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Dr Martin Pall about EMF and 5G

"There has been not one single biological safety test on 5G. 
This is totally insane‚ÄĚ.

Dr Martin Pall is a world-renowned Biochemist and researcher who, due to his biological research has become an outspoken condemner of the proliferation of EMF microwave radiation in our lives today.

He also pioneered the research that identified a 'mechanism' between EMF microwave radiation and disease. He linked EMF's to the overloading of calcium in human cells, which is widely observed as the foundation of all diseases that have shown up in thousands of tests. 

As the Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences at Washington State University, he is now retired and has a more 'free rein' to speak about the issues without fear of corporate or media censorship. 

In short, the world needs to be hearing from independent critics like Dr. Pall!

In this video interview you will learn some important findings: 

  • The Rollout of 5G is happening¬†without any biological testing on humans or lab animals¬†
  • The 33 peer-reviewed scientific¬†papers that have been ignored by the industry, which clearly state the harm caused by microwave radiation to humans
  • The increased and very serious effects on Children, especially on mental function, because¬†the radiation¬†changes the structure of the brain.¬†
  • The links to the current epidemics in ADHD and Autism.¬†
  • How human genomes are not only going to change but are at a severe risk of becoming extinct.¬†
  • Why an¬†‚Äúabsolutely world class disaster‚Ä̬†is expected.

    Here is the fascinating interview with Dr Pall and below this video we have summarised his biological findings below. 

    To summarise Dr Pall's critical findings about the effects of microwave radiation on the human body: 

    Short version:

    When a human cell is exposed to EMF, there is an instant reaction. The membrane around the cell is excited, which lets too much calcium into the cell, which leads to oxidative stress, which leads to a proliferation of free radicals, which is the pre-cursor to many serious diseases. 

    Long version: 

    • VGCC‚Äôs are a group of¬†voltage-gated¬†ion¬†channels¬†found in the membrane of excitable cells, for example muscle cells, glial cells or neurons.
    • They have a permeability to the¬†calcium¬†ion Ca2+
    • The VGCC is on the outer membrane of the cell¬†‚Äď it opens to let calcium in.
    • Voltage centres of this VGCC are roughly¬†7.2 million times more sensitive to the Electrical effects of EMF¬†than single charge groups which are present everywhere else.
    • EMF Exposure increases the intra-cellular calcium almost instantaneously, by activating the VGCCs.¬†
    • This triggers specific chemical effects in the cell ‚Äď
      • it induces Nitrogen Oxide to react with Super Oxide to form a very¬†potent oxidant
      • This can release a lot of¬†free radicals¬†and cause a lot of damage, including breaking your DNA.¬†
      • The result disorder is called¬†‚Äėoxidative nitrosative stress'
    • The reason that these ELF Microwaves from phones and wi-fi can cause harm is because the target membrane is¬†extremely sensitive.¬†
    • Hundreds of studies report changes in calcium fluxes or signalling following microwave EMF exposure.¬†

    The most alarming news from any top scientist who has studied effects of EMF, is that they all agree on one thing: looking at all the evidence and the increase in signal strength from 5G, the future of the human race is at stake. 

    Here is the full video detailing Dr Pall's breakthrough scientific findings.

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