Autonomic Response Testing (ART) on a 5G Radiation Field

We are always looking for the best ways to test the effectiveness of the Omnia Radiation Balancer (the ORB). This page shares the results of the Autonomic Response Test we had performed on the ORB by Cheryl Wilson. 

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Autonomic Response Testing on a 5G phone

If you are new to Omnia you will need to know this: we never measure the strength of the field because the ORB is not designed to reduce the volume of radiation that you can measure with an EMF Radiofrequency meter.

The ORB is designed to change the state of the radiation field. Each patch returns the vibrating radiation wave field on a radiating device to what we call ‘balance and centeredness’ so that it is now a vibrational ‘match’ for the energy field of the human body. Once we have achieved this match, the effect of ‘resonance’ is achieved.

This is why we measure the body’s response. This shows whether the body reacts well to the radiation field now that is has been balanced by the ORB, whilst the strength of the field is still strong enough to carry large amounts of data to the phone.

Here, we're sharing our results from the Autonomic Response Testing (ART) we did with a phone receiving a 5G signal, to show how the human body responds when the ORB was placed on the 5G phone, then on a tablet and then with Bluetooth headphones.  

What does Autonomic Response Testing (ART) Measure?

ART is perhaps the most sophisticated and meaningful form of testing on the body that we have encountered to date.

ART can tell us whether the body is in the following states:

  • ‘blocked regulation’ (also known as ‘stress’ mode, or ‘incoherence’).
  • ‘open regulation’ mode (also known as ‘coherence’)
  • ‘yang state’ or ‘strength’ state (there are 8 levels of increased strength tested through the ‘O-ring’ test, with ‘8’ being the highest level).

Yang state means that the parasympathetic nervous system has become stronger in response to something such as a herb or a supplement or another intervention being introduced. This is a valuable state that indicates positive health outcomes in response to that intervention. 

The Importance of Light in ART

With help from Cheryl Wilson (ART Practitioner), we are going to describe the fundamental premise for ART testing which is the measurement of biophoton activity (‘light’) from the body:

“Every function that comes out of our autonomic nervous system is a result of our light metabolism. This includes our pH, insulin levels, hormones, blood pressure, heart rate, spinal structure, cholesterol, and triglycerides. Light comes first! These functions come out of our light metabolism, not the other way around. Therefore, when we assess and understand with ART what stresses our light metabolism, we can then take action to protect our health and make positive changes on an absolute causal level.”

How ART differs from Kinesiology

Although ART uses muscle testing, it is different for two reasons.

Firstly ART features the valuable ‘O-ring’ test, which means we can not only see in an assessment what causes stress to the body (reflected through a straight arm muscle test via the sympathetic nervous system response), but actually what allows the body to become stronger in response to an intervention (reflected via the hands in the 'O-Ring' test).

A baseline reading is taken at the beginning of the session and any intervention that has a positive impact on the strength of the body will be reflected in an increased strength within the fingers.

You will see from our video that Tammy acts as the ‘conduit’, the body in between the tester (Cheryl) and the patient, and Tammy will form these ‘O-rings’ for Cheryl to test the body’s response.

O-ring testing autonomic response parasympathetic nervous response

In this way we are testing the parasympathetic nervous system in the body and we are able to determine whether the body reaches ‘Yang’ state, which is the most desirable healing state the body can achieve.  

The second reason that ART is different to Kinesiology is that it uses two unique instruments to assess the coherence of biophotons, or 'light particles', that are emitted from the body, which show how these biophoton emissions are impacted or improved when you bring the body into contact with a potential ‘stressor’ or remedy.

The ART Instruments

ART uses a polfilter and a signal enhancer to measure the ability of the body to create, send and receive coherent light. As the patient lies on his or her back, these instruments are placed above the crown of the head.

The signal enhancer is a highly crystalline polymer block which communicates with the body’s biophoton field.

Signal Enhancer used in Autonomic Response Testing

The polfilter will measure the coherence of the light being emitted from the body as it oscillates back and forth to a maximum of 178 degrees of coherence.

Using a polfilter in autonomic response testing on a 5G phone

“Measuring the light flow is possible because the glass polfilter contains thousands of parallel metal bars allowing light through in thousands of parallel planes.

In a person with the highest coherence of light we will be able to measure light emissions from the body no matter where the polfilter is positioned across a 178 degrees angle. If the body is stressed by something e.g. electro-magnetic frequencies, it is possible for the light to become completely distorted, meaning a person goes into "blocked regulation" and we cannot find an opening angle at all.

Of course, we are determining this by combining the polfilter with the signal enhancer that is placed behind the head of the person and capturing these light emissions in the first place. We are then taking readings from the autonomic nervous system (testing the body’s response) in combination with these tools to determine and grade the readings from the bio-photon field.”

How ART Works

“A healthy organism is able to quickly adapt to stressors in life-affirmative ways by regulating the body systems (temperature, hormones, blood flow, digestion) via the autonomic nervous system. We call this state "open regulation. In illness we lose this ability, so this what we call ‘blocked regulation’.

We can detect the state of regulatory performance of the body by monitoring the ability to create and emit coherent light with the linear polarisation filter.

The set up looks like this:

Using a polfilter and signal enhancer in a 5G phone autonomic response test

“When the light becomes non-coherent, the autonomic nervous system becomes dysfunctional.

A healthy, "open" person emits highly polarised, coherent light. Dysfunctional cells emit chaotic, non-coherent light.

The plane of polarisation is a sagittal plane originating in the mid-axis of the physical body - there are billions of planes emitted in parallel rows. Like a windshield wiper the planes pulse clockwise and counter-clockwise at very high speed.”

It was discovered by Dr Omura that optimum results are achieved when an intermediary is used, which is why you see Tammy (the lady with the red blouse) in these experiments acting as the conduit for the energy of the patient being tested. 

Omnia’s Autonomic Response Testing Results



1. Baseline

The body showed 'blocked regulation' which meant that the subject was already in a state of stress – this can be caused by toxins, infections, emotional stress, EMF stress etc.

A remedy (Chlorella) was used to create a state of 'open regulation' as a baseline from which to observe the subsequent ‘reaction’.


2. Holding a radiating device with NO ORB applied


The body went into ‘blocked regulation’ or ‘incoherent’ mode.
No ‘healing state’ was observed in the body (in fact, it was the opposite).

This indicates stress in the body.

3. Holding a radiating device WITH the ORB applied 


The body went into ‘open regulation’ or ‘coherent’ mode and the stress disappeared, it was reversed.

4. Holding a phone to the head WITH the ORB applied to the phone

The ‘O’ ring tests showed the body went into ‘strength state or ‘yang’ healing state.

We recorded that the body went into the 8th level of yang state, which is the deepest state.

The ‘closed’ or ‘incoherent’ state the body was in when holding a radiating device was reversed when the ORB was applied, sending the body into ‘open regulation’ mode when held in the hand and allowing the body to achieve ‘strength’ state when a phone with the ORB applied was held next to the head.

These effects were recorded on both subjects tested, however we must and will continue to perform broader and longer term ART studies to show long term trends across more patients.

What is the Implication for You and Your Body?

We believe that restoring the ‘coherence’ level in the body when using a phone (or any radiating device) is a very positive effect for the body to be in.

However, achieving ‘strength’ state when the phone is held next to the head is something that Omnia suggests is desirable for anyone talking on a phone for a long time per day. It brings Omnia a great deal of joy to be able to relate these results which show that when the ORB has changed the state of the radiation field, the body is shown to be stimulated in this way.

The head is full of electrical currents. All brain waves (alpha, beta, theta, delta and SMR) are invisible electrical currents. What we have shown through ART is that these electrical brain waves are responding well to the ‘magneto-electric’ radiation fields that have been balanced by the ORB. This denotes a strong resonance between these two fields, which instigates the healing effect.

Remember that not all radiation fields are harmful. You have either imbalanced radiation (which you might find in a man-made electrical field) or balanced radiation such as the Sun’s rays, which gives vital energy to all organic life. Nothing would be alive without the Sun’s radiation.

So the key thing is that you return the radiation field to ‘balance and centredness’ (which we also call the geometry of ‘love’) and then you show how the body responds when you have made that change. That is what we did through our ART testing.

You can see the full video including test results on two patients where we test on a 5G phone, on a tablet, on WiFi and on Bluetooth headsets here:

With thanks to Cheryl Wilson, ART Practitioner. 

You can find her at: 


OMNIA IS NOT ADVOCATING THAT 5G IS NOW 'SAFE'. We support all initiatives that demand full disclosure of industry tests that prove that safety standards have been adhered to and that all biological testing evidence has been considered. Until that happens, we will continue to show evidence of our test results on the latest 5G field strengths and we advise you to fully understand the impact, which includes doing your own research. 




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