"I have been using the Omnia Radiation stickers since 2018 - and experienced its high level protection against all kinds of radiation. My house and appliances are covered in the OMNIA stickers."

- Michael Tellinger

The Omnia Radiation Balancer is a small sticker you attach to any radiating device. The sticker is created with conscious energy, and brings any man made radiation field into resonance with the human body.

Fits Any Device

Place it on your phone, your laptop, or any other radiating device.

Everlasting Love

Conscious love energy is infused into the ORB and it never runs out.

Balances Energy

ORB harmonizes all man made wave fields with the body’s pure energy.

Credible Results

We use the human body as the barometer in our tests to show results.

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Choose the Pack that Fits Your Lifestyle

ORB Single Pack (Protects 3 Devices)

ORB Partner Pack (Protects 6 Devices)

ORB Family Pack (Protects 12 Devices)

A Note from Michael...

My phone, TV, laptop, microwave, fridge, and anything that creates electromagnetic fields - even light switches. You can feel the difference in the air when you walk into my house. The VIBE is harmonious.

In some way I was fortunate to get a head start benefit with this technology when I first met the inventor, Prof Ilija Lakicevic, in 2015 and he showed me his invention. This was just one of many reasons I invited Prof. Lakicevic to speak at the UBUNTU Festival in Nelspruit, South Africa in 2018. That is where he met Tim Sandars and the rest is now history.

I am deeply grateful for Tim Sandars and the OMNIA team, for making this amazing technology available to the people of the world at a critical time, when it is needed more than ever before, with the dangerous 5G invading our cities, our towns and our lives.  

I highly recommend that you get a few OMNIA Radiation Buster stickers and use them on your devices - especially your phone and computer.

In unity - Michael Tellinger

About Omnia

Omnia is dedicated to balance and centeredness within the human body.
We aim to help you maintain a healthy balance throughout your life and to shed light on how our new science allows us to achieve these effects.

Truth about Radiation

We reclassify radiation as ‘balanced’ and ‘imbalanced.’

Ever lasting Harmony

Our products balance the body’s energy and last forever.

Science and Testing

We use sound science and regularly test for effectiveness.

Our Test Results

The tests we do on our products interrogate the body (or water) and measure whether it gives us a clear ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

A ‘Yes’ means the body is strong and balanced when we are touching our wireless devices. That is what we want to see.

Water crystal photography shows a realigned hexagonal structure.

Applied kinesiology shows an improvement in the body’s strength.

Live blood analysis shows a return to a normal blood cell shape.

Autonomic response testing shows an induced ‘yang’ healing state.

Heart Rate Variability shows how heart rate is affected poitively.

Why You Should Care

The human body is electrical, it is a cell tower of its own. We’re conditionals to react to everything we're exposed to, including microwave radiation from devices.

There are over 6000 peer reviewed studies that show evidence of biological effects of EMFs. These wavefields are all around us. Here are the top 3 factors that can increase your potential risks.

The intensity of radiation is strongest at its source - your phone, laptop, or wifi router.

We are exposed to 1 quintillion times more microwave radiation than we were 20 years ago.

The radiation from our devices peak at extremely high levels when they connect to a signal.

Customer Reviews

Barbara W.

"Since using the Omnia balance stickers on my IT equipment and around the house I feel more energetic and the energy in my place has become noticeably lighter. I very much appreciate this product, it seem to be the answer to all harmful radiation."


"I can feel the difference it's huge.
Review by Simona on 7 Oct 2020review stating I can feel the difference it's huge.
Thank you so much for creating this powerful and safe technology to keep our bodies and energy strong and healthy. I can feel the difference it's huge."

Anna M.

"I have used this product for about two weeks now and have noticed a change in my hands when I hold my iPhone. I used to get pain as soon as I held it but now, and I really hope this continues, there is no pain! I am amazed and really happy. Thank you for this wonderful product."


Review by Sheryl on 20 Mar 2021review stating Great!
I notice that I have been sleeping so much better since I applied the stickers on computer, TV and cell phone...very interesting!"

Choose the Pack that Fits Your Lifestyle

ORB Single Pack (Protects 3 Devices)

ORB Partner Pack (Protects 6 Devices)

ORB Family Pack (Protects 12 Devices)