Fertility Studies: Does EMF affects sperm quality?

Sperm Quality - the Canary in the Coal Mine?

There has been a decline in male fertility since the 1940’s, with the possible culprits being exposure to pesticides, estrogen-mimicking chemicals, and sedentary lifestyles. We know that most men keep their phones in their front pocket. Does this add one more potential danger to this list?  

**Note: Omnia only ever quotes third party, peer-reviewed scientific reports or esteemed and qualified scientists and we always invite you to make your mind up as to what the truth is about the biological effects of wireless microwave radiation**

We start with a man’s main concern for three reasons:

  1. The tests done for Damage or reduction in quality of to sperm are clear cut. They have provided some of the most conclusive results of any biological tests performed so far; 
  2. If it is true that sperm is affected, this has an implication for all living cells. It may also follow that effects can be passed down to subsequent generations;
  3. The future of the human race depends on good sperm.  

What is the root cause?  

Microwave fields are genotoxic and can produce widespread damage in cells including infertility and DNA damage and this can have a mutational effect in subsequent generations. 

Potential for cellular agitation and damage exists because of the key biological finding to date – the potential of calcium overloads, affected by the Voltage Gated Calcium Channel.  This finding was made by Dr Martin Pall.

The VGCC is a membrane on the outside of the cell which lets calcium into the cell and it is super-sensitive to EMF radiation frequencies. When the membrane is hyper-activated, it causes an overload of calcium in the cell which causes oxidization, leading to free radicals, leading to the potential for multiple diseases. We have done a video about this important finding here.

Reproductive Effects

The reproductive system is densely populated with VGCC’s, particularly the male testes. A consequence here is impaired or reduced fertility. There is evidence showing EMFs can cause both male and female infertility, but male infertility has been more studied.

The Experiments and Findings

  1. Observations of Mice(and rats) 

    (Studies: Sarkar et al, Mutat Res 1994; Aitken et al, In J Androl (2005), De lulls et al, PloS One (2009) 

Dr Pall describes a classic reproduction experiment published 19 years ago by Ioannis Magras and Thomas Xenos in Greece:

“They took young pairs of mice, one male and female. They put them in a little cage on the ground outside in an antenna park. The [radiation] levels at the ground were well within our current safety guidelines. They put them in two different locations, one with a higher level of exposure and one with a lower level of exposure. What they found was that at the higher-level exposure, each pair produced one litter that was approximately normal sized, then a second litter that was clearly down in numbers and then complete infertility - not a single mouse born. 
At lower level exposure, it was basically the same story, except it took twice as long. They produced four litters with decreasing numbers, and then complete infertility. We have now, in humans in many countries around the world, decreased male sperm count — down by over 50 percent in Western countries, and about half of that amount in other countries around the world.
The senior author in that paper states: ‘If this keeps going, we’re going to become extinct,’ just from the drop in male sperm count.

We know that this occurs in humans — in people who carry their cellphones in their front pockets, men who use their laptops with the Wi-Fi on sitting on their lap. The author states: “We know that occurs. But of course, industry denies everything.”

In tests done by Kesari and Behari in 2012, middle age rats (70 days old) were exposed to 2 hours a day for 45 days. They suffered Testosterone reduction and produced offspring with lower fertility.  They found an increase in an enzyme tied with DNA damage (caspase-3) and overall, they observed lower fertility rates as well as offspring showing a diminished male reproductive capacity.

  1. Observations of Men 

The definitive study undertaken by Newcastle University showed results that had dramatic effects on the mitochondria, mobility, motility and viability of sperm. There was also considerably more damage done to DNA through low levels of exposure.

Dr Ollie Johannson, a key advocate of the dangers of radiation reported on their findings:

“The decrease in sperm parameters was dependent on the duration of daily exposure to cell phone and independent of the initial semen quality.”

Figure1: Experimental studies find mobile-phone exposed human sperm more damaged than controls(De Lulis et al, Newcastle University with John Aitken).

Sperm impairment EMF radiation

Sperm taken and exposed to Radiation: 

On this diagram: 

A = Vitality, B = Mobility, C = Super Oxidisation, D =  Mitochondrial effect

Experimental Studies find mobile-phone exposed human sperm more damaged than controls.


This data shows the direct correlation between the length of time spent on the phone and the sperm count. Heavier cell phone users have a reduced sperm count. (Ashok Agarwall MD PhD, Cleveland Clinic, 2008 and 7 other studies).


To visualize the impact, here is a diagram of normal Testes showing boundaries and cell wall, which denotes healthy balance:  

Healthy Sperm cell no radiation damage

And this diagram shows damage to testes sustained by cell phone exposure.  

Other studies have linked low-level electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure from cellphones to an 8 percent reduction in sperm motility and a 9 percent reduction in sperm viability. Wi-Fi equipped laptop computers have also been linked to decreased sperm motility and an increase in sperm DNA fragmentation after just four hours of use.

Dr. Pall also surmises that Germ line cells are heavily impacted by these EMF’s and warns that "we may also be destroying our biological inheritance”. 

Haifa’s Technion

Another study by researchers at Haifa’s Technion, Israel's Institute of Technology, and the Carmel Medical Center, conducted a semen analysis study involving 106 men. 

As reported in the Jerusalem Post, "The researchers found that talking on cellphones for an hour a day or more and talking on the devices while they are charging are behaviors that are associated with higher rates of abnormal semen concentration. Among men who reported holding their phones within 50 centimeters of the groin, a higher rate of abnormal sperm concentration was found. Semen concentration was abnormal among 47% of those who stored their phone in their pants pockets, while it was abnormal in only 11% of the general male population.” 

They recommended that men limit their cell phone usage (especially while it’s charging), avoid sleeping near the phone, and storing it away from the groin.


Biostatics in Medicine

A report by Biostatistics in Medicine - Stanton went one step further and concluded that evidence linking damage to sperm to mobile phone radiation is ‘Causal’. Meaning there is a cause of damage to sperm from EMF Radiation. Sperm is an area of study where the evidence is very strong. The Indian government is even issuing warnings in fertility clinics for men to keep their phones out of your pockets. 

3. 'Social Proof' 

In a ‘social proof’ experiment, media personality Tim Ferriss took a challenge where he kept his phone in his pocket for 3 months and then took it out for another three months. He measured his sperm count at regular intervals. He was very clear about his results (note: these are personal opinions and does not represent peer-reviewed science): 

"I doubled my sperm count in 3 months. That is non-trivial”.


Bear in mind that most men have had their cellphone in their pocket for well over three months.

Many men have had a mobile phone in their pocket for more than 10 years. The speed of the decline could be rapid. At Omnia, we obviously recommend that you do something about this.

  1. Observations of Children 

Barrie Trower, a leading scientist for MI6 in Great Britain, explored the effects of microwaves on human health by exposing children to various frequencies and levels. This research was later brought into psychiatric hospitals, where they discovered you can sterilize an entire population by exposing them to 2.4 gigahertz (GHz) — the same carrier frequency now used in Western countries for 4G cellphone services. These levels are now being increased as we moe towards 5G.

“It's estimated that over two or three generations of exposure, ongoing exposure to the same cellphone radiation that we're using now, we will all be sterile and we will basically die out as a species,” he said.

This is because a female foetus in the womb, when it is developing the finite amount of eggs that it will carry through to adult life, has absolutely no protection from this radiation. So a mother is irradiating her grandchild. This is where the biggest danger is. 

As we are well aware, proximity is an important factor with regards to EMF radiation and its ability to cause disease.

Today we have one dangerous situation to alert all parents of: if you are driving somewhere and your kids have a tablet (or any wireless data-driven device) on their laps, this could prove to be very harmful, especially for girls who are in a delicate and finite cycle of egg production.


We know that radiofrequency radiation from cell phones and wireless connected devices (tablets, laptops etc.) harms the human cell. There is a biological and an ‘energetic’ (or vibrational) reason for this. The biological reason is covered in this video. 

The easiest proof of the harm on the cell is to assess the sperm count and quality because these are quantitative cells with a known behavior (in terms of motility and mobility).
The biggest danger is that these extremely powerful devices that we carry every day are normally stored in men’s pockets near the critical reproductive organs. And for children holding tablets, the wifi receiver is situated so that the hot spot is right in their lap.

The evidence we have presented here shows clearly that there will be significant issues in future generations if current levels of radiation exposure are maintained. When 5G is implemented, these issues stand to increase even further.

This highlights the need to really understand what radiation is, what it can do to our cells and how we must bring it to balance in our modern, data-driven lives.  
Dr Martin Pall's findings:
Haifa Technion Study: 
Barrie Trower
damage to human eggs: 
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