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Mindfulness: Why It’s The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself

Mindfulness: Why It’s The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself

This blog is the first in a two-part series on the power of mindfulness and manifestation. 

“Paradise is not a place; it’s a state of consciousness.”
– Sri Chinmoy

There once lived a man who had it all, so to speak. A spectacular career, great physical health, a loving partner, sprawling mansions - the works. He was celebrated for his successes everywhere he went. And despite being physically present, he was never really there for any of it. All he did was yearn for tomorrow - obsessively and relentlessly.

So preoccupied was he with the future that he scarcely took notice of the present moment. Days turned into months, months turned into years -  he coasted through life in a semi-conscious state. When the time came for him to take his final breath, he looked back to realize that he never really fully lived at all. But this realization came too little, too late. 

There is a reason why we chose to share this story with you today. 

In a world of increasing distractions, constant comparisons, and material obsessions, it’s becoming harder and harder for people to live in the now. This is where mindfulness and taking control of our mindset can make all the difference.

The mindset that we live with can either make us feel extremely dissatisfied with our lives or help us treat each day as one full of opportunities and promise. Moreover, our perception and mindset have a direct and lasting impact on our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

Today, let’s explore the true meaning behind mindfulness, why it matters and how we can cultivate it into our lives on a daily basis. 

“Many people are alive but don’t touch the miracle of being alive.” 
— Thich Nhat Hanh

What is Mindfulness?

Originating nearly 2500 years ago with roots in Buddhism and Hinduism, this philosophy teaches us to be wholly present in the current moment; to embrace the ‘now’ in all its raw imperfection. Mindfulness helps us bring awareness to our direct experiences - on what we are doing when we are doing it - without getting too overwhelmed or distracted.

But that is not where it ends - to live mindfully is to live a wholesome life that extends in all directions. Mindful living helps us cultivate balance and harmony not only within ourselves but with our fellow beings and the natural world.

Think about it - the typical human lifespan lasts anywhere between 60 to 80 years. It seems like a long time, but our entire lives are actually a collection of millions of moments that make up our ‘now’.

While we can think about the past and contemplate the future, we can only truly live in the present. This is what mindfulness helps us achieve.

How Mindfulness Empowers Us To Shape Our Reality & Well-Being

Ancient wisdom and scientific research both endorse the incredible power of mindfulness and how it can help us live a life that is balanced and full of purpose.

In 2011, a scientific study conducted by a team at Harvard revealed that mindful meditation physically alters the structure of our brain. The research team found that spending only 8 weeks doing mindfulness-based stress reduction caused cortical thickening in certain key areas of our brain. These regions are not only responsible for regulating memory and learning, but also the processing of emotions and self-awareness. 

These findings have powerful implications. They tell us that our perception of how satisfied we are with life does not solely depend on external factors. By changing our own mindset, we can improve our physical and psychological well-being along with reducing stress levels, regardless of our life situation. You may be wealthy beyond belief, but having a dissatisfied mindset can make you constantly unhappy with your life. On the other hand, living mindfully can help you experience life in all its beauty, even with limited means. 

Our minds are powerful - instead of merely transmitting external stimuli to you, it creates a model of your reality. This not only depends on what happens around you but also on how you perceive your own reality. This means that by clearly envisioning the life you want to lead, you can help make it happen! 

5 Ways To Cultivate Mindfulness in Daily Life

At first, it may seem like mindfulness is something that only monks can master, but this is far from the truth. It is indeed possible for us all to live mindfully, by following a few basic principles: 

1 - Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

With social media bombarding us with constant stimuli, it is difficult to truly pay attention to what is around us. We end up scrolling incessantly, without truly being aware of what’s in front of our eyes. To live mindfully, try to be more aware of whatever activity you are doing. Pay close attention to how it feels to be doing that activity, and engage with it in all your senses. If you’re having tea with a friend, put your phone away and stay fully present in the conversation. This principle applies to the simplest of things - like cooking, reading, or even simply relaxing by yourself. 

2 - Practice Non-Judgement & Empathy

The world can seem black and white, but with time and wisdom, we see that things are not as clear-cut as they seem. By putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes, we become more non-judgmental of how other people live. It helps us see a fresh perspective, and become more understanding. 

3 - Tune Into Your Vibrational Energy

Achieving anything in life first starts with knowing oneself. It’s important to be aware of our own strengths, weaknesses, quirks, impulses and triggers. The more deeply we understand our inner vibrational energy, the better we can channel it to achieve our goals. 

4 - Stay Open To Change

Change is the only constant in life. New situations and challenges are thrown at us every single day. To deal with them, we have two choices - to resist change or to learn and adapt to the new challenges. Being resilient and flexible makes us better at taking life head-on and enjoying each life experience with open arms. The key is to remember that this too shall pass. 

5 - Mindful Meditation 

Practicing mindful meditation can have powerful positive effects on our physical, mental, and emotional health. It helps us to stay in the present, slow down a racing mind and not hang on to negative thoughts. Research shows that meditating for merely 13 minutes every day for 8 weeks can drastically improve our mood, attention levels, memory, and emotional health.

The Resonance Between Mindfulness and Omnia Science

Omnia's science is deeply intertwined with the power of mindfulness. We know that all matter in the universe consists of vibrating fields of light, at a fundamental level. On this playing field, conscious human intent is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe. To encapsulate instructions to change the state of a wireless radiation field, bringing it back to 'centredness and balance' by imprinting a conscious instruction within an Omnia sticker, paves the way for the exploration of how conscious technology can really make a difference to our world.

If, as Tesla stated, everything consists of 'energy, frequency and vibration', then what is the role of conscious intent within this paradigm? We are only just starting to discover and tap into our true potential. What is more, we know that 'Deca Energy' is here to assist us to make this meteoric rise. We can learn to use it to make great transformations in our world. 

Omnia advocates for the preservation of our vibrational energy - and that this is crucial to living a peaceful and balanced life. The ORB products are designed for this express purpose - to bring back balance to your inner vibrational energy whenever it is compromised by imbalanced external energy fields such as microwave radiation. 

While taking charge of our mindset powerfully alters our vibrational energy and the reality we attract, we hope that the ORB products facilitate and support this process. By bringing external radiation into harmony with our inner vibrational fields, we can bring balance and focus back into our lives. 

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