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Demystifying Structured Water and Its Benefits

Demystifying Structured Water and Its Benefits

We are all conscious beings made predominantly of water. It follows that water is conscious too. And now, scientific experiments are demonstrating this. 

Think about it and you’ll realize how true it is! Water is, after all, the stuff of life. Not only does it make life possible, but helps it thrive too. Water covers over 70% of our planet and makes up 70% of our own bodies too. So it’s no wonder that drinking water is crucial for us to thrive. But it’s not just the quantity of water we drink that affects our well-being but its quality too!

And that is exactly where structured water comes in. 



Over the past few years, more and more people have embraced the practice of drinking structured or hexagonal water. But what exactly is structured water, what do we know about it, and what are its benefits? Today, let’s find out exactly what structured water is, and how it can enhance our well being. 

What Is Structured Water?

Have you ever held a snowflake and seen its miraculous natural beauty up close? Almost perfectly symmetrical and six-sided, this self-organizing expression of water is one of nature’s most fascinating phenomena. But the beauty of a snowflake reveals a deeper truth about the nature of water. 

Note the hexagon at the middle of the water's structure and the 6 'spokes'. 

To put it simply, structured water refers to water molecules whose structure is in perfect balance so that they assemble themselves into hexagonal crystals. It is free of any harmful toxins, pollutants, or radiation. The purest sources of water on the Earth are naturally balanced: glaciers, springs, streams, and lakes. Tests have shown that structured water is abundant in unspoiled and natural water sources.

However, the moment this water starts going through pipelines and man-made processes of purification and treatment, the formation can be challenged and it loses its balanced structure and the benefits that come with it. Water is designed to move and flow in a certain way and just by pushing it down angled pipes, it can lose the qualities of its spin. 

However, there are ways to bring that structure back. 

One way to do this is by passing regular water through a structured water device with specialized permanent magnets - which realigns the water’s field back to its balanced magnetic zero point field, returning the water to its perfect hexagonal form. Research on this elevated form of water has been found to have positive effects on our well-being.

Like snowflakes, the water molecules in structured water bond together single-layer sheets of hexagonal structures. 

Properties Of Structured Water

Modern science is slowly becoming cognizant of the many properties of structured water. However, there is much that we already know about its features:

  • Water is Conscious. Through the experiments of Dr Masaru Emoto, we have learned that water responds energetically, vibrationally, to the energy that it is exposed to. If that energy is good or benevolent, it will find some crystalline structure. If the energy is not of good intent, the water responds by showing now structure or crystals. Please see the Omnia 5G Water structure test to see how water responds to a 5G field. 
  • Water is Self-Organizing. The shape and structure of water will respond to what it is influenced by. So the snowflake is a pure form of water coming from the sky. But water that is exposed to toxins or to incoherent energy fields will show that this structure is compromised. Water is intelligent and 'alive' in this way.  
  • There are different 'designs'. Not all structured water is the same - it can be shown to take several different and beautiful forms. So a snowflake photographed in Japan may be different to one that we see in the European Alps, when you look up close. However, they all share common characteristics (hexagonal structure and 6 'spokes').

Photos of three different snowflakes

If you see Omnia’s 5G Water Crystal photography experiment, you will see how the structure of water molecules is destroyed by a 5G field. However, the results achieved once the Omnia patch is on the 5G phone are significant. The images below reveal how the water’s structure is completely destroyed by the 5G field in the absence of the ORB ('without ORB' photos):

Omnia 5G Water structure test

A New Understanding of Water 

In his paper titled 'The Truth About Water', ORB inventor Dr Ilija Lakicevic shows that the hexagonal structure of water is due to what he calls the 'voidance' of the two elements of Hydrogen and Oxygen. However, he also discovered that the notion of water as 'H2O' is not correct. Water is in fact H12O6. There is no Hydrogen or Oxygen in water, but water is produced when these two elements meet in this way (6 Oxygen elements surrounded by 12 Hydrogen elements). 

The diagram below shows how this principle is the basis for the hexagonal structure found in structured water:

The true structure of water: H12O6

Did you know there is a mirror effect of the geometry of structured water and the geometry of the human blood cell?

In the blood cell, the perfect 'torus' field shape denotes vitality and good health; and in the water crystal, the perfect structure is shown to be hexagonal and perfectly centred.

Torus field of blood hexagonal structure of water

Both these phenomena conform to the following scientific principles at Omnia, given to us by Dr Lakicevic: 

The Zero Point sits at the centre of each atomic wave field, holding the structure of the atom, particle or cell in its place. The zero point is a magnetic point which interacts with the spinning torus field of electric current, which spins to form matter in our bodies (or in any atom). The Zero Point represents the consciousness of the atom, or in the case of water, the molecule. It is always listening and responding to what it is energetically experiencing and the balance of the atom, particle or cell responds accordingly.

The Benefits Of Structured Water

“Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.” 

                                                                              -Slovakian Proverb

Considering that every single biological function in our body requires water, hydrating ourselves with pure water is essential for balanced physical, mental, and emotional health.

So if we have structured water in our bodies, it stands to reason that the blood cells will respond and be more likely to acquire their perfect toroidal shape. Like water, our blood cells (which are made of 90% water) respond to the energies that they are exposed to as well, as you can see in the Omnia Live Blood Analysis that compares what happens to our blood in the presence and absence of strong microwave radiation fields. 

Keeping this in mind, structured water has been observed to have even more profound benefits on our well-being. 

Studies have shown that this type of water has an antimicrobial effect on our bodies. This means that regularly consuming structured water can keep harmful germs and toxins in check, helping us avoid frequent infections, flu, and diseases. 

Another research paper from 2013 has shown that consumption of magnetized water for over 8 weeks can have beneficial effects for diabetic patients - not only helping them control and reduce their blood glucose levels but also preventing any complications as a result of the disease.

The ionization of structured water has been shown to have an anti-oxidant effect on our bodies. This can massively reduce the oxidative stress on our organs, lending an anti-aging effect on our body and skin. 

How To Make Structured Water At Home?

While there are special structured water devices that can transform regular water into hexagonal water in a much more efficient and long-lasting manner, there is a simple way to do it at home too. This DIY process is known as vortexing. The practice of vortexing imitates the dynamic and spiral movement of water seen in nature and uses it to imbibe energy into the water.

To do this, take a jugful of pure water and begin continuously stirring it both clockwise and counter-clockwise for several minutes. You can choose to do this manually or use a tool, like a spoon, to stir.

Final Thoughts

As the driving force that makes all life possible, water plays a fundamental role in our lives - one that no other substance can replace. This is why it’s crucial to ensure that we consume the purest form of water to enhance our energetic balance, health, and sense of well-being. With the many benefits of structured water coming to light, it appears that it not only fulfills this criterion but goes above and beyond it too.

References and Interesting Reads
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Antoinette calendar_today

Many thanks for this article: it’s an eye opener🙏🙏🙏

Yvonne Philpott calendar_today

Hi, Omnia friends, I have been adding Adya Clarity to my water for years. Then filter it and run it through the Vitalizer Plus. I believe this structures the water. Tastes good too!
Both are purchased from Water Liberty.
Bought a family pack of ORB stickers. Still would love to understand how they are made.

Danielle Poretti calendar_today

Excellent !!! thank you very much indeed !
Thank you also to give some the simple way of making the vortex !
For many years I have been super interested by Dr Emoto work so, of course, I follow your work with a huge interest !
Danielle from Switzerland

gabrielle attwood calendar_today

That is so interesting. Thank you. I already use your omnia, so hope my blood cells are in good order. I love your work

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