The Omnia Mission

3 Goals

The Omnia mission is to do three things:

  • we seek to educate people about what radiation truly is, how it affects us and how we can bring balance to our lives when faced with exposure levels of epic proportions.
  • we offer to you the best possible solution, the Omnia Radiation Balancer.
  • we demonstrate how we know it works – on paper and in reality.

We do not lay blame on anyone for creating this situation. Humanity, in its inexorable drive for progress and improved experiences, has manifested this environment of non-stop data connectivity because we wanted to experience it and that is why we co-created it.

By the same token, we are collectively able to manifest a solution to the consequences of these radiation fields.

We love being connected to our data sources. But we want to keep your body safe.

We hold space for the consideration of future options for safely transporting information (data) such that it will not bring harm to our body or the environment, as this will bring balance to our modern day lives.

The ORB solution responds to the fundamental understanding of the challenge by re-balancing any wave field (radiation) that you connect with, which you are not happy (in resonance) with, and to return it to a natural, harmonious flow.

This means that where radiation is present, then we will meet that imbalanced ‘circular motion’ that it represents and restore equilibrium of movement so that it can no longer pose a threat to your body. 

So now you want to know how it works, right? Click here.

Or do you just want to bring balance back to your life?  Protect my devices