EMF Microwave Radiation Damages Your Health: all the Key Scientific Papers


This article is about proving beyond doubt that wireless, microwave radiation causes harmful biological effects in organic life. 

The best resource for tracking all the news on harm done by radiation that we have found is the Environmental Health Trust. 

Below is the link from the EH Trust website which compiles all the significant research on each aspect of health which has been proven to be affected or damaged by EMF: 

  • Cancer 
  • Fertility and Reproduction 
  • Neurotoxic Effects . 
  • Cognitive and Memory Function 
  • Behavioural issues 
  • Hearing Loss 
  • Headaches 
  • Sleep 
  • Oxidative Stress 
  • Genotoxic Effects (including gene and DNA damage) 
  • Endocrine System Damage 
  • Disruptions to Heart Functioning 


There is a reason why EMF effects the human body in a vast range of areas. It is because it affects us our cells on a vibrational level. So it's as if microwave radiation is like a bully: if the body has a weak point, the radiation will seek it out and attack. 

There is little consensus in the mainstream scientific community as to exactly 'WHY' the effects listed above are caused by exposure to non-ionising radiation (which had for so long been deemed safe for the human body). There must be effects that are NOT related to heat which cause these many diseases observed in rats. A theory has been put forward that it is because of 'pulsed' effects of the radiation which exacerbate the strength of the field. However we would like to counter this. 

The work which was done by Dr Martin Pall has been the key finding in terms of singling out a 'mechanism' between wireless radiation and disease in the body. He reported on the increase in calcium levels due to the sensitivity to microwvae radiation of the voltage gate calcium channel. This is the membrane outside certain cells which lets the calcium (and other minerals) into the cell in exact proportions. When this membrane is excited by microwave radiation, it lets too much calcium into the cell and this causes imbalanced effects, namely oxidative stress which leads to free radicals. Free radicals are the pre-cursor to disease. 

But the question remains: WHY does the cell membrane (the VGCC) get excited by such a low level of radiation. 

Omnia's science shows that it is because of the vibrational imbalance of the wireless radiaiton field, which causes imbalanced effects in the cell. The science of Dr Ilija Lakicevic, detailed in his paper 'The True Concept of the Atom, Particle and Cell' gives us the reason why this vibrational imbalance is caused and why the health effects listed above are then observed. It is based on our concept of the 'Centredness of Wave Fields' and you can read this in the 'Understanding Radiation' section. 

This is unique understanding which gives us the knowledge of what we have to do to balance these radiation fields and bring them to a state that no longer causes disharmony in the human body. 

Not all radiation is bad - look at the Sun, it is the giver of all life on the planet. So the question is: can we transmute an imbalanced radiation field into a balanced field?

Yes we can. 

The key point to make is that the biologists who have observed these effects in the cell have done the most amazing and important research to show us what wireless radiation is doing to us. 

See all the key health findings in detail: 


The BioInitiative Report 

And here is a key presentation of all the findings of health effects explained by one . of the key figureheads in raising awareness of the hazards of phone radiation: 

(Please note: the subject of this interview does NOT endorse nor support Omnia, this is purely a link to content where a top scientist proves that radiation is causing disease): 


So if we step back to ask ourselves why the membrane of the cell got excited in the first place, what we offer at Omnia is an explanation for this, which is that there is imbalance in the radiation field and this is picked up by the normally balanced and centred wave field of the human cell.

So you see.. the Omnia explanation of the cause dovetails perfectly with the biological observations of the health effects laid out above.