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Omnia Radiation Balancer Sticker Packs

£ 54.00 GBP
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Omnia Radiation Balancer Sticker Packs

£ 54.00 GBP
local_offer Save £ 12.00 GBP local_offer Save £ 60.00 GBP
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Back to Balance and Centredness

When we touch our smart devices, two energy fields make a connection: the body's energy field connects to the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) of the wireless radiation.  
The Omnia Radiation Balancer Sticker is designed to create resonance between these two fields. This means that the vibrational state of the EMF has been changed and it is now spinning with a rhythm and balance that complements the body's energy field. 

brown woman in a peaceful meditative state

The body's energy field is always seeking to return to a restful state of balance. It is also constantly interacting with the energy fields it is exposed to.  
If we interact with a field that is balanced and centred (like the Sun, or walking barefoot on a beach), we experience resonance because both energy fields are spinning with the same natural rhythm and balance.  
However, when we encounter man-made EMFs, which Omnia's science shows is an energy field that is vibrating with imbalance and un-centredness, we can pick up that imbalance in our energy field. It can happen on a subtle level that may not even be noticed. 

70% of The Human Body
is Made Of Water

That's why it's interesting to see results of our Water Crystal Photography Test. If we can show that water responds well to the vibration of a radiation field that has been balanced by the ORB, then this is good news for the body. 
As you can see from the pictures below, when the ORB is used, the water responds by organizing itself into a crystalline, hexagonal structure. This structure is the optimal energy structure in water.
A- Baseline: The water crystal as taken from source, with no EMF exposure
B- With ORB: The same water exposed to EMF radiation that is balanced by the ORB
C- Without ORB: The same water exposed to EMF radiation that is NOT balanced by the ORB

 water crystal cymatics test

We have also performed similar 'before and after' tests on the heart, on the blood, and on body strength (applied Kinesiology), which you can find here. These are subjective test results, meaning that you must determine whether these benefits fulfill your needs. 

Bringing balance to EMF Radiation fields will allow you to use your wireless devices with peace of mind.  

The ORB Stickers come in the following packs:
  • Single Pack (3 stickers)
  • Partner Pack (6 stickers)
  • Family Pack (12 stickers)

So count the number of devices you are connecting with every day, select your pack, apply your stickers and this will help to bring balance back to your body. 

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Omnia Radiation Balancer Sticker Packs



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