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Hundreds of Birds Die in 5G Rollout Experiment?

Hundreds of Birds Die in 5G Rollout Experiment?

It's like an Alfred Hitchcock movie. But worse..?  

The 5G rollout is not being tested - see our article about how crazy this is right here.  However in one Dutch town where there was a known rollout of 5G, there was recently a mysterious slew of 279 dead birds, who apparently fell from the sky with no signs of disease.  

This lit the conspiracy channels up who raced to the conclusion that it was 5G rollout that was responsible. Then the corporate media and the alternative 'myth-busters' moved quickly to berate the lack of evidence and research, which was valid. 

One thing is for sure which is that we will never know exactly when the 5G frequencies were really tested because the switch is flicked by the infrastructure teams with no obligation to inform the public. So we may never know the truth. 

No-one can be sure what really happened, although the myth-busters tried to state that this was 'normal' for birds to drop out of the sky and that it was impossible for frequencies to cause such damage. However, you don't have to look too far to find Russian kids having fun blowing up TV's by using nothing but frequency generators that they have take from old parts of an oven. A microwave oven. 

The points this: there is a lot of knowledge being kept quiet about the power of frequency. 


For those who understand what type of frequencies are in these transmitters, the case of the dead birds is not crazy. Indeed Barrie Trower refers to the 5G frequency range as 'weapon-grade' based on research he undertook with the Royal Navy. The military actually classified them as worthy of use in crowd control capacity, for example, to placate any protestors. 

To paraphrase the words of wisdom from Nikola Tesla, all animal cells behave according to principles of 'Energy, vibration and frequency'. Omnia is pioneering research that shows that ALL radiation represents 'imbalanced wave fields'. When the power is ramped up, the danger ramps up too. So although 4G can be shown to cause imbalance in the body, when we up the stakes and increase the power of the frequencies, this is not going to be good for any animal. Cells are cells and they have their own vibration and rhythm. There are also reports of cows going mad in Gateshead in UK where in a separate incident, a court order has ruled that it is indeed legal to protest the rollout of 5G technology. 

Human cells will almost certainly be feeling similar effects to those of the birds. It's just that we might be able to handle it slightly better. 

We have spoken already about 5G being known as a 'weapon-grade' technology, as acknowledged by whistle blowers like Barrie Trower. It seems that we have at anecdotal confirmation of this now. 

Please see the full article here: 

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