A New Understanding of Radiation

Omnia has a new perspective on what Radiation is and how it affects us. 

The phone industry only measures heat to judge whether our radiating devices are safe. 

But there is something major that they are missing: 


The vibrational pattern of the wave field of wireless microwave radiation is imbalanced. That is what is harmful to the normally balanced vibration of the human cell. Basically a phone (or laptop, or watch, or tablet..) is giving you bad vibes

Our understanding of exactly how the human cell behaves from a vibrational perspective (and in fact how every atom in Creation behaves and operates) is what allows us to develop our product, which proves in tests to be 100% effective in balancing the radiation field so that its vibration can NOT be disrupt the balance of the human cell. 

We deploy what we call Conscious Nano Technology into the ORB patch, which is designed to respond to the nature and the behaviour of radiation in a unique way. 

Let us take you on a journey to discover more. It's not the simplest topic to understand but it is vital that everyone gets to the truth about radiation because of the scale of the problem in today's world full of electrosmog. 

Why Radiation Causes Dis-ease

How does the ORB Work? 

What is radiation, really? 

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