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Mobile Phone Radiation — The iPhone 12 Row and Its Effects

Mobile Phone Radiation — The iPhone 12 Row and Its Effects

How our mobile phone usage affects us has been a much-debated topic for several years. The media will tell you there is no consensus on the horizon, the general public still doesn’t know with certainty whether their cell phone can affect their health or not.

However, the latest developments with Apple’s iPhone 12 can change the whole picture as cell phone use and its effects on our health are now under the spotlight. With several EU countries taking action against the US giant, things might be about to change.

This is what we’ll focus on in our latest article. We’ll clear the air on why you should be aware of mobile phone radiation, how it can affect human health, and how the latest developments with the iPhone 12 could lead to some regulatory changes for cell phones.

Mobile Phones and Radio Frequency Energy

It is a known fact that mobile phones emit microwave radiation. Nobody is denying it. However, the type of radiation they emit is branded as safe for humans. Specifically, the radiation these devices emit is classed as non-ionizing radiation also referred to as radio frequency (RF) energy. 

The energy that comes out of a phone has many names but they are all describing the same thing: wireless radiation, radiofrequency radiation or electromagnetic fields. 

The National Cancer Institute has confirmed that there is no consistent evidence that the radiation emitted by mobile phones can be classified as a cancer risk. To date, the only recognized effect of radiofrequency radiation on humans is heating. 

However, in stark contrast to this, the National Toxicology did a 3-year intensive study on mice exposed to EMF and they found clear instances of cancers that emerged. 

Omnia’s scientific explanation tackles the problem in a new way and asks: what if heat is the wrong thing to measure, when determining whether a radiation field is safe or not? 

Heating may only be one factor when considering the possible harmful effects of mobile phone radiation. What should be looked into is the quality of the vibration of the radiation field (the energy field that brings data to our devices).

To illustrate why the way that mobile phones are currently tested is not satisfactory, watch this comprehensive video that tells the whole story.  

Mobile Phone Radiation Effects on the Human Body

Having discussed what type of radiation our mobile phones emit and what effects are possible, it is time to turn our attention to what scientific evidence is out there and what the World Health Organization has to say about it. 

Mobile Phones & Your Health

In our view, this is the aspect all governments and any international agency for research should focus on extensively. The main issue is that the standards for safety haven’t changed in most countries for decades. 

At the rate technology advances and given how widespread cell phone towers are, it is our firm belief that these safety standards are well overdue a reconsideration. 

More so, as mentioned previously, authorities are looking at an effect of mobile phone use that is highly unlikely — thermal harm. Specifically, they are researching whether these devices can lead to overheating body tissues as a microwave oven would. 

The ‘SAR’ Safety Test 

The test that is done to ensure safety is called the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). What they do is they take a plastic model of a human adult and they fill it with fake blood.

Then they place a cellphone next to the plastic skin and inside the fake blood is a heat sensor which measures whether any heat is transferred from the phone, through the fake skin into the fake blood. If the measurements exceed 2Watts per kilogram of flesh, the phone is deemed to be in breach of the heating limits. 

Industry safety testing focuses solely on the heating effects, in spite of the growing body of scientific evidence clearly showing signs of health risks expressed by people even though their device falls under the agreed safety standards. 

This growing body of research has identified correlations between the RF energy emitted by mobile phones and effects on fertility, fetal development, and even possible links to cancer.    

More so, there have been numerous reports from people living near cell phone towers suffering from dizziness, nausea, headaches, tinnitus and insomnia. These effects are even more poignant to people suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Scientific Evidence and the World Health Organization

Out of all the possible harmful health effects that mobile phone radiation poses to humans, the most important and hotly debated one is cancer. So, is there scientific evidence that the general public should know about?

Well, in 2011 the International Agency for Research on Cancer confirmed it had found troubling evidence of some uncertain links to cancer attributed to the radiation emitted by mobile phones. 

More so, a study published in 2018 that was two decades in the making concluded that there is clear evidence of mobile phone radiation causing cancer in lab animals. The same results were reported by another major study conducted in Italy.  

In the midst of all these concerns being raised by relevant research agencies throughout the world, the World Health Organization (WHO) still hasn’t issued a follow-up statement to its declaration in 2011 that phone radiation is a ‘possible carcinogen’.

That is 12 years in which the level of radiation energy around us has significantly increased, and yet the WHO remains silent. 

Furthermore, ICNIRP (who issue the safety standard and safety testing guidelines) have not revised their health and safety recommendations since they put then in place in 1996. 

In terms of exposure to Radiofrequency radiation, a great deal has changed since the phones and services we used in 1996! 

More so, the focus of the WHO is still on measuring possible harmful effects on the basis of tissue heating potential. However, it refuses to acknowledge the body of animal testing research, showing that mice or rats were harmed by EMF exposure.  

But for now, the focus is back on safety of phones now that the iPhone 12 is deemed to have breached the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) safety standards in lab tests.

What exactly happened and what does this mean? Let’s find out!  

Why Has iPhone 12 Been Banned?

It all started with a safety check conducted by ANFR, the French regulator. It concluded that Apple’s iPhone 12 failed to pass the safety test - the radiation levels were so high that the heat emitted exceeded the SAR limits.

The phone exceeded the permissible limits. This prompted the regulator to ban the model until Apple resolved the issues. 

Based on the results from the tests carried out by ANFR, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands are planning to investigate the devices as well. Spain and Italy are also reported to be monitoring the situation closely. 

The French ban was prompted by the failure of the iPhone 12 in one of the two tests the ANFR carried out. The one failed by the phone was the close contact with the body test. This simulates when the device is held or placed in the pocket. 

ANFR reported that the iPhone 12 exceeded the EU regulatory limits for this test by 40%. The US giant questioned the claims and declared that lab results from tests carried out by them and third parties have shown no safety concerns.

If Apple cannot resolve the issue with a software update, the company will need to recall all iPhone 12 units sold in France. Such a recall Apple has never done before in Europe.   

Are there newly identified health risks?

The fact that the Apple device failed the radiation levels test by 40% is certainly a matter worthy of discussion. 

Essentially, it means that this beloved iPhone model can put your health at risk because of the excess heat caused by the levels of radiation you can be exposed to. This means that all the adverse health effects discussed in the previous sections have a higher chance of actually happening. 

Will This Affect How We View Mobile Phone Safety?

Considering that Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, and Spain have all declared that they will either carry out their own tests or monitor the situation closely, the possibility of a change in how governments view phone safety is certainly on the cards. 

Thanks to the popularity of the iPhone, this issue will prompt serious calls to action from the general public and research agencies as well. A call to action we, at Omnia, wholeheartedly embrace.

This recent development combined with the numerous studies done on the safety of mobile phones can no longer be ignored. However, is there anything mobile phone users can do in the meantime? Let’s find out!

How to Reduce the (potentially) Harmful Health Effects of EMF from Mobile Phones?

There are several options to reduce the effects your mobile phone’s EMF can have on your health.

These can range from limiting your use of these devices as much as possible or being mindful of products designed to harmonise the radiation frequency these devices can emit.

If limiting the usage of your mobile phone is not an option, the latter alternative might prove to be more effective. 

For other solutions, check out our blog post in which we discuss at length the number of ways you can harmonise or nullify wireless radiation.

The Omnia Radiation Balancer Approach to Mobile Phone Safety

Our approach to helping you protect your health against the dangers of mobile phone radiation is all about vibration. 

Our technology is purposefully designed to change the spin generated by man-made electrical devices (in the EMF radiation field) so that it matches the spin of energy which occurs naturally within our cells. 

To be more precise, if you are to attach one of our ORB stickers to an electrical device, your mobile phone for example, the energy from the ORB transforms the radiation emanated by the device. 

The connection between the two results in the return of the magnetic zero point of the radiation wave field generated by your phone back to its geometric centre. This then harmonises the radiation field with the body. 

If you want to find out more, browse our online shop for a more in-depth explanation of how our products work.

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