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Most people have at least three devices. 

At least a phone, a laptop and a wifi router. Or maybe you have a smart watch, a tablet or even a microwave oven. Each of these channel extraordinarily high levels of microwave radiation. 

Just pick the pack that caters for the number of devices that you have around the house and office. One Omnia Radiation Balancer patch is smaller than a 5p piece and can be applied to any type of electronic device. 

Each product page will explain exactly what you're getting and how it works and you can proceed to checkout there. 

With Omnia, you are bringing the balance back to your life. 

local_offer Save £ 30.00 GBP

ORB MiCRO Sticker Packs

£ 30.00 GBP  £ 60.00 GBP

local_offer Save £ 54.00 GBP

Omnia Radiation Balancer Sticker Packs

£ 54.00 GBP  £ 108.00 GBP

Torus Design ORB Pendant in Padauk
Close up Torus Design ORB Pendant in Padauk

Torus Design in Padauk - ORB Pendant

£ 63.00 GBP 

Torus Design in Ebony - ORB Pendant Close up
Torus Design in Ebony - ORB Pendant on black

Torus Design in Ebony - ORB Pendant

£ 66.00 GBP 

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