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5G Crisis Summit 2019

5G Crisis Summit 2019

In August 2019, Tim Sandars, the founder of Omnia was a guest speaking on the 5G Crisis Summit. 

This was a collection of some of the top researchers in to the effects of Radiation on the human body and included thought leaders on how to legally stand against the rollout of 5G. 

The Summit was run by Josh Del Sol whose breakthrough documentary 'Take Back your Power' detailed how to stand against the imposition of 'Smart' Meters when you are given no choice. 

It is a wonderful Summit, watched by hundreds of thousands and on it Tim talks to Josh about the following topics: 

  • How and Why Radiation really harms us¬†
  • The New physics of the Electric Universe
  • The New Concept of the Atom, which reveals to us the electric reaction in the body to wireless, microwave radiation.¬†
  • The Role of Consciousness and Awakening¬†- how¬†5G challenges us to rise to become powerful¬†¬†
  • The Deca - the new unit of energy that can transmute radiation fields and help us to reinvent electricity.¬†

Tim Sandars Josh Del Sol 5G Crisis Summit

You can still catch the Summit here. 


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