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What Are the ORB Products?

What Are the ORB Products?

ORB is an acronym for Omnia Radiation Balancer, and this describes what our product does for our customers. This line of products offers pendants and stickers, which balance the energy in the body and the radiation emanating from any wireless device, respectively. These items exist to give a high level of protection to users from high volumes of wireless radiation emitted by phones, laptops, computers, Wi-Fi routers, smart TVs, cars, and even microwave ovens.


As the modern human is inevitably surrounded by electrosmog every day, ORB products are designed to create a resonance between radiating wave fields and the electrical currents of the human body. The energy imprint in our products never runs out, so as long as the user stays close to its balanced energy field, your personal energy field will also be balanced. When the ORB Pendant or Sticker comes into direct contact with a person, their body will achieve equilibrium too.


Why You Need 5G Radiation Protection

There is now 1 quintillion times more microwave radiation around us than there was during the days without mobile phones. Nowadays, modern health institutions and scientific studies are still assessing the impact of this electrosmog in real-time. Aside from the thousands of independent, peer-reviewed scientific studies [1] on the effects of wireless radiation, trusted institutions have also released some cautionary guidance about the matter.


The Three Goals of Omnia

Omnia has three main goals that it strives to uphold through our product offerings. The first goal is to raise awareness of the truth about radiation by sharing peer-reviewed, trusted information. Instead of classifying the effects of this man-made energy as ‘ionising’ and ‘non-ionising,’ Omnia classifies it as either ‘balanced’ or ‘imbalanced’, in terms of the vibration of the electrical wave field. This is because wave fields from technology behave differently to naturally occurring radiation fields (like the Sun) and therefore they affect people differently.


The second goal of Omnia is to create an everlasting harmonization between man-made electrical currents (including wireless radiation and dirty electricity) and the human body. This is achieved through the infinite energy that is imprinted in the ORB patch, which meets the vibration of the EMF wave field and brings it to what we call ‘balance and centredness’[2].

The third and last goal is to give a performance-demonstrated validation of how the body (or water) responds to the vibration of the man-made radiation field, and then we record any improvement to performance after the use of the pendant and the sticker.


The European Commission on Wireless Radiation

According to the European Commission, waiting for high levels of scientific and clinical proof about the effects of wireless radiation before taking action can lead to high health and economic costs. The same consequences happened with other substances such as asbestos, leaded petrol, and tobacco.


The Environmental Health Trust on Wireless Radiation

A statement about the effects of wireless radiation on the human body was released by the Environmental Health Trust. According to them, its consequences include breaking double-stranded DNA, creating reactive oxygen species, and immune dysfunction. Additionally, altered brain development including brain tumors as well as sleep and memory disturbances may occur [3].


The World Health Organization on Wireless Radiation

According to the World Health Organization, excessive exposure to wireless radiation can potentially cause terminal illnesses to humans [4]. This is because the electromagnetic fields produced by mobile phones are classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as “possibly carcinogenic.”


How Does the Omnia Technology Work?

The Omnia Radiation Balancer contains a new quantum technology called ‘Deca Energy’. This new energy source can be programmed to connect with radiation fields and set them back to a state of centeredness and balance. Our science is founded on the concept that every atom is a spinning ring of electrical current (or light), which vibrates in the form a torus field, and the cells that make up the human cell also function in the same way.


Therefore, ORB products work to achieve a balance between the spin of currents in the microwave radiation field, which in turn will bring about vibrational resonance between the MWR field and the wave field of the human cell. When the two electrical fields (the radiation field and the body) are both spinning with balance and centeredness, we have harmony. This is demonstrated in our 5 Omnia Tests which show how the body responds before and after the ORB product is tested.


Contact Omnia Radiation Balancer

Living in a world that has become an electrosmog soup, where the frequencies around us are getting stronger and stronger, should urge us to strive for balance and safety, as we take personal responsibility for our own energy field. With the Omnia Radiation Balancer, you can now worry less about the possible health effects of wireless radiation on the body and simply enjoy a state of resonance with your technical devices. Contact us for your inquiries or customer support today!


Please note: The Omnia Radiation Balancer is not a medical device, nor can it be used to treat or prevent any specific medical condition.



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