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Bravissimo! Italian court rules that 'this is not good enough'

Bravissimo! Italian court rules that 'this is not good enough'

Faith in the justice system.. partially resumed!

Of course, we've been screaming about this for ages but it is heartwarming to see that it is now being taken seriously.

There are 6,000+ clinical studies that show serious health defects from mobile phones.

There is ZERO biological testing being done on 5G frequencies as they roll out 20,000 satellites that will beam these frequencies at us. Something isn't right..

Soon you will be connecting to these frequencies.

This Italian court is pushing for what is known as the 'Precautionary Principle' which is where you err on the side of caution while you establish the facts. It seems weird that we are applauding common sense in this way but..

Bravissimo indeed!

And Multo bene!

Here's the press release: 

Date of the press release January 16, 2019

Joint press release between the Ministry of the Environment, Education and Health.

The TAR of Lazio, welcoming the appeal of the Association for the prevention and fight against electrosmog, asks the Ministries of the Environment, Health and Education, University and Research to provide to adopt within six months an information campaign on correct use of mobile phones.

The three ministries welcome the judicial decision, convinced of the need to raise awareness on the issue and to promote prevention measures.

The ministries are already at work for the establishment of a joint table that will have the purpose of following up what has been decided by the administrative courts.

Click Here for the press release

And here is the original article with a little more information about this important event, with credit to Activistpost. 

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