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Health Effects of Cell Phones

Health Effects of Cell PhonesHealth Effects of Cell Phones

The health effects of cell phones isn’t a new topic in the medical field. In a way, mobile devices produce radiation which thousands of peer-reviewed studies [1] have shown can be harmful in cases of prolonged exposure. This is especially alarming in the modern day when almost everyone has a phone and screen time is high. With that being said, everyone should be concerned about the health effects of cell phones. 

Some people may think that the health effects of cell phones may not be as serious as other illnesses. Nevertheless, these health effects shouldn’t be overlooked. We listed the results of non-thermal radiation exposure that comes from cell phones and the ways to lessen their impact. Knowing the possible health effects of cell phones allows you to adjust your habits and lifestyle accordingly. 

Health Effects of Cell Phones: Eye Trouble

One of the most notorious health effects of cell phones is eye pain and irritation caused by blue light. Peer-reviewed studies have shown that blue light has a shorter wavelength which can damage your corneas[2]. These reports show that prolonged exposure to blue light can harm your vision. The adverse health effects of cell phones to the eyes can be prevented by limiting your time in front of digital devices. The potential health effects of cell phones on the eyes can be alarming given the amount of time we spend in front of our screens per day. In case these health effects of cell phones escalate, contact a professional optometrist or ophthalmologist immediately. 

Reduce Health Effects of Cell Phones: Avoid Close Proximity

While you may think that proximity doesn’t contribute to the health effects of cell phones, it most certainly does. Radiation is emitted by devices, and the phone industry and governing bodies on phone safety, such as ICNIRP and the FCC, measure danger based on the excess heat produced by a phone or wireless device when it is in close proximity to the body. It follows that radiation may cause the health effects of cell phones that are used too closely to the body and this has been confirmed in the peer-reviewed studies listed below[1]. Moving your device away can significantly reduce radiation exposure and this limits the risk because of the ‘inverse square law’ that applies to all forms of radiation which means that the further away you are from the source of the radiation, the less energy you are exposed to, therefore the effects diminish. 

The health effects of cell phones and radiation shown in these peer-reviewed studies[1] do not only apply to you but to your children as well. You may need to monitor your child’s activity with a mobile device and control their exposure to the radiation emitted by these gadgets. You may also want to keep your mobile devices away during meal time or when you’re in a meeting. You’ll find that radiation and the other health effects of cell phones will be reduced greatly.

Reduce Health Effects of Cell Phones: Unplug Phones That Are Fully Charged

If your device is already charged to 100%, you may want to immediately unplug it to reduce the health effects of cell phones, like radiation exposure. Overcharging your device can lead to health effects of cell phones and can also lead to an environmental impact due to the wasted energy. Another way you can reduce the health effects of cell phones as well as energy wastage is by turning off your device. By doing so, your phone stops emitting radiation and saves energy.

Make sure to turn off your device during in-person meetings to keep the health effects of cell phones at bay. You can also reduce radiation exposure and the other health effects of cell phones by shutting your cell phone off while you sleep. 

Reduce Health Effects of Cell Phones: Use Wireless Devices

Radiation can be at its most dangerous when your devices are close to your head, such as when you’re talking on your phone. One reason for this is that all our brainwaves are also electrical fields (alpha, beta, gamma waves etc.) and the EMF radiation is shown in some studies to cause interference. With that being said, the health effects of cell phones can be slightly reduced by making use of devices like wireless earphones. This way, the earphones will transmute radiofrequency waves at much lower levels. 

It’s also advisable to use your mobile device’s speaker to reduce the health effects of cell phones. With the use of the loudspeaker both the radiofrequency waves and therefore the health effects of cell phones are reduced significantly because the phone is kept at distance from the body and with EMF Radiation exposure, ‘distance is your friend’. However, this may only be applicable in certain scenarios. Otherwise, texting (rather than talking) could also be a better way to reduce radiation exposure and the health effects of cell phones. 

Partner With a Company That Can Help to Mitigate Health Effects of Cell Phones

Omnia can make no promises to alleviate Health Effects from Cell Phones because everyone has a different body that responds differently (vibrationally) to EMF Radiation.  However, we would be happy to assist you with carefully constructed phone radiation solutions and to guide you through the results of the ‘5 Omnia Tests’ we have done which show the change in the body before and after using our technology (either as a pendant or as a sticker to put on the radiating device). The tests we have done are specifically to see how the body and water react, to see which specific benefits are delivered when we are exposed. Contact Omnia Radiation Balancer today for more information about how to regulate your phone’s radiation and to see how this can bring balance back to your body. 


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