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What is Heart Coherence? Understanding Science Of Heart Intelligence

What is Heart Coherence? Understanding Science Of Heart Intelligence
‘If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment’ - Carlos Santana What is Heart Coherence?

Have you noticed that when we experience sadness, we call it ‘heartbreak’ or ‘heartache’? And when we’re delighted, we exclaim that our ‘hearts’ are filled with joy.

Are these just poetic expressions, or are we really onto something here?

Exciting scientific research is now revealing that the human heart is much more than an organ that pumps blood and sustains life. In fact, it plays an indispensable role in maintaining not just our physical health, but our mental, emotional and spiritual balance too. 

And the concept of heart coherence is at the heart of it all. 

Today, let’s unlock the mysteries of the human heart! Join us as we explore what it means to be in a state of heart coherence and why it’s so crucial to our well-being.

The Heart: Proactive Rather Than Reactive

For decades, scientists have focused on the traditional assumption that our heart-brain communication is a one-way street, with our brains calling the shots and the heart reacting to the signals sent by our brain and the nervous system. 

But intensive research conducted over 20 years by acclaimed scientists such as John and Beatrice Lacey revealed that our heads and our hearts, in fact, enjoy dynamic and thriving two-way communication.

The pair discovered that this constant biological conversation between the two organs has a profound effect on how we perceive life, process our emotions, and decode our inner intuition.

How The Heart Affects Our Physical and Emotional Wellness

Our heart talks to the rest of our body in several fascinating ways.

Neurological - Communication with the Nervous System

Several studies have revealed that our heart possesses its own logic center and sends signals independently to our brain and autonomous nervous system.

These signals from the heart, in turn, affect not just our motor skills but frontal cortex function, which is responsible for regulating our memory, attention span, motivation levels, intuition, and emotional health!

Biochemical - Communication via Hormones

Did you know that your heart produces hormones?

Experiments conducted over the years show that the heart produces oxytocin, known as the ‘love’ hormone that promotes trust, friendship, and social bonding.

The heart also produces the atrial peptide, nicknamed the ‘balance hormone’, that regulates the balance and health of a number of organs, glands, and centers of our brain. Interestingly, the ‘balance’ hormone also reduces the release of stress hormones, interacts with our immune system, and even impacts our behavior and motivation levels.

Our hearts are also busy producing a series of neurotransmitters, like epinephrine, which were never previously associated with the heart!

The Heart and Our Electromagnetic Aura

The HeartMath Institute is a non-profit organization researching how the heart’s activity impacts several aspects of our overall well-being.

Research conducted by this organization over the years has found that our heart’s rhythm patterns emit an electromagnetic field all around our bodies - a torus field!

heart coherence from High Existence, through HeartMath
Image source: HighExistence & HeartMath


This field can be picked up by the nervous systems of the other people and animals around us. Importantly, the nature of this field is affected by the four pillars of our health: our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. 


Heart Coherence: A State Of Inner & Global Balance

After knowing what we now know about our heart, it's easier to understand the concept of heart coherence. According to the HeartMath Institute, the electromagnetic field emitted by our heart carries important information about the state of our health.

When we experience chronic stress, frustration, anxiety, and other oppressive emotions, we can induce a state of heart incoherence. Not only does this lead to an irregular heart rhythm, but it also appears to negatively affect our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

In contrast, ‘heart coherence’, or cardiac coherence, is a state of balance where all the aspects of our being are in sync and aligned with each other. This state of inner coherence creates a torus-shaped electromagnetic field around our bodies and is signaled by a more ordered and sine-like heart rhythm pattern.

Interestingly, this coherence works to bring all our physical systems, emotional health, and mental well-being in harmonious alignment with each other. 

(Source: The Heart Math Institute)

What Does Heart Coherence Feel Like?

When we experience heart coherence, we find ourselves drawn to positive emotions such as care, love, trust, appreciation, and empathy.

The state of heart coherence has the following key characteristics:

  • A high coherence of our heart’s rhythm (An orderly, sine-wave pattern)
  • Increased parasympathetic activities such as higher metabolism, improved digestion, and a state of relaxation.
  • Better synchronization between the various physiological systems of our body. 
  • A state of harmony between our hormonal, nervous, cardiovascular, and immune systems. 
 Here is a video from HeartMath sharing some of the heart's mysteries:


As you can see above, being in this blissful state of coherence can have a cascade of positive effects on our sense of vitality and physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 

Heart Coherence and Omnia’s Science Of Vibrational Resonance

There is a deep resonance between the concept of heart coherence and Omnia’s science.

Indeed, whereas Heart Math discovered this torus field of energy around our bodies, Omnia reveals through the teachings of Dr Lakicevic that every cell in our body is a torus field of light. So this is another example of the repeating geometry of nature playing out on a harmonic scale, from the smallest cell to the big auric field that perpetuates around us. The microcosm and the macrocosm all operate in the same way. 

The studies by the Heart Math Institute and the many scientists mentioned in this blog are testimony to the fact that our body’s electromagnetic field extends far beyond our physical limits.

More importantly, when this electromagnetic field is in an imbalanced state with the energies that surround it, it can manifest a state of incoherence within our physical bodies - which impairs our performance and negatively impacts our overall sense of well-being.

Just like the emotions of frustration, stress and anxiety can throw our coherence off balance, so can the dissonance created by the presence of wireless radiation energy around us.

To achieve a state of heart coherence and vibrational balance, it is crucial to ensure alignment between our personal electromagnetic fields and the energetic fields emitted from the wireless devices around us on a daily basis.

How to Harmonize Your Heart and Your Brain - Greg Braden

Here's a powerful message from Greg Braden about how to harmonize your brain and your heart.




Final Thoughts

There is a reason why listening to your heart is considered courageous.

Being in touch with our state of coherence tells us everything we need to know about our inner world!

With scientific research providing the proof of what we instinctively feel, the heart’s true role in helping us achieve a state of oneness is finally being appreciated. 

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