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Omnia Loyalty: How To Earn & Redeem Reward Points

Omnia Loyalty: How To Earn & Redeem Reward Points

If you’ve been following the news on the 5G rollout, 6G technology, and the Metaverse, then one thing is clear - EMF radiation levels around us are all set to increase manifold in the coming years. As a result, the health effects of increased EMF exposure will undoubtedly amplify in tandem. People need to know about this. So, why shouldn't you gain rewards for telling them, and better still offering to help?  

We all want to be at our very best when we are exposed to these ever-stronger EMF Fields, and Omnia wants to make it as economical as possible to protect your family. So we are pleased to announce the launch of ‘Omnia Loyalty’. Our new reward program is a way for us to thank current and future ORB customers for placing their faith and trust in us, our technology and the benefits it brings to the body. 

By joining this loyalty program, you stand to benefit in several interesting ways. Today, let us take you through all the details of the Omnia loyalty program, how to join, and what you stand to gain. 



What is Omnia Loyalty?

Omnia Loyalty is a free-to-join rewards program that offers a slew of advantages and exclusive offers to its members. By signing up and becoming a member, you will be able to earn reward points with every purchase. Plus, there are plenty of other interesting ways to add reward points to your account. Once you’ve accumulated enough reward points, you’ll be eligible to redeem your points for exciting discounts.

Benefits of The Omnia Loyalty Program

The Omnia Loyalty program is designed to be easy to join and have a simple and transparent reward points structure. Here’s how our rewards program works:

Instant Rewards

With the new loyalty program, you’ll experience several benefits as soon as you create your account. Your reward points balance gets refueled every time you shop for an ORB product. You can also add more points in a variety of ways (more on that below). 

Easy To Earn Redeem Points

The Omnia Loyalty program makes it easy for you to redeem the rewards points you have earned. As soon as you have more than 300 loyalty points in your account, your points become available to be redeemed on future purchases

Free Omnia Membership

You can become a part of Omnia Loyalty even before your first purchase! Your first batch of loyalty points arrives as soon as you become a member by registering with the program.

How Do I Sign-up?

You can join the Omnia loyalty program in a few easy steps. Here’s the step by step guide to join our program.

1. Check the bottom-left of the screen and click the “Omnia Loyalty” pop-up menu button. 

2. Become a member by clicking “Join Now.”


3. Enter your personal details like your name and email address
4. Submit the form 
5. You will receive a verification email in your inbox
6. Click on the verification link to activate your membership and sign into the rewards program.

    How Do I Earn Reward Points?

    The Omnia loyalty program offers several ways to earn reward points. You can see all the ways to earn in the Omnia Loyalty Widget when you’re signed in. Just click on “Ways to earn” in the menu!


    Here’s a breakdown of the rewards that you’ll find:

    1 - Upon Creating Your Account

    It’s always a joy to welcome someone new into our Omnia family! As a thank you gift, you immediately receive 200 loyalty points upfront into your account. Along with earning instant reward points, our members can track, accumulate and redeem their points at the click of a button.

    2 - Making a Purchase

    For every £1 (or currency applicable based on country of purchase) you spend on the ORB products, you will receive 5 loyalty points. For instance, if you made a purchase worth £100, you earn 500 points that can be redeemed for exclusive rewards and offers.

    3 - Liking the Omnia Social Media Pages 

    As we mentioned before, our loyalty program is built on the principle of staying connected and regularly interacting with the Omnia family. That’s why the loyalty program members will receive 100 points when you like the Omnia Facebook or Instagram pages.

    To get your points simply: Sign in > Click on “Ways to earn” in the Omnia Loyalty widget > Like on Facebook. 

    To earn points by following the Omnia Instagram page. Sign in > Click on “Ways to earn” in the Omnia Loyalty widget > Follow on Instagram.

    Share Your Birth Date

    As a part of the Omnia family, we’d love to make your birthday special! We offer 300 reward points as a birthday gift! The only thing we need you to do is tell us when the special day is!

    To access: Sign in > Click on “Ways to earn” in the Omnia Loyalty widget > Celebrate a Birthday.

    Refer a Friend

    If you refer a friend to purchase an ORB product, then both you and your friend stand to gain from it!

    You can do this by sharing a personal referral link with them, which will offer them a £5 discount off their purchase if they click the link and buy an ORB product.

    Then, the loyalty program will also add £5 to your account as soon as your friend places their first order by using your referral code. That’s what we call a win-win!

    To share your personalized link, Sign in and then scroll down to find, “Refer your friends” in the Omnia Loyalty widget.

    What you get

    1 - Money Off Your Next Order

    Once you’ve picked out the ORB products you wish to buy you can use your points to receive a significant monetary discount while making the purchase. Our program allows you to redeem anything from a minimum of 300 points to a maximum of 1500 points against your order.

    2 - A Free Shipping Coupon

    You can also redeem 700 points to get a free shipping coupon for your order. This coupon covers a monetary discount worth a maximum of £9 in shipping costs.

    How to Redeem Your Points

    Redeeming your Omnia reward points is a simple and quick process.

    Simply sign in to your account, and if you have enough points, you’ll see a button that says, “Redeem.”

    Click it and choose which coupon you’d like to redeem. 

    When you redeem your points, you’ll see that your point total will decrease and you will find your reward in the “Your rewards” tab.

    You will find your one-time coupons there and you will also receive the same coupon code in your email!

    It’s that easy!

    In a world that’s increasingly filled with electrosmog, we want to ensure that your well-being does not get compromised at any point. We hope that the benefits offered by Omnia Loyalty help you, your family and friends stay safe against external imbalanced radiation and preserve their physical, mental and emotional wellness.

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