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Harmful 5G Frequencies Beamed From Satellites - where's Bond when you need him?

Harmful 5G Frequencies Beamed From Satellites - where's Bond when you need him?

It’s becoming like a James Bond Movie.

Dr Evil's corporations are sending 20,000 satellites into space to beam powerful frequencies at us day and night despite knowing that 6,000+ clinical, peer-reviewed studies have proven that the frequencies will directly affect human health.

There is NO biological testing on these 5g frequencies to prove that they are safe for the human body. 

The poor human beings are actively complicit in this project, such is their thirst for data and of course 'economic progress'. It's the perfect plan. 

And not only do the frequencies affect human beings and of course all life forms too but there is one big consideration for us all which is... the Environment! Our planet. Where we live. 

Think about it.. Radiation = heat. 

Are you concerned about Climate Change or the planet warming up or the sea levels rising? Because this satellite project is likely to have far more of a ‘global warming’ effect (if you remember that phrase?) than Co2. 

So it seems that not only do these corporations not care about human health.. they don't care about the planet either. 

In the meantime please make sure you have made your devices safe to use by applying the Omnia Radiation Balancer.

Once your phone connects with these 5G frequencies (and you most likely will NOT have a choice in this matter), you will be putting your health at an even higher risk.

If these irresponsible projects persist, how long will it be before we all put a yellow vest on?  

Article courtesy of HEALTHIMPACTNEWS.COM

Public attention about 5G has been focused on the plans of telecom companies to install millions of small cell towers on electric utility poles, on public buildings and schools, on bus stop shelters, in public parks, and in local urban communities where there would be a cell tower approximately ever...

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