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Radiation Harmonizers

Radiation Harmonizers 5GRadiation Protection

Your lifestyle may involve using many devices that emit radiation. Chances are, you often find yourself: 


  • Heating your food in a microwave
  • Playing games on your phone
  • Attending a meeting on your laptop
  • Watching your favorite downloaded show on your television


But long-term exposure to high levels of this energy has been shown in peer-reviewed studies to cause adverse side effects like problems with your health and your devices. If you are new to this subject please check this resource which aggregates scientific papers per type of EMF health effects observed: www.bioinitiative.org  


Some people think the only way to protect yourself is by using radiation blockers. However we are going to show you why you need radiation harmonizers. We’ll tell you what the difference is and how this influences your selection.


Radiation blockers will seek to stop EMF radiation from reaching a device. An example is a faraday cage, which blocks the radiation from meeting a cellphone. The drawback with these solutions is that you don’t get reception or data coming to your phone. And if you are choosing this type of protection, you need to make sure you have seen credible results on the human body, as well as on the strength of the radiation field.


Radiation harmonizers, on the other hand, will keep the same volume of radiation coming into the phone but these electromagnetic fields will be altered so that they are less harmful to the body. Their aim is to create ‘resonance’ between the electrical currents of the radiation field and the electrical currents of the body.

When choosing which product to use, you must be sure that you have seen test results on the human body so that you know the benefits of the solution you’ve chosen.


The Omnia Radiation Balancer is a harmonizer product and we have excellent test results to share with you.


To help you understand radiation harmonizers more, here are the reasons why the Omnia products are so important:


Radiation Harmonizers Protect Your Devices and Equipment

When you have high levels of electromagnetic activity in your home, it can interfere with the electrical functions of your body and this can result in biological effects as seen in the BioInitiative Study, above. Radiation harmonizers seek to change the state of the radiation field so that it is in resonance with the energy of the human body.  


Radiation Harmonizers can Help You Feel Better

Significant exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency is known to cause chronic headaches, blurry vision, and fatigue [2]. These are all signs of radiation illness. So, radiation harmonizers can prevent these symptoms from developing because they bring these radiation energies into coherence with the body’s energy. But if you still feel the same despite having radiation harmonizers in your home, then consider going to see a medical professional.


Radiation Harmonizers May Help to Prevent Cancer

Although the exact link of radiation to cancer has not been fully established, there have been some significant studies undertaken [3], which suggest it's better to be safe than sorry. After all, if this energy can be shown to cause a shift in your cellular composition, this is a warning sign that cancer might be developing. That's why radiation harmonizers are essential - because they can make the radiation coming from our devices more coherent with the energy in our bodies.


Radiation Harmonizers Allow Safe Reproduction

Studies have shown a connection between radiofrequency, electromagnetic fields, and infertility [4]. That's because exposure to these types of energy can increase your oxidative stress with increased levels of reactive oxygen species. It means that there's the chances of infertility may increase. So, radiation harmonizers are essential, especially if you want to conceive a baby in the future.


Radiation Harmonizers can be Good for Your Mental Health

Long-term exposure to low levels of radiation might lead to an increased level of stress, anxiety, and depression [5]. So, when you limit your usage of technological devices like phones, laptops, and tablets, you can protect your mental health. But if you constantly need to use gadgets because of your day-to-day activities, then you can take preventive measures through radiation harmonizers. 


Radiation Harmonizers Can Improve Your Sleep Quality

Your phone and other devices continuously emit electromagnetic fields, so you probably need radiation harmonizers to protect yourself, especially when you sleep [6]. After all, exposure to this energy can make it hard for you to fall and stay asleep. With radiation harmonizers, your body will react less when it is recuperating and revitalizing during the sleep cycle. This might give you the change to enjoy a more peaceful slumber.


Radiation Harmonizers Can Save You Money in the Long Run

Having radiation harmonizers will bring harmony between your body and the radiation fields and this will help to prevent electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency from altering your cells or causing chronic symptoms. That said, the best known prevention is to switch all radiating devices off. But given that this is so difficult today, we recommend that you apply radiation harmonizers to protect you and your family from the possibility of picking up electrical imbalances, which could lead to a number of illnesses [1]. Then you don't have to seek professional help. If you invest in radiation harmonizers, it will be a weight off your mind and hospital bills might be the least of your concerns.


Radiation Harmonizers Can Protect Your Pets

Your pets deserve to benefit from radiation harmonizers, too. They are electro-magnetic beings too, and since they are not immune to the effects of radiofrequency and electromagnetic fields, as we can see from all the peer-reviewed studies on rats [1], our furry friends are not immune from the same behavioral, sleep, fertility, and digestion problems. It's best to protect them from absorbing too much of these energies by using radiation harmonizers and keeping them away from your devices.


Purchase Quality Radiation Harmonizers

If you're looking for the best radiation harmonizers on the market, then you can turn to us at Omnia Radiation Balancer. Our products will bring balance and centredness to the EMF radiation field and our tests show that this restores the balance in the body when we are using our wireless devices. If you desire to be in resonance with the energy of the wireless devices you use every day, we urge you to see our test results here.


Get in touch with us today to discover the radiation harmonizers we offer.


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Please note: the Omnia Radiation Balancer is not a medical device, nor is it designed to remediate any specific illness or disease. Always seek the help of a doctor if you are concerned about the effects of EMF Radiation on your body.





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