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The Omnia Approach

Energised Products for a New Kind of Wellness 

Omnia is dedicated to ensuring your vibrational wellness, without blocking your cell signal.

We start with the understanding that all of the human body’s cells have an electrical charge.

On a conscious level, this intrinsic electricity tells us when we are hungry, scared or excited. Subconsciously, these impulses connect all the organs of the body and help them work together to keep your body in sync.

If you have electrical balance in the cell, this is the perfect platform for maintaining health balance and wellbeing. Omnia specialises in allowing you to retain this electrical balance in your body.

The ORB is infused with a unique energy that is capable of changing the state of the wireless radiation field so that it is now in the same vibrational rhythm as the human body. Once we have created this vibrational ‘match’, the experience is that of resonance in the body.

So as soon as you place the ORB sticker on your device, the balanced ORB fields ‘phase lock’ with the microwave radiation fields and a synergy is created between these two energy fields.

Then your body finds its new resonance.

protection from EMF radiation

Omnia is about staying in harmony.

Whilst the scientists research to establish exactly what type of physical effect EMFs have on the human body, we strive to offer peace of mind when it comes to your wireless devices.

We are committed to sharing the most current data about the effects of radiation and providing the best harmonizing product available, with the most dependable results.

This sense of harmony is essential to human health.

Good health is achieved when our life force is in coherence and allowed to flow freely.

It is Omnia's aim to help you maintain this balance, regardless of what is energetically happening around you.

'Harmonising' is basically the same effect as noise cancelling headphones

How do we help you find balance?

Rather than blocking your device’s signal, the Omnia Radiation Balancer synchronises the two energy fields (that of the body and that of the wireless radiation). 

It uses conscious technology to re-tune the discordant wave fields to vibrate with a natural flow that is centered and balanced.

We don’t have any senses that pick up the radiation: we can’t hear it, see it and most of us can’t feel it. 

If you could hear it, the radiation would sound like an orchestra that is warming up, where every instrument is out of tune. You would be holding your ears because of the ugly sound.

We do not want to decrease the volume of the orchestra (we don’t reduce the strength of the radiation signal). What the ORB does, is tune the orchestra so that the sound is something that is pleasing to your ear.

The radiation from a phone is transformed into an energised field with which your body resonates in sympathy and harmony.

Most importantly, how do you know that it's actually affecting you?

We are dealing with invisible energy flows so there’s no blood and no bandaid. No one is on fire or having a fit. What we’re experiencing is continuous, long term, vibrational interference. Because it’s invisible it’s easy to dismiss as unimportant.

That’s why we are always focused on getting test results that show the effects of the ORB.

One very simple, very effective, way to test that this works, is to do a muscle test.

A muscle test is based on the principles of kinesiology.

In our experience, the vast majority of people experience weaker muscle strength when they hold their cellphones. The body immediately returns to strength and balance once the ORB is applied.

With this in mind, we have put together a video to show you the effectiveness of the Omnia Radiation Balancer.

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Use the ORB With a Radiation Reduction Lifestyle

Remember that the Omnia Radiation Balancer is only one part of a balanced and centered lifestyle.

Our product helps you to balance the wave fields of devices that are part of your everyday life, but we all regularly come into contact with discordant energy fields that can take us out of balance and centredness.

That makes it important that you don’t treat the ORB as a panacea - we urge you to adhere to other ways to reduce your exposure to discordant vibrations.

Learn How to Reduce Your Exposure


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