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Introducing the Omnia Radiation Balancer

Introducing the Omnia Radiation Balancer

What is the ORB?

The Omnia Radiation Balancer (ORB) is a technology solution for people who understand the need for protection against all EMF Radiation fields, including 5G.

Omnia's technology changes the vibrational state of all the EMF Radiation fields that we are in direct contact with every day. 

Using Omnia products brings these invisible EMF fields into sympathetic resonance with our body's energy field.

Omnia offers two products: ORB Stickers for balancing the wireless radiation that emanates from any device (a cellphone, laptop, Wi-Fi Router or electric car); and ORB Pendants for balancing the energy in the body.

Omnia Sticker for Phone and Omnia Pendant

Who is the ORB for?

If you are concerned about what the rapidly increasing level of wireless radiation all around us is doing to our bodies, or you are worried about how your kids are glued to their mobile devices all day, our products are here to help.

What’s more, we have excellent test results to demonstrate the difference applying our product can make. We measure the heart rate, the blood, body balance, water structure and range of motion, which all show an extremely high level of efficacy. 

Why is the ORB needed?

Omnia’s core message is this: the body is electric. Every function in the body relies on balanced electrical currents operating in synergy. When we touch our radiating devices, there is an electrical reaction in the body. Our experiments show that Electromagnetic Radiation from wireless devices is incoherent with the body’s electrical field and this is something that we want to correct. We want to bring harmony between these two electrical fields (the EMF and the body).

The risks of EMF Radiation exposure are determined by 3 main factors:

  1. Proximity – how close we are to the field (we are touching our phones/ laptops etc.)?
  2. Strength of field – how fast is the radiation vibrating (with 5G it is becoming faster and faster)?
  3. Exposure Time per day – are you in close contact with your devices for more than 50% of the day?

So you can see that each of us is running a high level of risk.

EMF Fields are everywhere

Unbeknown to many, there are thousands of peer-reviewed papers which show that biological effects have occurred in rats who were exposed to EMF Radiation fields[1].

Omnia is committed to sharing third party expert research but we insist that the reader must make up their mind. As for the benefits of using our technology, we make this clear in our test results, but again we expect our customers to decide for themselves whether they wish to make this change in their lives.  

How does Omnia provide Protection against EMF?  

Omnia has found a way to record an energy imprint into a simple sticker. The energy imprinted in the sticker will meet the vibrating EMF wavefield that is imbalanced and bring it back to what we call ‘balance and centredness’.  Once we have done this, we find ways to test the body to see if we get a firm ‘YES’.

The Omnia sticker can either be applied directly to a device (the phone, laptop, Wi-Fi router, car etc.); or it can be housed in a pendant and worn round the neck so the energy field is close to the heart. In the pendant, the sticker is concealed within the wood with an instruction to restore electrical balance in the body.     

Omnia Radiation Balancer stickers and pendant

Once the radiation field is brought to ‘balance and centredness’, this means it will now be in the same vibrational rhythm and balance as the energy in the body. This creates a new-found resonance – a harmony between the body and the EMF field.  

How do can we be sure it is effective? 

Omnia has rigorously tested its products before and after applying the sticker and the pendant, using the body (or water) to tell us whether it experiences a positive change.

Our tests show that when using the ORB:

  • The blood returns to balance (Live Blood Analysis)
  • The heart returns to regular variability (Heart Rate Variability tests)
  • Muscle strength and electrical balance is fully restored (Applied Kinesiology tests)
  • Water forms hexagonal, crystalline structure (Water Crystal Photography tests)
  • The body returns to full flexibility (Range of Motion tests)

Omnia's 5 EMF Sensitivity Tests

The Origins of Omnia

Omnia was founded by Tim Sandars in the UK after he attended a presentation given by a scientist who boldly claimed he had discovered the solution to all the radiation problems in the world. The scientist showed him the product, which took him on a journey to prove its effectiveness, and this was so successful that he built the Omnia brand around the scientist’s technology. Along the way, he learnt new scientific explanations about what a radiation field truly is, how it spins and vibrates, how and why it can be harmful, and how to truly bring it to balance. The inventor uses a new type of energy technology which he calls ‘Deca’ energy, to restore balance to the EMF field.

Where can I find out more about Omnia Products?

If you’d like to find out more about our test results, our scientific explanations and our testimonials, please visit our website:

And to see the 5 Omnia Test Results, click here:

Or you can email us here if you have any further questions:


The Omnia Radiation Balancer products are not medical devices and can guarantee to prevent or cure any of the specific health effects shown in the health studies mentioned. We do not offer medical advice: if you are concerned about effects of wireless radiation, please see a medical doctor. 



[1] Please see these research studies that have found biological effects were caused by EMF Wireless radiaiton exposure: 


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