB to your device. We have some simple energy tests that you can try at home to test for yourself!

This will help to show whether your body returns to balance, and whether the ORB works for you.

There are two tests that you can do at home, a ‘Range of Motion’ test and a ‘Muscle Test’.

Try These Tests at Home

Here is our muscle test. We do suggest working with a professional for this, but you can learn more about how to do a muscle test here.

Here’s how we test for range of motion in the body. This is short and easy one you can do anytime.

The reason for these results is that everything in the body is electric. So when you hold a phone with a strong radiation field, your body’s electrical circuitry is compromised and becomes imbalanced. The ORB returns your body to balance.

Returns Policy

If you’re looking to return or exchange your order for any reason, we're here to help!

However if you are an Amazon or eBay customer, returns must be handled on whichever channel you made your purchase.

If you purchased through the Omnia site, you can contact us by clicking here or by sending an email to and we can assist you in a return, replacement, or refund. Please include your order number and/ or the original email address used for the purchase.

We offer returns or exchanges for customers that reach out within 30 days of receiving your purchase and on the condition that the ORB stickers are not peeled off the strip.

You can find our entire  returns policy here.

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What is the ORB made of and How Does it Work?

The ORB is made of three ‘nano-layers’ – paper, glue and dye. Infused into this structure is what we call ‘Deca Energy’, which carries a programme to bring the radiation field to balance and centredness (technically, this means moving the zero point to the absolute centre of the radiating wave field). Once this is done, we have a ‘match’ between the energy in the radiation field and the energy in the human body. We have created ‘resonance’ between these two fields.  

Where is the best place to put the ORB on each device?

The ORB is designed to be put on a phone, smartwatch, tablet, laptop, desktop, Wi-Fi router, fridge, microwave oven, in a car, on a smart meter and any other radiating device that you have at home.

The golden rule is: the ORB must be stuck onto the radiating device.

There must be contact between the ORB and the radiation field, so that it becomes one entity and the whole thing will now be radiating with the energy of centredness of zero point, which is the energy of love.

We made you a quick and easy video about the best place to put your ORB Patch!

How do I keep the ORB safe?

If you're planning on putting the ORB somewhere where you expect it to see wear, like outside on a smart meter, on the back of a smart watch, or on your phone without a case, we do suggest sticking the ORB to your device and then taping over it to protect it.

The ORB is made of color, paper, and glue so water will damage it - especially if you're cleaning your device regularly by rubbing it.

Please note that as long as you can still see color on your ORB path, it will absolutely work, but we suggest being cautious and taping over it if you can expect any wear at all.

How does the Patch work?

Great Question! This answer is a bit too long for a simple FAQ, so we made a page for you that talks about how the Omnia Radiation Balancer harmonizes energy.

Click Here to Read More

How do I know that the Omnia Radiation Balancer is working?

This is a good question because the effects that the ORB has are invisible.
And in our modern day lives we rarely stop to check in with ourselves and do a system health check.

Everyone is different and will respond differently. Some people are super sensitive and will notice the change in the energy field around the phone straight away. For others, it’s very subtle.

We suggest doing a simple muscle test and a range of motion test to make sure that it's working for you.

How long does the ORB Patch last?

The Omnia Radiation Balancer lasts for as long as you have the sticker applied to the radiating device and remains intact.

The balancing energy in the patch keeps spinning forever and it never runs out, but if you transfer it to another device it may not stick as well, which is important. So if you plan on moving it, we suggest taping it to your device.

Is the Omnia Radiation Balancer the only thing I need to protect myself from EMF?

No. Absolutely not.

We know that the ORB helps to bring a new resonance between all your radiating devices and your body but there is so much exposure in the world, that we recommend adopting an abstinent and cautious lifestyle too. The best thing to do is to reduce your exposure to EMFs all together.

You can learn more about this by clicking here.

Can I test the ORB at home then decide whether to keep it?

Yes. Please see the two simple tests above to test your ORBs.

Without peeling the sticker off, you can rest the strip of ORB on your phone (remember, it has to be in contact with the phone so don’t rest it on your phone case) and try the tests by following the instructions above.

If this doesn’t work for you or you didn’t feel the difference, you are welcome to put the strip of ORBs back in the card and send the envelope back to us. Please contact us if you are unsure where to send the ORB back to: we currently have a UK fulfillment centre and a USA fulfillment centre where you can return the goods and in September 2021 we will have a German Fulfillment centre too. If you are an Amazon customer, please contact Amazon.

What is ‘Deca Energy’ and what is Unique about Omnia’s Science?

You can find out all about our science and how Deca energy works in this video!

I’m an Amazon/ eBay customer, how do I find out about Returns & Refunds?

If you are an Amazon or eBay customer, please get in touch with the seller on whichever channel you made your purchase. They will handle refunds and returns directly.

Who We Are

Omnia is here to help you find resonance in your own space in the face of stress from modern life.

Our flagship product, the Omnia Radiation Balancer (ORB for short), helps to return the body to balance by creating a vibrational ‘match’ between the spinning current in any radiation field and the spinning electrical current in the human body.  

We share scientific evidence that can be trusted and we’re always searching for new ways to test the ORB. We aim to help you maintain a healthy balance throughout your life and to shed light on how our new science allows us to achieve these effects.

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