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Voltage Gated Calcium Channels: impact of EMF on Human Cells

Voltage Gated Calcium Channels: impact of EMF on Human Cells

It took a long time for the scientists to establish a link between smoking cigarettes and cancer. 

Fast forward to today and one scientist believes he has already found the 'mechanism', the link between the cause and effect - the 'cause' being using mobile devices carrying airborne data; and the 'effect' being cell damage which is the root cause of many diseases and ailments, especially cancer.  

This is a study that everyone should be aware of. Because what Dr Martin Pall found out is that the impact is instant. The sensitivity of the Voltage Gated Calcium Channel, which is a membrane on the outside of some of the most important cells in the human body, is such that when it gets excited by electromagnetic frequencies, it lets too much calcium into the cell. This is the same 'imbalance' that we notice in the live blood analysis and the muscle tests that we have performed

Here is a video describing the findings in detail. 

So you have two explanations about the impact of EMF's on the human cell.

At Omnia we concentrate on the imbalance that is a characteristic of Radiation and how the Law of Resonance dictates that human cells will adopt this imbalanced rhythm and therefore cease to function optimally. 

And the Biological findings back this up by showing that EMF introduces higher calcium reflux to the cell, which is a representation chemically of this imbalance. 

The two findings complement each other. 

But what's the main difference? 

The big difference between the Biological findings about EMF and the Omnia approach based on wave forms, is that Omnia is able to offer a solution to the problem, by dialling in to how the radiation behaves and resetting its balance. 

There is not currently a way for any Biologist to dial into the VGCC in each cell and reset it to make sure the calcium balance is returned to normal. 

Remember once each one of your devices is protected, you are protected too. 


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