Why Radiation Causes Stress and Dis-ease in the Body

First of all please acknowledge that it is not just Omnia who is saying that microwave radiation from phones is causing stress in the body. You can see our results in the Omnia tests that we have done which demonstrate the stress, but there are thousands of clinical studies backing this up too. 

The full list of peer-reviewed studies linking it to disease can be found here

So the question must be HOW and WHY the radiation field harms the human body. 

Old School Thinking 

Traditionally, the world of science believed that only ionising radiation can harm the human cell. This is because it generates enough heat or energy to immediately break a chemical compound and harm the cell. 

But you have seen in the peer-reviewed studies that this can not be true. Harm is being done by non-ionising radiation too. 

Everyone is divided about why non-ionising radiation harms the human cell. 

We are going to give you the definitive answer. 

On this journey of understanding we are going to show you exactly how Omnia knows the truth about why this radiation harms us. In short.. cellular harm from radiation can be caused by VIBRATION and not just HEAT.  

A New Perspective is Required

The inventor of the ORB is a protege of the great scientist and master inventor, Nikola Tesla. Omnia is therefore continuing  and accelerating his great work. With the crisis that is microwave radiation, we must look at the body not in terms of biology but in terms of ‘energy, frequency and vibration’, to use one of his famous quotations. 

Nikola Tesla secrets of the universe energy, frequency and vibration

Why is this quote so important today? Because we have never before held radiating devices in our hands all day with such a strong energy, vibration and frequency. And the vibration is what is causing us harm. 

We will show you how each cell in the human body is an electric current, a spinning ring of light. When you use a phone, there is an electro-magnetic wave field delivering data wirelessly and this comes into contact with your body. 

So what really happens when these fields meet?

The short answer is both 'interference' and 'dissonance' but this needs to be explained more fully. 

We can only fully realise why this is a problem and then find a solution if we know the truth about: 

  • The atom (and the cell, and the particle)
  • The laws of creation and the importance of ‘balance’ in nature
  • What radiation is and why man-made radiation harms the human cell
  • Why the ionizing vs non-ionizing debate is redundant
  • Why the current industry health & safety standards are inadequate

Each Cell in our body is a Ring of Light (electrical current) 

Have a look at this picture of human cells taken inside the body. Human blood cells in torus shape light rings spinning

What do you see? 

We see many cells that look like white donuts, with the shape of a torus

Omnia knows these to be rings of light. And it is the behaviour of these light rings that is the key to understanding the human body and in fact the whole of Creation. This knowledge can tell us why a radiation field can harm the human cell.   

These light rings are electrical current moving so rapidly that the torus appears to be solid but this is an illusion. The motion of the light ring follows a process that Omnia has named the 'Rhythmic Balanced Interchange' (RBI).

This is the interchange between two phases: 

1. Compression

This is where the light ring 'makes itself', it's the process through which the electrical current expresses itself as matter, or as a light ring. 

2. Expansion

This is the process of 'discharge'. Once the light ring has made itself it discharges itself to the ether and back to the Zero Point field. 

The Rhythmic Balanced Interchange follows the same principle as breathing: you breathe in the oxygen, the prana, the life-force to make your body; and you breathe out the toxins, the discharge, the heat which is the waste from what the body has used and no longer needs. In the laws of nature there are mirrors and synchronicities everywhere and here we see one in the act of breathing and the RBI of the phases of the human cell.

If your breath is in balance, your body is in balance. And it's the same for your cells.  

But where does this energy, this light, this electrical current come from? 

The Zero Point Field 

In the middle of the spinning light ring there is a dark hole. 

In the geometric centre of that dark hole we have the Zero Point of the atom or cell. 

Torus Blood Cell Light Ring 

Omnia has measured it and found that the Zero Point is STILL and it has NO CHARGE. It is a magnetic field. It is in fact the only magnetic field that exists. 

All zero points are connected and together they form the Zero Point Field. This is the field of all potential. You can call this the 'God' field or the 'Creator' Field too because all life (all 'matter') is born from this magnetic field and expresses itself as light rings. 

This is not a religious statement: it is a logical statement. Our belief is that you can't have a Creation without a Creator. Can a table 'make' itself? It can't. The same goes for a tree or even a species. Procreation can happen but there must also be a Creator behind the species. 

The Importance of Awareness

This is a crucial point: The Zero Point is conscious and it has AWARENESS. 

We can also call it the Universal MIND POINT. 

Its awareness is what tells your body to grow and to operate. Ask yourself a question: do you know how your fingernails grow? They just grow, right? Same with your stomach digesting food or any other function in your body.  

This is the universal intelligent mind at work, operating the system that is your body while your conscious mind makes decisions on what to eat or which email to read. 

And here is the exciting part: as human beings we have the gift of connecting our minds with the Zero Point Field and in doing so we can design solutions.

This is exactly what Nikola Tesla used to do. 

Nikola Tesla awareness of zero point field

Healthy and Diseased Cells 

So we have established that the heart of the cell is the Zero Point which is the Mind Point of the cell. The Mind Point has awareness and what is more, this awareness is keeping the zero point geometrically aligned in the centre of the spinning Light Ring.

When these cells are in a healthy balance, they appear as you can see on the left. But when they are imbalanced and have no 'Rhythmic Balanced Interchange', then they become malformed. You can see what this looks like in the sickle cells on the left. These are dying cells and their balance has disappeared. 

Healthy Blood cells and sickle cells light rings imbalance

The compromise of the geometric form of the torus denotes disease. What caused this disease? It is likely that it was caused by toxicity in the body. The reason why toxins cause this effect is because toxins have an imbalanced wave field, which disrupts the rhythmic balanced interchange of the cell.

Wireless Microwave Radiation also has a TOXIC EFFECT 

Let us compare three samples taken from the Omnia Live Blood Analysis test

You can see from the baseline (left) that the blood is clearly compromised after watching 20 minutes of video on a phone (middle). And then when the ORB patch is applied to the same phone, the sample quickly returns to normal. 

(note: these colours are an inversion or 'negative' version of the previous photo of the cells, so black appears white and vice versa). 

Live Blood Analysis results Rouleaux reversed Omnia Radiation Balancer

The vibration of the human cell was compromised by Microwave Radiation (MWR). To create an imbalanced effect, the source (MWR) must be imbalanced

So why did this happen?

This effect happened because of the Law of Resonance. This Law dictates that wave fields vibrating within close frequency range will start to adopt the same rhythm as each other. Therefore the wave field of the human cell will adopt the same rhythm and vibration of the imbalanced radiation field.

What makes the Radiation Field Imbalanced?

It’s because the zero point of the microwave radiation field is not aligned to the centre and the expansion phase is not in sync with the compression phase.

This effect on the human cell is what causes dis-ease in the body, which you can see starting to take shape in the sample above showing the undesirable Rouleaux syndrome.

To recap, every form of radiation consists of invisible expanding light rings, rotating around the same centering Mind point.

Every cell consists of compressing light rings rotating around the centering Mind point.

With radiation, if the centering Mind point is held firm in the geometric center of a light ring, then that radiation is balanced and that cell is balanced.

This happens in naturally occurring radiation fields such as the Sun.

But, if the centering Mind point is out of the geometric center, that radiation is imbalanced and that cell's wave field becomes imbalanced. 

What causes the Centering Mind point to move out of the Geometric Center?

The centering Mind point is an intelligent Mind point, which responds to human consciousness and obeys its commands.

This happens whether a human being is aware of it or not.

The Creator always produces his Creation in perfect balance (in human beings, in a tree, a raindrop, a flower or sunlight).

When Man becomes Creator, his intent is also recorded in his Creation (if he writes a song, builds a house, signs a contract..)

So here’s the important question:

When man creates a microwave radiation field, is it well-intentioned or not? Is the mind point in balance with the rest of the Creator’s universe?

The 5G network is a weaponry system intended for killing life. That is the very cause which moves the centering Mind point out from the geometric center and this causes the (5G) MWR to be heavily imbalanced and life-destructive.

It was the same for 4G and in fact for all uses of electrical current – because it is a limited power source built on oppression and it enslaves us all to an extraction/payment system.

Did the Creator design the world so that humans have to pay for their energy or is this an imbalanced, greedy system imposed by man on his fellow man?

Does a horse in a field pay for its power, for example? 

Ill-meaning intentions are recorded in the wave field of microwave radiation which brings the mind point out of centre and that is what causes dissonance in the human being. When we increase the frequencies, the level of harm to the human body is augmented.  

So What is the SOLUTION? 

Omnia has developed conscious technology which moves the centering Mind point of the radiation back into the geometric center of the wave field.

This makes the MWR field balanced.

Once the wave field is balanced, the human cell is ‘in resonance’ with it and this will no longer cause dis-ease in the body.

In doing so we are using a new unit of energy which has perfect balance which we call the 'Deca'. 

The 'Deca'

The 'Deca' is a new energy unit which has only been in our atmosphere since 2007. 

Deca the duodecahedron unit of energy here to save us

In geometric form, it is a 12-sided Duodecahedron, a pentagram with 12 cones on the inside. It is a powerful shape because it contains all the Platonic Solids.  

The important features is that it has awareness and it responds to conscious human intent. 

This is what we use as a ‘program’ in the ORB patch – it contains the instructions that balance the radiation field. 

Omnia is the only company so far which has found ways to manipulate it and instruct it to have an effect on radiation fields. 

It is always on and never runs out.

We have spent time working with the 'Deca' finding ways through magnetism nad experimenting with pressure conditions to inject the energy into the Omnia Radiation Balancer patch along with our positive conscious intent to balance the radiation fields. We know we have succeeded because our tests show that it works with 100% effectiveness. 

How do we know it works?

The Three Omnia Tests have been done to prove that the Deca, injected with conscious human intent, will affect all MWR wave fields and bring them back to balance.

  • Live Blood Analysis – returns blood to a balanced state (see above)
  • Water Structure – certificate from Dr Emoto’s Hado Life institute showing that water irradiated with a phone which has the ORB applied shows crystalline, hexagaonal water.


  • Kinesiology – the body strengthens considerably every time the ORB is attached to the phone.

Omnia will continue to add more test results to prove the efficacy of the ORB. 

Can we Replace Electricity with the Deca? 

Yes we can. 

The Deca is here as a gift of the Age of Aquarius for us to design solutions that will replace old models, as long as they are benevolent and in harmony with the Planet.

We can move away from the model of energy which is all about ‘generation, extraction and payment’, the energy types which are destroying the planet (electricity, fuel and gas). 

We move towards a model which is abundant, it never runs out and is based on balance and LOVE. There will be a knock-on effect on our need for money. 

The Deca is naturally aligned with the benevolence of the Creator.

Using the same principles applied to the ORB, Omnia is building an Air Conditioning unit that does not require electricity or battery.

The Deca in the Air Con unit will now have an impact on the air molecules it meets and because we have understood what effects control and effect temperature in a room

This is how we assume our role as Creator beings ushering in the new era of living in harmony with Mother Earth and with each other.  

If you wish to come on this journey with us and learn how to do this, email us at: 


In the meantime, please head to the store to CHOOSE YOUR PACK and make sure all your radiating devices are harmonised.