Tesla's 7 Steps To Creation: Using his Invention Process today

This is an opportunity to change the world. 

In this video (link below) we discuss exactly what scientific methods Nikola Tesla (the 'inventor of modern world') used to consciously manifest all of today's existing conveniences such as electricity, radar, lasers and water pump systems. 

The good news.. is that we now have a new unit of energy available to us which can replace electricity. 

It is called the 'Deca': a 12-sided Dodecahedron with 6 pairs of spinning light that perpetuate energy inside the structure. 

The Deca - new conscious energy solution

The Deca was not around in Tesla's time. So.. we can develop solutions with this new unit of energy, using Tesla's methods (which are detailed here) to create amazing new solutions. We hope this is news that groups like Extinction Rebellion or GreenTech will be very happy to hear. 

Dr Ilija Lakicevic is a former Physics research professor; a protege of Nikola Tesla; and the inventor of the Omnia Radiation Balancer, which harmonises all radiation fields that are causing harm to the human body every day without us realising. The ORB is an example of Tesla's 'Conscious Energy' methods at work, coupled with Deca technology to perpetuate the thought pattern, the human desire to balance the radiation field. That is why It is highly effective and gets such great test results. 

This is deep quantum physics but for those with enquiring minds who want to make a difference, it's important information.