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Torus Design in Padauk - ORB Pendant

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Janet C.



Janet Cooper

I found this works, when I am visiting friends who have their mobile phones with them all the time, I have noticed a more calmer effect than in the past. A good buy.


Riun A.



I immediately felt and very clear reaction

I'm a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist and I've been routinely asked about products such as yours over the past 8 years and I've never seen anything that truly works except Earthcalm and Blushield; h... Read more





Grounded as soon as I put it on

I finally received my pendant today and it's beautiful. I felt my body become more calm and grounded as soon as I put it on. I feel I can concentrate more easily on the tasks at hand and maintain composure as I move through... Read more





Would recommend!

Without really being able to put it into words, I just feel better when wearing the pendant, with the ORB inside. Other than that, it looks really pretty and the adjustable strap is very practical because it allows me to make th... Read more


Pascale L.



Harmonised and Centred

I received my Omnia Pendant yesterday (Province de Quebec, Canada). Thank you so much! I'm wearing it around my neck, close to my heart, as Tim is suggesting in this video. I write this post with my laptop on which there is... Read more


Giles S.



Mojo has definitely seen an up tick :+1::skin-tone-4:

This is quite odd. No doubt about it I've had more energy and a bit more zip. Difficult to explain but for example, I was out shopping with my kids and found myself running up the steps and just messing about more. Loads mo... Read more

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The ORB Pendant is designed to bring harmony to the body's energy field when we are using our wireless devices. 

The ORB Pendant is a beautiful way to wear your Radiation Balancer:

  • Throughout your work day to stay zen at the office.
  • While you sleep to find peace in dreamland.
  • In transit, to balance the body's energy field, whatever devices you are using. 
  • At home to help ground your body to its natural, healthy vibration. 

        Every atom or cell is a ring of light shaped like a torus, spinning around a magnetic zero point. We captured this movement in the simple Torus Pendant design.

        The symbol is engraved into our rich red, sustainably sourced African Padauk. This beautiful wood is associated with the element of fire and connects you with your innate power to stay in control around shifting energy - a perfect pairing with the energy in the ORB pendant.

        Your ORB Pendant's cord is a coffee-colored 3mm Faux Suede. Included in the pack are an adjustable rubber fastener and a bayonet fastener with glue so you have the option to cut the cord to your perfect size too. See pictures in the gallery of each fastener. Assembly instructions will be in the pack.

        If your country is not listed as a destination shipping option, please contact and we will arrange to ship your product.

        Thank you for choosing the ORB Pendant to bring balance back to your body.

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