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5G is coming: Is this the Most Irresponsible Man in the World?

5G is coming: Is this the Most Irresponsible Man in the World?

Whose Agenda is it Anyway? 

Imagine waking up every morning knowing that you are pushing through a technology agenda which a mass of scientists have proven will harm human beings, all in the name of making money.

That is the job of Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 

In his own words, "We don't have time for standards", which is an approach that goes against the prevailing global wind of over-regulating every single part of modern life, such as who can see and use our data, for example. 

5G is being rolled out with zero testing. With the stakes being this high and clear evidence from Barrie Trower (see below) that these frequencies have been shown in military tests to damage human cells, this is gross negligence at best.  

Here's another example of Tom Wheeler's astonishing predicament: 

"Turning innovators loose is far preferable to expecting committees and regulators to define the future.

We won’t wait for the standards. We are already seeing the industry gearing up to seize this opportunity."

All in the name of money.

The human race is about to be bombarded with very strong short range frequencies on the assumption that non-ionising radiation does not harm human cells (which has very clearly been proven to be untrue multiple times*) and that the SAR levels are within the safety limits. Neither of these are fit for purpose as a means of ascertaining whether this level of frequency does us harm or not. 

Omnia has used very simple demonstrations to show that all radiation affects our health. A muscle test, a blood analysis and tests on the structure of water. 

What can we do about this? 

There have been hearings in many US towns where residents have complained, testified and presented evidence of the links between radiation and disease. Seemingly their cases are heard, documented and they are thanked for their time and dedication. And then they are roundly ignored. You may struggle to believe this but 5G masts are being erected in USA disguised as a cactus so that locals won't tear them down. 

Big business is bulldozing ahead - nothing stands in the way of its' targets. 

The US government has a huge debt on its hands and 5G has been singled out as one of the possible ways out - to be at the forefront of technological advances that create a sophisticated, connected 'Internet of Things' network in every home in the land so that you can turn on your toaster with your phone. 

The human race needs to realise the madness of this situation, before it's too late. 

These decisions are being made for our consultation. They are being made by Tom Wheeler and the heads of corporate America, including the President himself.

At best these decisions are irresponsible and careless but at worst, they are sinister and oblivious. 

What's wrong with 5G? 

Barrie Trower has been an outspoken critic of 5G technologies based on his research in the British Army which confirmed the closeness (in terms of frequency ranges) between 5G and what he calls 'weapon-grade frequencies'. Meaning that these frequencies have been tested, developed and listed as crowd-controlling,  frequency-based weapons for the military to use in any case of unrest: 

"The scientists who have produced 5G have absolutely no idea of the mathematics of the waveform that it is producing.

There are no safety checks at all carried out on 5G. It is known that the gigahertz range, in other words the waveforms, are in the same frequency as some of our cellular processes in our body. It is known that they can interfere with cellular processes of the body. There are several different waveforms for 5G. Leading groups of scientists in 40 countries have warned that the waveforms from 5G can be particularly harmful not just to humans but to all living species.

One of the top waveforms for 5G is incredibly close in terms of electronic waveforms from the new microwave weapon called Active Denial which is now in use for crowd control. That is known to cause visual disturbances, neurological disturbances and heart disturbances".

He also added that these frequencies have been developed with the aim of dispersing them from aircraft if the case arose. 

"The waveform is so mathematically complex that nobody can really tell you how it’s going to react other than it makes a damn good weapon and we are now producing this (through 5G networks) and handing it to toddlers.

Each particular frequency can affect different parts of the body. In an adult body you have around 4.5k biological structures. And every single part of your body is in communication with every other part. Every single cell in your body produces its own electric and magnetic field. It’s like a constant chatter that goes on all the time.

They all have their own different resonant circadian and cyclotronic rhythms."

Barrie Trower was part of a team that performed tests to ascertain how frequencies can harm each one of the functions in the body - there would be one for your eyes, one for your brain, one intended to collapse your bowel. These frequency ranges are very close to what we are going to be exposed to through 5G. See the full interview here: 

Which brings us back to the testing question. It is most strange in a world of ever more stringent standards (on food, on childcare, on production processes, health and safety provisions) it seems that the only box the industry has to tick in terms of standards is the Specific Absorption Rate.

We will do a separate video on the farcical procedure that this represents (clue: they use a plastic head full of liquid to test the increase in heat). However now you know what Barrie Trower has revealed in terms of the danger of 5G frequencies, should we not be pushing for a whole lot more in terms of our safety standards? 

Remember: Omnia brings all Radiation back to balance, including 5G frequencies. 

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Radiating from Space 

It gets even more bizarre. 

On March 29, 2018, the Federal Communications Commission gave its approval to SpaceX‚Äôs plan to launch an unprecedented 4,425 satellites into low orbit around the Earth. And that‚Äôs only the beginning. SpaceX has applied to the FCC to increase the number of satellites to 12,000 in order to provide ‚Äúultrafast, lag-free Internet‚ÄĚ to every square inch of the earth.

This is 5G from space.

SpaceX‚Äôs¬†CEO, Elon Musk, has announced his intention to begin launches in 2019, to begin operating as soon as he has about 100 satellites in orbit, and to have¬†at least 800 satellites up and running by 2020. The name of SpaceX‚Äôs project is ‚ÄúStarlink.‚ÄĚ

The global electrical circuit, which sustains all life, is about to be seriously disturbed  and there is no debate, there are no standards and there's certainly no information being distributed about what is at stake. 

Remember: Omnia brings all Radiation back to balance, including 5G frequencies. 

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* References:

1. The BioInitiative Report (2007)

2. Dr Pall's lecture on Voltage Gated Calcium Channels 

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