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EMF Health Effects on Humans

EMF Health Effects on Humans

EMF Health Effects on Humans

Nowadays, electromagnetic fields are present in saturated levels but are invisible to the eye. For decades, however, the discussion about EMF health effects has been a controversial issue of whether it is indeed harmful to the human body. While there have been thousands of independent, peer-reviewed scientific studies on EMF health effects on rats, there has not been any conclusive information issued by the governing safety bodies about how this type of non-thermal, non-ionising radiation truly affects people.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), current scientific literature on EMF health effects does not confirm the existence of consequences from low exposure. Although in 2011, the WHO did list EMF Radiation as a ‘possible carcinogen’. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has also classified EMF health effects as “possibly carcinogenic” to humans. Findings on EMF health effects vary depending on the context, studies, and level of radiation subjection.

Possible Symptoms of EMF Health Effects

There has been much disagreement in the scientific literature about the possible dangers of EMF health effects on humans. In non-ionizing radiation found in microwaves, phones, and Wi-Fi routers, the IARC has classified the Group 2B range to be a possible carcinogen. The same agency concluded that there could indeed be some risky EMF health effects that must be monitored by the scientific community.

EMF health effects have been a topic among researchers in the context of cancer and non-ionizing technology. Other studies about EMF health effects have also suggested a correlation between neurological and psychiatric problems brought by low-frequency radiation. However, most current researchers would suggest that further studies on EMF health effects are needed. Yet some possible related EMF health effects include:

Potential EMF Health Effects on the Brain

According to Dr Martin Blank[1], EMF health effects may include stress protein synthesis and brain development issues. Many such independent research studies on EMF health effects of non-ionizing technology have been reported to affect cognitive function due to constant use. This is also recorded in the BioInitiative Study[2], the most comprehensive aggregation of all the scientific results of testing rats that exists. The risk of developing tumors has also been considered as one of the potential EMF health effects on humans, and this was covered in detail by the report from the National Toxicology Program (NTP), who found links to cancers in their study [3].

Sleepiness, dizziness, and memory disturbances are some of the most well-known possible EMF health effects that were included in most studies. Other probable symptoms that are considered to be attributable to EMF health effects include headaches, tremors, and loss of concentration. All of these reports of EMF health effects have been observed at low wireless radiation exposure levels.

EMF Health Effects and Cancer

There have been countless scientific studies for the past three decades on the possibility of cancer as one of the main EMF health effects[3]. The topic, however, has remained controversial in the research community up to this day. According to the World Health Organization, the results on EMF health effects in the context of cancer have remained inconsistent.

The WHO also mentioned that some epidemiological studies suggest that there can be a small increase in the risk of childhood leukemia in low-frequency radiation. Scientists, however, have not considered this as one of the conclusive EMF health effects. The cause-and-effect relationship between exposure and illness is yet to be agreed by laboratory studies, including those for animals.

The closest a study has come to producing dependable results is the NTP Study[3], which cost $26m and was undertaken over 3 years. The summary of its findings is that it was observed that some cancers were observed to be caused by wireless RadioFrequency Radiation, especially in male rats. However, these well-researched findings were rejected by the FDA, which sparked a subsequent legal case based on abrogation of responsibility.

You can see a discussion on the controversial way that the results were received and the attempts to establish the science on the link between EMF fields and cancer here.

EMF Health Effects on Pregnancy Outcome

Most non-ionizing energy found in everyday technology has been evaluated by the World Health Organization and other institutions, and official recommendations (however loose) have been made. With that being said, any dangerous EMF health effects on pregnancy have not been officially declared by the scientific community.

While there have been a few reports of prematurity and low birth weight in the children of workers in the electronic industry[4 – what link are you referring to??], these were not necessarily considered to be caused by field exposures. Although there has not been any definitive answer on the outcomes of electromagnetic radiation, users of technology must still practice moderation and caution.

Contact Omnia Radiation Balancer for Protective Products

While we await definitive answers and agreement between the scientific community and the authorities, it still pays to practice precaution around wireless devices and zones with non-ionizing energy to prevent any potential EMF health effects. That said, the Omnia Radiation Balancer offers Pendants and Stickers that harmonize the energy of the radiation field and bring resonance between the human body and the radiation emanating from our technology devices. Contact us today to get started!

Please note: The Omnia Radiation Balancer is not a medical device and is not designed to prevent any specific disease. It can only assist in the prevention of any disease and can not be used to prevent cancers nor any other specific health effect. The ORB is only capable of bringing balancing benefits to the body, as demonstrated in our tests. We always advocate a policy of downtime from devices (especially at night time), as well as allowing the ORB to harmonize all the wireless radiation in your life.

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