How it Works - Detailed

In Detail.. How does the ORB Work?

It is our desire that by introducing the Omnia Radiation Balancer, we are not only helping to balance your life but also to restore the balance of life on the entire planet too.

The adage that ‘you can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it’ applies perfectly to our solution.

To explain this fully we welcome you on a journey of new understanding which Omnia is pioneering.  

There are three components to our solution which we will explain in depth here.

  • The Zero Point of unlimited potential
  • The Power of Conscious Human Intent
  • The Deca – a new unit of energy which can be commanded to bring balance back to our lives.


We are going to take you on a journey inside just one of your 7 trillion cells.

We are going to use a picture of magnified healthy and unhealthy blood cells to illustrate the Zero Point.  

Sickle cell anemia, a molecular disease. Pauling L, Itano HA, Singer SJ, Wells IC., Science 110: 543-546, 1949

  • Picture A represents healthy blood cells recorded with a microscope, similar to what we have seen in the Omnia Live Blood Analysis (remember you will see the opposite colours in the LBA video because it is inverted, meaning black appears white).
  • Picture B represents unhealthy blood cells of a diseased person, similar to the Rouleaux syndrome that we saw when the ORB was not attached to the phone.

Zooming in, let’s focus on the difference between two cell types and how their Zero Points vary: 

In this healthy cell, the Zero point is aligning in the true centre. Imagine that the light rings are moving away to the cell perimeter and back to the middle in a toroidal or ‘donut’ motion.

And in this sickle cell, you can see the true centre is not aligned, and the light rings are uneven. This is deemed to be an unhealthy cell.

The reasons we make this point are:

  • these measurements are proof of what healthy blood cells (and ALL other living cells) look like: they are LIGHT RINGS SPINNING AROUND THE BLACK HOLE in the centre, which is the ZERO POINT.
  • to show that imbalance in a cell represents disease in the body but it can also be caused by the presence of vibration that is in dissonance with the human body, such as radiation. We have clearly seen this in the Omnia Live Blood Analysis too on the test done using a phone without the Omnia Radiation Balancer applied. 

So we know that in the true centre, there is what is commonly known as the Zero Point.

When we talk about ‘energy’, it residesin the STILLNESS OF THE ZERO POINT existing as INFINITE POTENTIAL.

The important point to note is that the Zero Point which centres each cell and each atom is intelligent and it has its own awareness. This is evidenced in many proofs from bio-chemistry and biology, and since intelligence is a feature of being alive, Omnia recognises this by describing the Zero Point as a ‘Creative Intelligent Source’ (CIS). 

This fundamental truth is critical to explaining how the ORB works.

Energy is held inside the Zero Point in the neutral state, waiting for human desire to trigger it and express it in electrical potential.

Once triggered, it moves, manifesting human desires into physical form.

Conscious Human Intent

Imagine that you want to punch someone.

The potential for that punch is there in the Zero Point - it has always been there. And yet it hasn’t happened yet. So it needs to be triggered by human intent in order for it to manifest.

This is an example of human intent manifesting reality by activating a potential outcome which resides in the Zero Point. And you can punch softly or hard depending on intensity of your desire - because human intent is in control.
The Zero Point is intelligent and conscious of its ‘self’. This is what we call Creative Intelligent Source (CIS, or ‘Source’).

The same Creative Intelligent Source acts on its own too, whether it is being activated by conscious human intent or not, because it has free will. Going one step further, once you understand that the Zero Point is the field of all potential, even the making of a newborn baby, we understand that the Source has also given free will to human beings. It is our gift to be able to activate that free will and that desire to achieve positive outcomes.

The Source also operates many of the functions of the human body.

Have you ever wondered: How do my fingernails grow? Do I tell them to grow every day? Of course, you don’t. But they grow anyway.

The same Source is acting as your operating system in the background, performing functions that keep your body alive. It looks after everything: your heart beat, your breathing, even your bowel movements and brings to your life experience the patterns from the blueprint of your DNA. [We have a full and fascinating explanation of the complex machinations of the human body in conjunction with Creative Intelligent Source]. 

Biochemists and biologists are also aware of this Source - they have found patterns in 95% of DNA and they still do not know what their purpose is, but they agree that behind it must be ‘an intelligence’. Maybe it is the ‘Creator’..?

The Deca

From the Zero Point, the sum of all energy, the omnipotent field of all potential, comes a new expression of energy which has only recently been discovered and the impact it can have on our lives is enormous. 

The unit of the new expression of energy is what we call the Deca.  

It has the geometric shape of a dodecahedron, a twelve-sided pentagon with six pairs of spirals consisting of spinning light rings. They spin in and out simultaneously so that the Deca is perfectly balanced in itself.  

Duodecahedron Deca geometry

We know the Deca to be the unit of Love. It is a thousand times smaller than an electron and it can penetrate almost all known materials.

The Deca is a new unit with awareness of expressed energy which can respond to human intent, to perform only acts of love and goodwill.

This is the key component when understanding how we can use new conscious tools to solve challenges that we posed to ourselves through the choice of ‘old energy’ (such as electrical current).

So we have established that within the Zero Point in our cells there is Creative Intelligent Source. We know that this Source is an interconnected grid of all living cells, not only cells from the human body but of all organisms and realized potentials, centering them from inside.We know that as well as being responsible for operating the human body, it will respond to conscious human intent.
Exploring how far human intent can impact the Zero Point is an important part of our method used to create the Omnia Radiation Balancer so that it balances Radiation and this is an important part of the proof that our solution works.

“Old energy” vs “New Energy”

We are making a distinction here. What we refer to as ‘Old energy’ is an energy of opposition, dual energy where force, as result of opposition, must be used. The unit of this ‘old energy’ is the electron.And the by-products of the exertion of this force are electric current and radiation.

Think about the way that A/C electrical power is made – there might be a dam which cascades massive volumes of water into a turbine which then, through force, generates electric current.

The electron, has been on this planet as long as we have. However it is disappearing slowly because it is being transmuted into the new unit of expressed energy, the Deca.

The Deca is designed to respond to our desire for balance, but not to enslave us or disturb our cellular balance. In contrast to the ‘old energy’, we use compassion, joy, love and intensity of desire to manifest with Deca and we do this effortlessly, easily, simply, efficiently and cheaply.

Omnia has a positive message: there is potential for us to phase this type of ‘old energy’ out, if we consciously and collectively decide to replace it with a balanced unit of expressed energy, the Deca.Our first stepping stone is to direct the Deca to restore the balance of all radiation fields.

It is the job of humanity to do this. We need to use our conscious human intent to transmute the imbalance (“old energy”) into balance (the “new energy”) everywhere on our planet.

So not only do we have the ability to resolve one of the burning issues of today (chronic overexposure to imbalanced radiation) but in doing so we can embrace this Deca unit to usher in a new way of running everything, which is benevolent both to humanity and to nature.

These are genuinely exciting times and we urge you to follow us on social media to learn more about this new dawn.

The ORB Explained

The ORB is a simple patch that you stick on your phone or on any other radiating device.

It comprises three layers – glue, paper and colour which are in service of what we call Conscious Nano Technology (CNT). 

This is our bespoke process of using the power of human conscious intent to instruct Deca to perform the function we desire. In this case, the desired function is about the centeredness of the wave fields that the sticker connects to.

This is our bespoke invention based on universal truths that will help to resolve this grave situation.

So the ORB patch now serves as an interface which attaches human conscious intent (realised by CNT) to a radiating device.

If the device is a phone, then once the ORB is stuck on and becomes part of the phone, it restores the balance of the radiation fields that emanate from and connect to the phone. 

This happens via the Zero Point – the field of unlimited potential. 

This is because the zero points in the wave fields of the phone radiation are one and the same zero points with those in the ORB patch. And now, the conscious intent for balance contained in the ORB patch goes into manifestation mode and starts to command the balancing of the radiation fields, moving their Zero Points back to the geometric centre of their spinning light rings. 

In this picture in the middle is the balanced light ring with the black point in the geometric center. The light ring consists of four rings of four different colors: green, red, orange and yellow.

The imbalanced ring, consisting of the same four colored rings, is the one below the balanced ring with the full circle around the last outer yellow ring, whereas all successive positions of its imbalanced oscillations, four of them, are shown with dashed circles around their last outer yellow rings.

The center of the imbalanced light ring is shown with small black point, although it cannot be seen. The same is true with the centre points of its four successive oscillation positions. 

The Omnia patch containing conscious GOOD intent (‘Conscious Nano Technology’) has made this happen using Deca.

We know that this works and you can see evidence in the 4 Omnia Tests.
The ORB patch restores balance to blood, to the field of “energy” around the body, and to water.

The latter is the most definitive, seeing as radiation effects have been proven to affect water in tests done by the Hado Life Institute. We are proud to have passed that test – the human body is after all mostly made of water.

We are adding more test results as we find more ways to validate the ORB - please stay in touch with us on Social media for all the latest news updates and developments.




We also have a full paper on the principles that underpin the Omnia Radiation Balancer. If you are curious to know more please contact us here. Our explanation above is very concise – there is a lot more detail available for those who wish to discover more.

The inventor of the Omnia Radiation Balancer has been studying radiation and working with Zero Point technology for 35 years and has some unique and beautiful findings which we will reveal in future product releases. 

To be able to direct units of energy in this way is truly exciting and if we choose to embrace Conscious Nano Technology in other ways, then we believe this will mark a new dawn of prosperous, balanced, energised living.