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Load image into Gallery viewer, ORB Pendant Lignum wood Deca inscription
Load image into Gallery viewer, Deca Design in Lignum - ORB Pendant
Load image into Gallery viewer, Deca Design in Lignum - ORB Pendant
Load image into Gallery viewer, Deca Design in Lignum - ORB Pendant
Load image into Gallery viewer, Deca Design in Lignum - ORB Pendant

Deca Design in Lignum - ORB Pendant

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The ORB Pendant is designed to bring harmony to the body's energy field when we are exposed to EMF radiation from any wireless device. 

The ORB Pendant is a beautiful way to wear your Radiation Balancer:

  • Throughout your work day to stay zen at the office.
  • While you sleep to find peace in dreamland.
  • In transit, to harmonize the body, whatever devices you are using. 
  • At home to help ground your body to its natural, healthy vibration. 

          The Deca design draws all the edges of the dodecahedron, the shape of the energy structure which is the active balancing agent in our products, drawn as if its sides were transparent. By the wonders of sacred geometry, a star appears in the center.

          All Omnia pendants are hand-crafted, and are coated with a skin-safe resin compound, offering a fully water-resistant finish for added durability (however, we strongly advise you not to get the pendant wet). 

          As our work involves smaller items, we often procure smaller pieces of raw material, otherwise classed as offcuts, to ensure that we assist in the sustainability of this beautiful wood.

          The symbol is engraved into our beautiful and sustainably sourced Lignum hardwood. Lignum is also known as 'Palo Santo'. 

          Palo Santo literally translates as Holy Wood, and it has been used as a therapeutic aid for centuries in its native Latin America. So it is an ideal pairing with the energy in the ORB pendant.

          The oils contained within the tree are rich in antioxidants and are extracted to create a glorious incense, with hints of lemon and pine. Shamans and Healers believe the fragrance to be capable of aiding head pain, tension and even depression.

          The supply of this special wood type for use as jewelry is strictly controlled, so we work carefully with fully licensed suppliers to ensure full sustainability, and we’re proud to guarantee that each of our pendants is fully certificated.

          Your ORB Pendant's cord is a black 3mm Faux Suede. Included in the pack are an adjustable rubber fastener and a bayonet fastener with glue so you have the option to cut the cord to your perfect size too. See pictures in the gallery of each fastener. Assembly instructions will be in the pack.

          Thank you for choosing the ORB Pendant to bring balance back to your body.

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