ORB Partner Pack (Protects 6 Devices)

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We all love our phones, laptops and tablets. But given the sheer volume of radiation they transmit..

how do we make them safe to use?

Because radiation fields that are passing through our bodies are now 1 quintillion times stronger than just 20 years ago (that’s 1 with 18 zeros!). [1]

You may not realise that all the cells in your body are constantly vibrating with electric potential.

And so your body is like a big antenna, responding on a vibrational level to all the good things you contact (like walking in nature, hugging someone or eating healthy food); and the bad things too (like smelling petrol fumes, ingesting chemicals or walking through microwave radiation fields). 
The problem is that your body absorbs the bad vibes of any radiating device. After 40 years of radiation research, Omnia has made an important discovery that these radiation fields have one thing in common - they are imbalanced wave fields and this has an unsettling impact on the human cell. 
This is not good for you.  Did you know there are thousands of scientific reports linking this type of microwave radiation to very serious diseases (cancer, alzheimers, diabetes, heart conditions, infertility to name only a few)? [2] 

And the bad news is that it's worse for kids. 

But the ORB can help.

Simply apply this small adhesive patch to every radiating device you own, to harmonise the radiation and make it safe to use. 

your phone, laptop, smart meter, tablet, interactive watch, wi-fi router, microwave oven.. or even your fridge! 

Our Omnia tests show that applying the ORB will:

We know that you just want to get on with your life, use your phone or laptop to download data and not have to worry about the monstrous amount of radiation you are coming into contact with. 
OMNIA RADIATION BALANCER – the ORB will bring balance back to your body in today’s world of relentless electro-smog. 

Save money by protecting you and your partner: 

you get 6 Omnia Radiation Balancer patches,

which you can apply to any electronic device,

knowing that the balancing effects will last a lifetime,

no matter which electro-smog fields you are walking through..



1] According to Dr Ollie Johansson from the movie 'Generation Zapped'. 

[2] See our article here on the health dangers.