How the ORB Sticker Works

Once the ORB is stuck to a radiating device, it creates a ‘match’ between the spin of man-made energy in the radiation field and the natural spin of energy in our cells.

The physical form of the ORB is a sticker. It is therefore made of three physical layers – paper, glue and dye. We infuse into this structure an invisible energetic layer. It is a programme that is created by what we call ‘conscious energy’.

To recap, all man-made wireless radiation fields are characterised by ‘imbalance’. This means that the magnetic zero point never sits at the centre of the electric wave field and the spin of electrical current around the zero point is therefore imbalanced.

When the ORB sticker is attached to a radiating device such as a cellphone, the energy in the sticker connects with the microwave radiation and returns the magnetic zero point of the wave field back to its geometric center. Now you have a balanced, centred electrical field.

Once this is done, we have a match, a resonance between the vibration of the microwave radiation field and the vibration of the human body. Now you have a new relationship with your devices because the radiation they emit is spinning in the same pattern as the electrical currents in the human body.

The conscious instructions that change the state of the radiation field are held in a structure we call 'Deca Energy'. Deca energy is an organic, boundless, and programmable nano-energy source that is always on, and it never runs out.

To the body, wireless microwave radiation is like the sound made by an orchestra of instruments that are all playing out of tune. If you could hear the noise, you'd hold your ears (such would be cacophony). This is what we call ‘dissonance’. But you can’t hear it, and most people can’t feel it either.

The ORB 5G protection sticker is designed to tune the orchestra (the radiation) to a harmony that the body will find pleasant and agreeable without reducing the volume of the orchestra. The ORB will not reduce the strength of the Radio Frequency Radiation field, it simply makes the field resonate with the body.

Our Current Test Results

Live Blood Analysis – The effects of Rouleaux were reversed after placing the ORB on the phone, in a very short space of time. This indicates that the body has felt some benefit from the ORB and started to bring itself back to balance at a cellular level.

Range of Motion - The body's flexibility is hindered by mobile radiation, but when the ORB is applied, full flexibility and range of motion is restored.

Water Structure – Certificate from Dr Emoto’s Hado Life institute showing that hexagonal crystals show up in a water sample which is irradiated by a phone which has the ORB sticker applied.

Applied Kinesiology – The body strengthens considerably every time the ORB is attached to the phone.

We are finding new ways to interrogate the human body to give an instant ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.

The question is: does your body like this radiation field? And does this result change once we have put the ORB on the phone? In all of the results above, we have received very positive results.

What are the Effects? And Why Don’t I Notice Them?

Because we have only been holding mobile phones for the last 25 years, our bodies have not evolved to the point where we have built-in cognitive sensors for low-frequency microwave radiation. That is why many people stand in disbelief when we show them how the body responds in a simple muscle test: their body’s intelligence is telling them something their minds can not yet acknowledge.

Conventional science relies on its age-old knowledge and repeatable practises. Peer-reviewed biological tests have been performed to assess whether there is any harm done by wireless radiation fields to rats, and the majority of independent scientific studies (note: not all of them) show a variety of serious adverse effects caused by imbalanced microwave radiation fields. [*The BioInitiative Study 2012]

A compromise to the electrical balance of the body is not desirable. Health effects will most likely only occur over the long term, unless the frequencies are turned so high that they affect us immediately. Everyone reacts differently, so the effects are difficult to predict, although we are hearing lots of stories from concerned parents about health conditions their kids are developing. Electro-Hypersensitivity is also on a steep upward trend.

However, conventional science is also struggling to explain why any adverse effects might be caused by low frequency, non-ionising radiation. It believes (wrongly, in our view) that harmful effects can only be caused by heat in a radiation field. Our science demonstrates that if a radiation field is imbalanced, it can cause imbalanced effects in our bodies.

In terms of vibration, this is what we call ‘dissonance’. Applying an Omnia patch to all your radiating devices will help you return to a state of ‘resonance’.

Where to Place your ORB

Always stick the ORB directly onto the radiating device.
The energy in the patch must connect with the EMF Field, so for example don’t stick it on your phone case, stick it on the phone.

Place the ORB near to where the radiation meets the device.
For the best results, find out where the data enters your device and place it there.

Watch the video here for more detailed placement information for each device type.  


How do I keep the ORB safe?

If you're planning on putting the ORB somewhere where you expect it to see wear, like outside on a smart meter, on the back of a smart watch, or on your phone without a case, we do suggest sticking the ORB to your device and then taping over it to protect it.

The ORB is made of color, paper, and glue so water will damage it - especially if you're cleaning your device regularly by rubbing it.

Please note that as long as you can still see color on your ORB path, it will absolutely work, but we suggest being cautious and taping over it if you can expect any wear at all.

How do I know that the Omnia Radiation Balancer is working?

This is a good question because the effects that the ORB has are invisible.
And in our modern day lives we rarely stop to check in with ourselves and do a system health check.

Everyone is different and will respond differently. Some people are super sensitive and will notice the change in the energy field around the phone straight away. For others, it’s very subtle.

We suggest doing a simple muscle test and a range of motion test to make sure that it's working for you.

How long does the ORB Sticker last?

The Omnia Radiation Balancer lasts for as long as you have the sticker applied to the radiating device and remains intact.

The balancing energy in the patch keeps spinning forever and it never runs out, but if you transfer it to another device it may not stick as well, which is important. So if you plan on moving it, we suggest taping it to your device.

Is the Omnia Radiation Balancer the only thing I need to protect myself from EMF?

No. Absolutely not.

We know that the ORB helps to bring a new resonance between all your radiating devices and your body but there is so much exposure in the world, that we recommend adopting an abstinent and cautious lifestyle too. The best thing to do is to reduce your exposure to EMFs all together.

You can learn more about this by clicking here.

Can I test the ORB at home?

Yes. Please see the two simple tests here to test your ORBs.

Without peeling the sticker off, you can rest the strip of ORB on your phone (remember, it has to be in contact with the phone so don’t rest it on your phone case) and try the tests by following the instructions above.

If this doesn’t work for you or you didn’t feel the difference, you are welcome to get in contact with our Customer Support!