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ORB MiCRO Sticker Packs

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ORB MiCRO Sticker Packs

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Please note: packs contain either 2 or 4 stickers. 

The IORB 'MiCRO'I is 5mm in diameter, meaning it can easily be placed on earphones or on the arm of eyeglass frames, or even on a smartwatch. 

Our brainwaves are electrical fields that are required to be in balance at all times. 

If you are using earphones, earbuds, AirPods or even wired headphones, this means that wireless (or wired) Electromagnetic Radiation Fields (EMF) are coming into direct contact with your brain.  

So it's a very good idea to ensure that these wave fields are vibrating with the same rhythm and balance as the electrical fields in the body, in order to lessen the 'interference'. This is what Omnia's technology does. 

It is of great benefit to bring these emf wave fields to a vibration of what we call 'balance and centredness'. This will harmonize the EMF meaning that sympathetic resonance is created between these two electro-magnetic fields (the EMF and the brain). 

Remember the brain is a particularly sensitive organ because of all the electrical currents that make up our brain waves (alpha, beta, gamma etc.). It is most undesirable to experience 'interference' between the EMF and the brain's electrical signals when we are using headphones. 

You can also apply an ORB sticker to the inside of your reading glasses (or sunglasses) because once the energy field in the sticker is near the temple, it can have a soothing effect around the eyes and ears.  

Muscle tests (see Applied Kinesiology Tests) have shown that the brainwaves respond well to the balancing effects of Omnia's technology, which in turn brings balance to the body too. 

Harmonize all the wireless radiation fields close to your brainwaves and your blood-brain barrier today, with the ORB MiCRO. 

We strongly advise using one ORB on each headphone or each arm of your glasses, but only one would be needed on a smartwatch for example. 

You must look after your ORB MiCRO - it may be a good idea to tape over it because when you preserve the colours in the sticker, the balancing effects will last forever. 

See the levels of EMF Radiation that come into your wireless headphones (airpods, earbuds) here: 

Click this link to see all the Omnia Radiation Balancer test results, which show how using our technology can benefit the heart, blood, body strength and water structure (we are 70% water). 



If your country is not listed as a destination shipping option, please contact support@omniabalance.life and we will arrange to ship your product.

ORB MiCRO Sticker Packs



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