The Omnia Approach

Energised Products for a new kind of Wellness 

Omnia is dedicated to ensuring your vibrational wellness.

We start with the understanding that all your cells have an electrical charge that is vital to our health. Throughout a 6 week process, the Omnia shield is infused with unique frequencies that align with your body’s.

When you use the ORB, your energy field 'phase locks’ with the balanced frequencies to create a force field so that when you are exposed to other device frequencies, your vibe isn’t affected.

Our Mission 

Whilst the scientists research to establish exactly what type of physical effect EMFs have on the human body, we offer peace of mind when it comes to your wireless devices.

We are committed to two missions:

    1. To share the most current data about the effects of radiation.
    2. To provide the best, most tested, vibrational harmonizing product available.

    We use our phones a whole lot

    Omnia is about staying in harmony.

    It is well established that the human body runs on electrical impulses that allow our body to function.

    On a conscious level, these signals tell us when we are hungry, when we are scared, when we are excited, even when we remember something.

    On a subconscious level, these impulses connect all the organs of the body and allow each one to function (digesting food, detoxifying or processing waste, urinating, etc). 

    This sense of harmony is essential to human health. 

    Good health is achieved when our life force is balanced and allowed to flow freely.

    It is Omnia's aim to help you maintain this balance, regardless of what is energetically happening around you.

    'Harmonising' is basically the same effect as noise cancelling headphones

    How Does the ORB Work?

    Rather than blocking signals, the Omnia Radiation Balancer allows your body to be earthed and re-tuned to its natural flow, whatever the environment you are in.

    It puts energy from a phone into an energised field that your body can understand and resonate with.


    Most importantly, how do you know that it's working?

    We are dealing with invisible energy flows, with the physical body caught in the crosshairs. 

    So a very simple way to test that this works, is to do a muscle test.

    A muscle test is based on the principles of kinesiology.

    In our experience, the vast majority of people see weaker muscle test results when they hold their cellphones. We don’t see the same weakness in a phone that has the ORB applied to it.

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    Use the ORB With a Radiation Reduction Lifestyle

    The Omnia Radiation Balancer is only one part of a balanced and centered lifestyle.

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