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Why are cancer rates (Colon & Rectum) on a Steep Rise for Young People?

Why are cancer rates (Colon & Rectum) on a Steep Rise for Young People?

“We need more measurements and dosimetry on how a phone radiates in a pocket”. 

Cancer rates for colon and rectum in the young are going up super fast. And it is not clear what level of radiation is coming into your pocket when your phone is in 'sleep mode'. So when it's in your back pocket it could still be doing harm: 

Phones now 'poll' for data (meaning they 'ask the network for data) up to 900 times per minute, sometimes when they are not in use.

What this means is that while everyone is trying to work out what the risk is and why cancer rates are going up, we are ALL taking part in a giant human experiment, where noone even knows how to react to the live data being collected.

Should we ban phones? Should we reduce exposure? How would you do that?

When the juggernaut of 'progress' (aka profit) is pushing ahead to 5G without doing any testing whatsoever and without consulting any of us. These results are a bit too late for any current colon cancer sufferers. 

"Those born around 1990 now face four times the risk of developing rectal cancer and twice the risk of colon cancer in their 20s, compared to those born around 1950". 

Read the full article here: 

For clarity, the reason why this happens is because of the imbalanced wave field of radiation. This is covered in depth in this Omnia article. 

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