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Why Radiation Affects the Human Body

We prefer not to think in terms of what is ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’.  And we will explain why the ‘ionizing’ vs ‘non-ionising’ debate misses the point.

They key consideration here is whether the atoms are in balance or not and whether one imbalanced atom has the ability to affect the other when they meet.

If you imagine that a body breathes in (compressing) and out (expanding) to maintain balance, this obeys the same principle. The body is made up of trillions of living cells which are compressing into the visible part of body and expanding into the invisible part of the body.

When we say the invisible part of our body, this constitutes your unique invisible body field, which can be described as the ‘aura’. We can even photograph the aura, as is done in our Kirlian Photography test. The University of Heartmath has also measured two fields, the strongest being the closest, which emanate from your heart. 

The Law of Resonance

The reason why Radiation affects the human body is to do with the Law of Resonance.  

According to the Law of Resonance, if a cell, with a specific oscillation frequency, is brought close to the oscillation frequency of a different wave field within a close frequency range, the cell will start vibrating in the same rhythm of that different wave field. 

This is good if you are walking along a sunny beach or through a field - you feel a healthy boost.

However if you are standing behind a bus, you will most likely hold your nose because your body will start to resonate with the imbalanced toxic fumes, which brings toxicity into the body.  

This is very undesirable but it’s also a classic example of what happens when a balanced field meets an imbalanced, man-made, toxic field.

This is exactly what happens when the human body comes into contact with ‘data-driven devices’ connecting to microwave radiation fields, such as phones, tablets and laptops.

For most people, the effects impact the body on a much more subtle level than ‘holding your nose’.  Your active senses (sight, smell, touch etc.) are not triggered, so only very few people, especially those with the grave misfortune to suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, will consciously feel the effects.

However we can show you that there will be a reaction in every single body, as you can see from the results of the 4 Omnia Tests.

People often ask us: what will this do to me? The truth is that we can't tell because your body could be strong or susceptible and it depends on where you are most exposed. However we know that there is a very strong link to many diseases and conditions such as cancer, heart failure, mental deficiencies, infertility and DNA damage. There are many more health risks. 

Ionising and Non-Ionising 

The classic industry response is that non-ionising radiation can not harm you because it doesn’t present sufficient energy to shake the electron from the atom.

We contend that this view is outdated and inaccurate. We have shown that all common radiation represents imbalanced oscillations and that it is highly undesirable for the human body to be absorbing these levels of imbalanced frequencies. 

One of the best ways to prove that radiation is imbalanced is through Water Crystal Photography, WCP, from Dr. Masaru Emoto. This shows that the oscillations of imbalanced radiation will cause the ‘structure’ of water to become chaotic. This has implications for the human body too, because it is made up of 70% water, at least.

All radiation emanating from electric current is dangerous because it is imbalanced. Even a small radiation intensity is dangerous if it is imbalanced and there are studies confirming that there is NO biological threshold under which imbalanced radiation could be harmless.

Even 0.1muW is dangerous, since there is ACCUMULATING effect which can multiply that 0.1muW into KW. 

Today, the levels we are exposed to are extremely high. Dr Ollie Johansson has measured it to be 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1 quantilion) times as much as the time when we didn’t have mobile phones.

To conclude: if the wave field of a phone or laptop is imbalanced, then these human cells ultimately will become imbalanced as well. As with anywhere in the natural world, this is undesirable.