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5G Court Hearings: Blumenthal elicits Extraordinary Industry Response

5G Court Hearings: Blumenthal elicits Extraordinary Industry Response

Here is the most extraordinary testimony response you will hear.

In USA there are hearings being conducted about the rollout of 5g and senator Blumenthal asks two vital questions to the panel - one about health implications and the other regarding funding of health safety checks.

Both of these have a massive impact on human health and the health of the planet.

A reminder: 4g runs at up to 6ghz and there are 6000 peer reviewed studies linking these levels to serious diseases which you can see here. 5g takes these frequencies up to a range between 30ghz to 300ghz!!

As they say.. do the math. 

Spoiler alert: the answer the senator receives is that zero industry funding has been put forward to test whether 5g is safe.

His closing comment says it all: "We are flying blind here as far as Health and Safety is concerned".

This truly is an Orwellian situation. The FCC and FDA are giving a green light for a network to be put in place which has not been tested for human safety. No biological testing has been done. The 'precautionary principle' has not been observed.

If we let this happen we are all responsible for the outcome.

(Remember that the Omnia Radiation Balancer will balance all frequencies once applied to the radiating device, rendering the radiation harmless to the human cell, as long as permission is granted to do so). 

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