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Amazonite Crystal Healing: Uses & Benefits

Amazonite Crystal Healing: Uses & Benefits

In the world of crystal healing, there are some stones whose very appearance gives away clues to their healing powers. The stunning Amazonite is one such stone!

This beautiful blue-green crystal’s hue is a sight for sore eyes - but that’s far from its only quality.

Amazonite Crystal for EMF Protection

What are Amazonite’s benefits? Can it protect us from EMF radiation? - If yes, then to what extent?

In the fourth blog of our EMF crystals series, let’s explore Amazonite and its healing impact on our well-being. 

Amazonite’s Origin & Physical Qualities

Amazonite is a type of potassium feldspar and comes under a category of crystals called microclines. These crystals are formed deep within the very core of the Earth and deposited as igneous rocks on the surface.

Even though it’s known as the “Amazon Stone”, this crystal doesn’t actually have its origin in the Amazon river! It is widely mined in the USA, Madagascar, Australia, Russia, Brazil, and India. 

While microcline crystals are one of the most widely available rock formations on the planet, Amazonite in particular is relatively rare because of its color.

Amazonite is usually a calming blue-green in color, this crystal’s colors can be as varied as the many moods of the forest and the ocean. From deep green, pale blue-green, yellowish-green, and turquoise hues, each type of Amazonite has a beauty all its own. Amazonite crystals also often have whitish-cream-colored veins running all through the stone.

Commercially, these stones are available both in their original rough texture or as a glimmering, polished gemstone.

Use Of Amazonite In Ancient Cultures

Archaeologists have found that Amazonite was used in ancient Egypt, Northern India, and Mesopotamia from as early as 3000 BCE. Amazonite was used as a gemstone to craft decorations, vessels, and amulets. In fact, Amazonite was one of the six most precious gemstones in Pharaonic Egypt! It was used to make several types of jewelry and burial gifts to adorn the late Pharaohs within their tombs for the afterlife. 

Curiously enough, even though archaeological findings clearly show the use of Amazonite by many ancient cultures, the ancient written records discovered so far from those times don’t mention the stone. Maybe its healing powers and beauty were a secret they wanted to keep all to themselves?

What Is The Amazonite Stone Used for? 5 Benefits

Amazonite is also known as the ‘Hope Stone.’ It gets this nickname for a reason! Let’s find out how the use of Amazonite can improve our wellness:

Clears Out Negative Energy

Amazonite has been long believed to dispel any built-up negative energy and thoughts. By warding off toxic thought patterns and energy blocks, it is known to gently yet powerfully restore emotional balance. Amazonite helps with opening the mind and spirit, making way for positivity, clarity, confidence, and creativity to enter our lives. 

Aligns The Throat Chakra

An imbalanced throat chakra can lead to low confidence, poor communication, insecurity, and anxiety. Amazonite is a well-known stone for aligning the throat chakra. In doing so, it boosts self-esteem, you communicate and express yourself confidently, honestly, and gracefully with others. 

Calms The Nervous System

Amazonite is believed to have soothing properties that relax the nervous system and bring a sense of security. Crystal healers use Amazonite to reduce anxiety, stress, fear, and emotional trauma. Keeping an Amazonite stone in your vicinity or wearing it as jewelry is known to bring peace and enhance the wearer’s mental well-being. 

May Have EMF-Harmonizing Properties

Amazonite has been used in crystal healing as a way to align any ambient imbalanced EMF Radiation present in our surroundings. Placing an Amazonite stone in your bedroom or office may harmonize the electrosmog in the space. Incorporating Amazonite may help mitigate the impact of ambient EMF radiation on us to a certain extent. 

However, do note that the EMF radiation levels emitted by wireless devices by smartphones, laptops and wireless routers may be too high to be fully and effectively harmonized by EMF crystals. Crystals like Amazonite may be more effective in aligning ambient radiation that is present in relatively lower concentration levels around us. 

Do’s & Don’ts of Using Amazonite 

You can wear Amazonite as jewelry - there is a wide variety of gorgeous Amazonite necklaces, pendants bracelets, and earrings available. You could even simply choose to place the Amazonite rock in your living room, bedroom, or office table to enjoy its beneficial qualities. 

To clean your Amazonite, simply run it underwater and let it dry in the sun. This practice is also said to cleanse the stone of any previously absorbed energy, renewing it afresh.

Word of caution: A 2021 study has shown that placing Amazonite in water for one hour caused the stone to leach lead contained within. This raised the lead levels in the liquid to 5 times the permitted levels!

This is important to know - it is NOT recommended to drink any Amazonite-infused water/liquid/oil, since consumption of lead could be dangerous for human health. 

How Do You Know If Amazonite Is Real?

Before you decide to purchase an Amazonite stone for yourself, do make sure of its authenticity. This is because only natural and pure Amazonite crystals possess healing properties, and not those that are artificially manufactured. 

Check the luster

One simple way of checking Amazonite’s authenticity is by checking its luster.

Real Amazonite has a vitreous luster - which means a shine that is glass-like. This quality sets it apart from most other gemstones and manufactured fakes.

Check the sound

Another possible way of checking authenticity would be to lightly drop the stone from a few centimeters height onto a table. If the stone makes a light, plastic-like noise, then it may be artificially manufactured. Authentic Amazonite makes a relatively deeper, heavier sound.

Muscle test your Amazonite Crystal

Even if your crystal is authentic, there is always a chance that it isn’t the best healing tool or ambient EMF protection for you. As with all of our suggested healing tools, be sure to muscle test your Amazonite to ensure that your body resonates with the crystal.

Final Thoughts

Our sense of well-being stems from multiple factors. From our physical and mental health to emotional and spiritual health. Utilizing Amazonite is believed to be a powerful way of letting go of negativity, and making space for creativity and peace, fulfillment and success.




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