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Why Are Torus Stones Special? A Closer Look At Their Significance

Why Are Torus Stones Special? A Closer Look At Their Significance

Be it the ancient Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge, or the Easter Island sculptures, our ancestors from across the world have left us many beautiful wonders to remember them by.

They’ve also left us with several mysterious puzzles to solve. Thanks to the wonders of archaeology and our own insatiable curiosity, we’ve been able to dig deeper and begin uncovering the truth.

One such mystery involves the enigmatic Torus stones.

Found in some ancient ruins in Zimbabwe by acclaimed South African researcher Michael Tellinger, these doughnut-shaped stones can be easily mistaken for decorative artifacts. But do they hold a deeper secret that gives them energy-generating abilities? Let’s find out today.

Significance Of The Torus Shape

The torus is a 3-dimensional shape that is created by rotating a closed curve - like a circle - about a line that is on the same plane but does not intersect it. The end result is a ring or doughnut-like structure

Did you know that the shape of Earth’s magnetic field is a torus? Even the individual magnetic fields around our own bodies take this shape. And that’s not all - a team of astrophysicists has recently claimed that they have evidence that our entire universe could be in the shape of the torus! This naturally-occurring shape has existed around us way before we embraced it for our own use. 

But what is so special about the Torus?

One look at it, and the answer becomes apparent. It is a shape that simultaneously expands and contracts - where ends and beginnings blend seamlessly into each other. The torus has no corners or edges and can be seen as a self-organizing shape that holds itself in balance.

If we extrapolate this principle, we could also say that such a shape is capable of not only absorbing energy from its surroundings but also emitting it. And this is what Michael Tellinger has demonstrated.

Energetic Properties of The Torus Stones

When renowned South African researcher and founder of the Stone Circle Museum, Michael Tellinger, stumbled upon torus stones during his expeditions in ancient Zimbabwean ruins, he knew he was onto something. While mainstream archaeology has called these shapes nothing more than ‘digging sticks’, Tellinger decided to dig deeper into their meaning - to sensational results.

According to Tellinger’s research, torus stones are powerful, energy-generating devices.

Their unique shape and structure make them capable of absorbing energy from one side of the stone while amplifying and emitting it towards the other side. The energy absorbed can be in the form of ambient sound frequencies, which are then magnified manifold before being pushed out from the center in the form of electromagnetic fields. 

As per his studies, the ancient civilizations may have used torus stones as energy-generating devices. To prove that these artifacts are capable of harnessing and emitting energy, Tellinger ran two important tests involving the stones: Thermal Imaging and EMF Detection.

Thermal Imaging Test

The thermal imaging test involved using infrared radiation and thermal energy to check the temperature of the Torus stone at various different points on its surface. By doing so, Tellinger’s team saw that one side of the torus stone was relatively colder with a temperature of around 24 to 25 Degree Celsius. This can be seen with the blue heat signature, signifying relatively lower temperatures.

However, the area around the center of the stone on the other side had a temperature that was almost double that of the other side at 43 to 45 Degree Celsius, shown here with a yellow and red heat signature. This shows that while one side of the torus stone (blue signature) is capable of absorbing energy, the center and the other side (yellow-red signature) amplify and radiate this energy.



EMF Detector Test

To further solidify this discovery, Michael Tellinger utilized an EMF and metal detector device to demonstrate the torus stone’s energy-generating abilities. In a visual demonstration that you can see in the video below, Tellinger held the activated EMF detector to scan all across the exterior surface of the torus stone - but the device did not pick up any evidence of electromagnetic energy. However, the moment he lowered the device towards the vortex or the center (or in the words of Omnia’s science - the zero point) of the torus stone, the detector was instantly activated - detecting high levels of electromagnetic energy. 

This is yet another testimony to how torus stones are capable of absorbing, channeling, amplifying as well emitting energy to their surroundings.


Final Thoughts

There are several untold mysteries hidden in ancient ruins all across the world, and the torus stones of South Africa are an awe-inspiring example of that. By subjecting pre-historic artifacts to sophisticated and sensitive tests, we can see clearly that there was so much more to our ancestors than what meets the eye. 


References and Interesting Reads: 

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Deborah calendar_today

I saw your experiment on the torus stone’s magnetic properties .How do i test to see if what I have is actually a torus stone?

Amanda calendar_today

Does any stone having the doughnut shape “do” the same thing?

Roz Dunwell calendar_today

I had the privilege of knowing the Aboriginal Women Elders of the Arakwal nation, ( Byron bay Area) and they said this hilarious statement, " There was no big bang….. they just have to get over it !!!….) they said the universe cycles through a point which in their star system was called “the eye of the emu” i don’t know where that point is but I could find out….

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