ORB - Omnia Radiation Balancer - Partner Pack (Protects 6 Devices)

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Save money by protecting you and your partner,
you get 6 Omnia Radiation Balancer patches,
which you can apply to any electronic device,
knowing that the balancing effects will last a lifetime,
no matter which electro-smog fields you are walking through..
We know that you just want to get on with your life, use your phone or laptop to download data and not have to worry about the monstrous amount of radiation you are coming into contact with. 

The Omnia Radiation Balancer patch is infused with Conscious Nano Technology which will return all radiating atoms that you come into contact with through your phone, laptop or smart device, to a state of balanced oscillation of light rings with a centred Zero Point. 

The Law of Resonance dictates that the wave fields of human cells will start vibrating at the same rhythm as the imbalanced radiation wave fields which emanate from any radiating device.
However once the Omnia Radiation Balancer patch is applied, this 'dissonant' effect disappears, returning balance back to your body. 

Please see all our product tests here which show how EMF radiation causes imbalance in your body and how the O.R.B. restores this natural balance.

Simply apply the patch to the electronic devices that you use the most regularly at home or in the office, which channel airborne data or radioactive frequency:

your phone, laptop, tablet, interactive watch, wi-fi router, microwave oven.. or even your fridge! 

Omnia is Balanced Life Energy