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EMF Protection (ElectroMagnetic Field)

Often, you may not realize that the technology around you poses risks to your overall health. After all, your devices emit invisible waves of energy, called electromagnetic fields (EMF). That’s why they are typically unnoticeable. But even if you don’t see it, you should always keep in mind that EMF can disrupt your body's electrical balance. EMF ProtectionEMF Protection - ElectroMagnetic Field

Additionally, there are peer-reviewed studies such as the BioInitiative Study, which show how prolonged exposure to your devices can lead to cognitive behavioural effects such as sleeplessness, depression, and increased anxiety. So, we believe EMF protection is essential for every household to prevent these conditions from developing. To help you practice EMF protection, here are some tips you can consider: 

EMF Protection Tip 1: Know Your Home's Radiation Levels

You can discover the type and level of radiation in your house through an EMF radiation meter. It will detect the frequencies present in your home and will tell you the intensity of the fields coming from your WiFi router, your laptop or your phone, so you'll know what the main sources of high levels of RadioFrequency Radiation are. This will specifically help you to protect yourself and your family. 

EMF Protection Tip 2: Limit Your Devices

Although it might be challenging to live without your gadgets, limiting their number for EMF protection can be beneficial. The fewer devices you have, the less radiation exposure you'll get.

EMF Protection Tip 3: Don't Sleep Near Your Phone

Since you use your phone for many activities like reading, playing, and socializing, you might fall asleep next to your mobile. But that shouldn't be the case. As EMF protection, you must put your mobile away from your bed because it constantly emits radiation even when not in use. As a minimum, keep your phone at least three feet away from your bed for EMF protection. At best, turn off your Wi-Fi Router overnight and switch off all sources of artificial light or EMF Radiation in the bedroom. 

Additionally, rolling on top of your phone during sleep, or even keeping it in your pocket for long periods can restrict its airflow. It will quickly overheat, which can damage the battery. To prolong your mobile's lifespan, you should practice EMF protection. 

EMF Protection Tip 4: Limit Your Contact With Your Devices

The three factors that determine how we are affected by EMF Fields from our radiating devices are: Proximity to the field, Exposure time per day; and The level of Radiofrequency Radiation that your device transmits.

Your body absorbs intense amounts of radiation when your gadgets are close to you. So, as part of your EMF protection program, it's best to keep your devices away from your body. To practice EMF protection, you can do the following:

  • Store your phone inside your bag instead of in your pocket
  • Place your laptop on a table rather than on your lap
  • Protect yourself and your mobile using phone covers
  • Use radiation-free headsets when answering calls

EMF Protection Tip 5: Avoid Wireless Earphones

If you're going to listen to music for a long time, it's best to go with wired earphones for EMF protection. Since they're wired, they will emit a smaller amount of wireless radiation. But if you need to use wireless earphones, it doesn't mean that you can't practice EMF protection. You can do that by minimizing your time spent listening through these audio devices. See our full article on the dangers of earphones here

EMF Protection Tip 6: Turn Your Wi-Fi Off

All of your devices may use radiofrequency to communicate with Wi-Fi. It's a form of EMF radiation, so you have to be careful. When you don't need Wi-Fi or your gadgets, you should turn them off for EMF protection. Look in to getting an ethernet cable and hardwiring your internet cable into your laptop or PC. Using your RF Meter, you can measure how this significantly decreases the volume of EMF that you are exposed to. 

EMF Protection Tip 7: Reduce Your Device Usage Time

It would help if you occasionally turn off your gadgets or put them on airplane mode as part of EMF protection. Like for example when you are in a meeting and don’t need to see the data on your phone. After all, these devices continuously trying to connect to Wi-Fi and cell towers. Instead of using your device the entire day, give yourself some breaks and do something else. EMF protection can be as simple as reading a hardbound book instead of an e-book, or going for a walk without your phone. 

EMF Protection Tip 8: Turn to EMF-Reducing Devices

Your lifestyle may depend on technology, so you must practice EMF protection. To do that, you can use blockers, absorbers to reduce the radiation you receive, or you can use harmonizers to meet the radiation and bring it to balance and centredness. These EMF protection items can be smart meter guards, signal attenuators, or radiation balancers. 

Use Quality EMF Protection

You can still enjoy technology without limits. At Omnia Radiation Balancer, we provide EMF protection that's fit for you and your devices and we have 5 tests that we perform on the body to demonstrate the benefits. Our products can either balance the energy emanating from the wireless device (through our ORB stickers) or balance energy in the body when it is exposed to EMF Radiation fields (through our ORB Pendants). Contact us now to learn more about EMF protection. 

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