Omnia Test Results

Testing the Omnia Radiation Balancer 

The most important consideration when choosing a product to protect yourself from EMF radiation effects is knowing that it works.

Please click on each link to see extensive detail of the tests that we have done. 

  1. Muscle Testing
  2. Live Blood Analysis 
  3. Water Structure Testing
  4. [Coming Soon] Kirlian Photography
  5. [Coming Soon] Radiation Levels - we test each device for a sample of radioactive energy outputs (phone, laptop, wifi router, watch). 

Remember we are dealing with invisible energy fields (you can not see the EMF field, the toroidal energy field around the human cell nor the balancing energy within the Omnia Radiation Balancer). So this is not an easy situation to which you can apply a cast iron set of testing standards. We must do the best we can. 

The other caveat that we will add is that the only way to be absolutely sure that you are protected is to get yourself personally tested if it is possible to do so. The reason for this is that everyone is individual - some people might be more resilient to EMF than others, although the vast majority of people we have tested have been extremely susceptible - and that follows because we know why radiation affects us

And finally it is important that you don't just put the Omnia Radiation Balancer and think that everything is OK. EMF is everywhere and the best cure is to limit exposure.

Our Managing EMF Section proposes changes that you can make to minimise the impact of EMF.  

EMF DNA Damage Reversal Testing 

Tests have shown that DNA damage from 24 hours of mobile phone use is similar to a large dose of gamma rays from a radioactive isotope. If the DNA is subsequently broken, the resulting small fragments can form a tail like the tail of a comet. The size of the tail is a measure of DNA damage. 

The Comet Assay, or single cell gel electrophoresis assay (SCGE), is a common technique used to measure all types of DNA damage, including the various types of damage mentioned above. It is a convenient tool for measuring universal DNA damage in individual cells. 

We are currently doing a test on the DNA support that the Omnia Radiation Balancer offers and we will report on this soon. 

With the infusion of healing energies, the Omnia Radiation Balancer has been shown to help protect DNA from the harmful effects of mobile phone radiations.

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